Chapter 70 - Shocked

Chapter 70 of 100 chapters

Tang Hao looked over and saw two people walking through the door.

The one on the left was a tall, handsome young man with a brand-name suit. His appearance was extra-ordinary, while the one on the right was a tall girl that had on heavy makeup and was fashioning some very revealing attire.

The two were holding hands as they walked in.

In a split second, every head in the room turned their heads and created a commotion. Many of them stood up and enthusiastically walked up to greet the young man.

Tang Hao’s facial expression changed slightly. The young man’s name was Liu Jiawei. His appearance did not just stand out, he was the most handsome boy in the class. He had a superior family background and was the typical rich kid from an aristocratic family.

He was an influential figure in the school.

However, Liu Jiawei was not the one on Tang Hao’s mind, it was the girl by his side. Her name was Zhao Li. If he remembered correctly, in the third year of junior high, Zhao Li and Li Fei used to be a couple.

Tang Hao looked at Li Fei in shock.

Li Fei’s eyes looked bleak as he shook his head and said, “You didn’t know that the two of us split a while ago. I’m just a poor guy, how could I fight against a rich lad like him!”

“What’s more frustrating is that I’m now working in Liu Jiawei’s factory. He could even be considered my boss.”

With that, Li Fei sighed, and his face turned gloomy.

Tang Hao was silent for a while and did not know what else to say. These types of situations were too common.

The commotion continued for a while. The people were surrounding Liu Jiawei and chatted with him eagerly, particularly the girls, who were looking at him with a tremendous amount of admiration.

Liu Jiawei was born handsome and rich, so he was indeed the perfect boyfriend in the minds of many girls.

It took a while for the crowd to disperse.

Meanwhile, Tang Hao and Li Fei sat in the corner and continued their chat.

There was a lot of clamor in the room. Some of them were in high-spirits, bragging, and flaunting their achievements in grades and working life. A few of them were starting to lose interest and just sat around in silence.

Those that were filled with enthusiasm were the ones that ended up finding a good job or had gotten into a good university; they had the attitude of a successful person.

After a short while, someone suddenly came in through the door. The person had a graceful womanly physique and a beautiful appearance. It was Ma Fangfang.

She wore a black one-piece dress, revealing her slender and graceful figure. It made her look sexy and charming. She styled it with a pair of heels that elongated her legs even more as she leisurely walked over.

As soon as she appeared, the whole room was in an uproar again. The eyes of all the boys focused on her body.

“Fangfang, you’re here!”

In junior high school, Ma Fangfang was a famous beauty. She was sexy, fashionable, and was the dream girl of many boys in the class.

“Fangfang, I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Come! Sit over here!”

Luo Wei also walked over with an attentive look on his face. Amidst the clamor, his eyes were secretly aimed at her delicate and embossed body; one could see his gaze become increasingly heaty by the second.

“Fangfang, sit over here!” Several other bolder boys shouted.

“Fangfang, come here!” All of a sudden, Liu Jiawei stood up and shouted.

As soon as he uttered those unexpected words, many people stunned as they turned around to look at him before subsequently turning their heads to look at Zhao Li, who was beside him.

Zhao Li’s facial expression changed slightly, and she appeared a little uncomfortable, but she did not utter a single word.

Li Fei was the one getting perturbed upon watching the scene, “Hao’zi, I’m not the one that said this, but don’t judge Liu Jiawei just by his dignified looks. In reality, he’s a pervert. I heard that when he was in senior high, he had a couple of girlfriends, and he’d even date a few at one go.”

“He’s scum. A bastard!”

Li Fei was growing more furious by the second.

When Liu Jiawei opened his mouth, Luo Wei’s expression changed as well. He felt that he could never compete with Liu Jiawei in his current state.

However, a glance to his side made him relieved to see that Liu Jiawei was still sitting next to Zhao Li!

“Fangfang, sit beside me!” Luo Wei leaned forward and said eagerly.

Ma Fangfang merely gave him a dim glance and smiled politely. Then, the pupil of her eyes started scanning the room. When she saw Tang Hao sitting in the corner, she suddenly smiled and walked straight toward him.

Luo Wei froze on the spot, and his face turned slightly distorted.

Liu Jiawei’s gaze sank as well.

The others had gotten curious, and as they looked at the direction she was walking toward, they noticed she was heading to Tang Hao’s table.

Only two people were sitting at that table; just Tang Hao and Li Fei.

The two of them were notorious for being the poor kids. Thus, the others naturally thought that Ma Fangfang was not going there because of them. She probably saw that the table was emptier than the rest, hence she had chosen to sit there.

All at once, a lot of the boys began to think of changing their seats and stood up.

However, they soon saw Ma Fangfang walk straight to Tang Hao’s side.

“Tang Hao, you came early!”

Ma Fangfang had a massive grin on her face as she sat down naturally. The expression she had on was somewhat intimate.

At that moment, all the restless boys who were about to move were shocked. It was as if they had been struck by lightning, which left their body stunned.

The girls were in a daze as well and carried an expression of disbelief on their faces.

Were their eyes deceiving them?

A beautiful woman such as Ma Fangfang had actually walked straight to Tang Hao’s side, and judging by their faces, they appeared to be quite friendly with each other!

That Tang Hao was just a poor kid from a mountain village, one that did not try to get into any colleges and someone that had no future at all. Even an average girl would not bat an eyelid toward such a person, let alone a beauty like Ma Fangfang!

What… in the world was going on here?

No one could figure it out for quite some time.

Liu Jiawei stood there as his expression turned dark, but he said nothing and sat back down.

As for Luo Wei, he froze on the same spot and watched the two chatting intimately. His complexion gradually turned green, and his face became even more distorted.

‘What the hell is going on!’

He shouted wildly in his head.

In what way was Tang Hao better than him? His family background was far superior, and he was enrolled in a national key university with a promising future ahead. Tang Hao was just a poor loser and a piece of trash.

Why did Fangfang disregard him but favor this filth?!

He clenched his fists as a wave of jealousy grew in his heart.

“Fangfang, what relationship do you have with him?”

Suddenly, he rushed forth with large strides while pointing a finger toward Tang Hao. Then, he questioned him in a stern voice.

Ma Fangfang frowned and answered him unhappily, “Luo Wei, why do you care what relationship I have with him!”

“You…” Luo Wei’s expression turned agitated, and a scowl appeared on his face. “Don’t you know that he’s just a waste of space! He didn’t even get into a university. Do you actually like this kind of person?!”

Ma Fangfang’s expression turned cold, “Whether or not I like him has nothing to do with you. Also, you’re not qualified to call anyone a waste!”

“I’m not qualified? Haha! How am I unqualified? A poor scumbag like him is mere trash, and what’s wrong with saying that? In the future, he’ll only be qualified to shine my shoes.”

Luo Wei started to hoot frantically.

All at once, everyone around him started frowning.

These remarks were too much.

Admittedly, a lot of people believed that Tang Hao had no prospects in his future. However, they were still classmates, and no one should say these words out loud, especially when said so crudely.

Some of the classmates that came from a low-income family also showed a bit of resentment.

Ma Fangfang raised her eyebrows and suddenly stood up as she shouted, “Luo Wei, you’re being too much!” Then, she slapped him in the face.


It was a clear and loud slap.

Luo Wei’s mind went blank as he covered his cheek in disbelief. A moment later, he growled in rage, “B*tch, you dare to lay your hand on me?!”

As he said these words, he raised his hand and prepared to swing it.

Ma Fangfang was shocked as she took a step back.

Nevertheless, Tang Hao abruptly stood up and held onto Ma Fangfang’s slender waist with one hand. He raised his other hand and firmly grasped onto the hand that was swinging toward her.