Chapter 71 - : Liu Bingyao

Chapter 71 of 100 chapters

Upon being held by Tang Hao, Ma Fangfang blushed slightly.

Luo Wei’s eyes turned red at the sight of them, and he became angrier. “F*ck, you’re both just a pair of dogs. Do the two of you have no shame!” Luo Wei scorned as he tried to pull his hand away, attempting to free his wrist from his opponent’s grip.

However, after struggling for a short while, his face was crimson red. He then found out that his opponent’s grip was like that of a pair of iron pincers; he could not break free even by a hairsbreadth.

“Sh*t! Why is this bastard so strong!”

Luo Wei cursed out loud.

Then, he scoffed at Tang Hao and said, “Son of a b*tch, let me go! If I get hurt, such poor scum like you won’t be able to afford to pay me compensation!”

Tang Hao smiled coldly and let go of his grip. Luo Wei immediately fell backward and landed on his buttocks; it was considered quite a sharp fall.

“Oh, ouch!”

Luo Wei screamed in pain as he covered his buttocks. There was a painful expression on his face.

The fall had made his buttocks feel as if they were about to burst open.

“I’m not done with you, Tang!” He covered his butt with one hand as he got up. Then, his face turned red in anger as he rushed at Tang Hao.

“Luo Wei, calm down! Calm down! We’re all classmates; it’s rare for us to have reunions amongst ourselves. Why are you doing this!”

“Yeah! We’re all classmates, stop arguing, just let it go!”

At this time, many people rushed forward to hold Luo Wei back as they continuously tried to persuade him.

If the fight continued further, the class reunion would certainly be ruined. They absolutely could not let that happen.

After a while, more people started to agree and echoed along.

Being held back by brute force, Luo Wei continued to struggle. He only settled down after some time. Nevertheless, he gave Tang Hao a death stare as he gritted his teeth and he glared at Ma Fangfang. At the end of it all, he grunted furiously and then broke free from the rest before he turned around and walked away.

“Motherf*cker, what a cheap, blind sl*t. She actually fancies trash like that!”

He muttered angrily.

Tang Hao’s lips began to twitch, and he showed a cold sneer. Then, he flexed out his left hand slightly as he huffed out a breath of air. He let his hand hit the back of Luo Wei’s left knee.

Luo Wei stumbled and fell straight on his face. The back of a chair knocked against his forehead.

“Sh*t, who hit me!”

Luo Wei cried out as he covered his head. He sprang back up like an angry beast, glaring and staring fiercely at his surroundings.

Everyone was stunned for a while, and the expression on their faces seemed somewhat grotesque. They were thinking to themselves, ‘Who hit him? He was the one hobbling around. That’s how he slipped and fell down!’

“Was it you with the surname Tang!?”

Luo Wei glared at Tang Hao fiercely.

Tang Hao rolled his eyes and said, “Which one of your eyes saw that I hit you? I’m standing so far away from you. Can I even reach you? What an idiot!”

“What did you say!” Luo Wei flew into a violent rage once more.

“Alright, that’s enough! Stop quarreling! The two of you need to stop it!” The people around them persuaded.

Luo Wei snorted angrily before he proceeded to walk forward. He covered his buttocks with one hand and covered his swollen forehead with another.

However, he had barely taken a few steps forward when his vision was blinded with another bright flash. He fell over once more.

“Ouch! F*ck! Who’s the bastard this time!”

This time around, the other side of his forehead was hit and it was beginning to become swollen as well. Furthermore, his glasses had fallen off, and they were crushed beyond repair.

Everyone’s expression turned even more grotesque.

What was up with this guy? It was clearly his own fault. He could not even walk properly, why was he adamant in blaming others?

A lot of them covered their mouths, trying to fight back waves of laughter.

The atmosphere in the room changed in an instant.

Luo Wei crawled back up and looked around the room. He muttered out a couple more curses before walking back to his seat in disgrace.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes in the room were focused on Tang Hao and Ma Fangfang. The two were still in each other’s arms, and such intimate gestures could only be made if the two were a couple.

Everyone in the room still could not believe that a beauty like Ma Fangfang had chosen a poor kid like Tang Hao.

The eyes of all the boys started to turn red, not to forget, their hearts began to burn with envy.

Once Tang Hao noticed the look withing their eyes, he finally responded and released his hand. Then, he sat back down on his seat.

Ma Fangfang sat down as well, her face still carrying a pink flush on her cheeks.

Tang Hao was somewhat stunned by this. Even if he was a fool, he would have been able to tell that Ma Fangfang was starting to take interest in him.

Although Ma Fangfang was a bit snobbish, she was kind. He could also tell that she was still a virgin. She was certainly not the type of girl that was open-minded and had a lack of self-respect toward herself. She was unlike how he had thought she was previously.

Nevertheless, she was only a very good friend to him, he could not say that he would return her feelings.

All of a sudden, Li Fei opened up his mouth and spoke.

“Hao’zi, the two of you are…” Li Fei looked at them dumbfoundedly.

“No, no…”

Both of them shook their heads at the same time.

Tang Hao replied, “Li Fei, it’s not the kind of relationship you’re thinking about.”

“We’re not that!” Ma Fangfang added on.

“Oh!” Li Fei looked at the two and nodded understandingly. “Just because you aren’t now, it doesn’t mean you won’t be in the future, right?”

Tang Hao was rendered speechless for a while.

Li Fei laughed mockingly as he teased, “I’m kidding!” Afterward, he hugged Tang Hao from the side and whispered to him, “Hao’zi, own up to me now. How did you manage to hook up with a beauty like Fangfang?

“You’re aware of it as well, Fangfang was once one of our school’s beauty queens. She was ranked second and was only one place below our school beauty queen, Bingyao.”

Tang Hao replied, “Heh! It’s not what you think.”

“Fine, no need for you to say it out loud! Hao’zi, you’re the man! You’ve become quite the ladies’ man over the few years I never saw you. When will you teach me a couple of tricks?” Li Fei laughed.

Tang Hao rolled his eyes at him, he was truly no ladies’ man.

He sat up straight and was about to speak up when he saw Li Fei freeze up. Li Fei’s eyes were looking straight at the door.

At the same time, the entire room fell silent.

Tang Hao was somewhat stunned, and he felt that the atmosphere in the room had become odd. As soon as he turned his head, he saw a figure walking in through the door.

The person was a girl who was outrageously gorgeous. Not only was she beautiful, but her lady-like physique was way more than noticeable. She was also slender and tall.

She was in a white one-piece dress, and as she walked over, her black hair flowed like a waterfall. On the other hand, her face had a radiant glow and it seemed like there was a layer of clouds floating around her under all the lights. It was as if she had come from a dream.

Her appearance was uncannily beautiful, and her figure was ever more graceful. It was as if she had the face of an angel and the silhouette of a devil.

She was the undisputed beauty queen of Class-7, Liu Bingyao.

She had entered No.1 high with Tang Hao and was once the undisputed beauty queen of the whole No. 1 high school.

Despite having seen such beautiful women like Sis Xiangyi and Zhao Qingxue, Tang Hao was still shocked to the core at that moment.

If it was purely based on appearance, in actuality, there were not that many differences between Sis Xiangyi, Zhao Qingxue, Yan’er, and Liu Bingyao. It could be said that they each had their own characteristics.

As for Liu Bingyao, only a single word could describe her— she was a goddess!

Perhaps she was even beyond the level of a goddess!