Chapter 72 - Drinking Alcohol

Chapter 72 of 100 chapters

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The whole room was silent.

The beautiful young lady walked over slowly; she was dazzling and without a doubt eye-catching. She was like a bright moon that made the stars in the sky lose their shine.

With each step she took, her white skirt fluttered in the breeze; she looked especially angelic as she emitted a graceful aura around her.

In the room, both men and women continued to stare at her.

Her beauty was profound, and they each felt as if she had shot through their hearts. They were awestruck.

Even the girls could not deny that she was extremely beautiful, so beautiful that they felt ashamed when they looked at her. On the other hand, the boys were not as enthusiastic as they were when Ma Fangfang arrived.

Their gazes were fervent, but their expressions were somewhat restrained.

Tang Hao understood the feeling, Liu Bingyao was just too pretty. She was so pretty that they could not even conceive the idea of pursuing her. Her aura itself made many guys feel ashamed.

In the case of Ma Fangfang who was sexy and stylish, she was a little laxer. She made guys itch with uncouth desires.

“We haven’t seen each other for three years, and the gorgeous Bingyu has become even more beautiful!”

Li Fei smacked his thigh as he marveled.

His gaze was a little fervent, but he soon shook his head and retracted his gaze.

He was a self-aware; he knew that a gorgeous lady like Liu Bingyao and a poor rascal like him lived in completely different worlds.

After looking for a moment, Tang Hao retracted his gaze as well. His expression was rather bland. He had seen many beautiful girls, and after living with Sis Xiangyi for such a long time, he had become a lot more level-headed than most.

“Hao’zi, was Liu Bingyao in No.1 High School as well?” Li Fei asked.


Tang Hao nodded.

Back then in No. 1 High School, Liu Bingyao was a legend and was indisputably the most beautiful girl in school. She was a goddess in the eyes of countless guys. There was also a rumor that even Zhang Tianhao had tried to pursue her but was brutally shot down.

During Tang Hao’s time in school, he had always heard stories about her.

However, because they were never in the same class, he did not understand her well.

“Bingyao!” Several people stood up and greeted her.

Liu Bingyao smiled softly and nodded at them.

She was beautiful, but she did not have the arrogance most good-looking girls had. She was friendly, and no matter what she was doing or who she was talking to, she was always very nice.

“Bingyao, you’re here, come and sit over here!”

Liu Jiawei stood up and called out earnestly. He was looking at Liu Bingyao with a fervent gaze.

The expression on Zhao Li’s face changed slightly. She looked toward Liu Bingyao, jealousy was evident in her gaze.

Liu Bingyao looked toward the sound of Liu Jiawei’s voice, and her brows furrowed slightly.

Very quickly, she smiled softly and said, “It’s alright, I’ll just sit over there!” As soon as she said that, she turned around swiftly and headed toward Tang Hao’s table.

Out of all the tables in the room, Tang Hao’s table was the emptiest. Hence, she had chosen to sit here.

Suddenly, the expression on Liu Jiawen’s face changed. There was a hint of embarrassment on his face.

“Damn it, she’s acting like she’s better than me!”

He muttered under his breath and sat down with a disgruntled expression on his face.

At that moment, all the guys from No. 1 High School turned to look at Tang Hao’s table. Their gazes were full of both admiration and jealousy.

The two most beautiful ladies of the class were both sitting at the same table. Even just looking at them, it was a pleasant sight to behold.

Liu Bingyao sat across them. Then, as she swept her gaze around the table, she was slightly surprised.

‘It has to be Ma Fangfang! But the guy beside her seems a little unfamiliar. Oh right, he must be Tang Hao.

‘But that’s odd. Why are Ma Fangfang and Tang Hao sitting together?’

Based on her impression of him, Tang Hao was rather unremarkable and was merely an ordinary boy.

However, even though she thought that it was a little weird, she did not say anything. She only smiled softly at Tang Hao and Ma Fangfang.

In return, Tang Hao smiled back politely and greeted her. On the other hand, there was an extremely enthusiastic expression on Li Fei’s face as he waved at her and called out, “The gorgeous Bingyao…”

After a while, a few more people came in one after another and took a seat at Tang Hao’s table. They were all a little surprised to see that Tang Hao and Ma Fangfang were sitting together.

Once everyone had arrived, the class monitors Liu Xiaolong and Wu Danli came forward.

Then, the dishes were served, and the room suddenly became more lively.

After everyone had eaten for a while, a few people got up and started walking around throwing toasts at different tables.

Many people had set their sights on Tang Hao because of Ma Fangfang, and they toasted him one after another.

“Tang Hao, here. You’re a man, so let’s have a toast!”

“Here, another one!”

Naturally, Tang Hao did not decline them and emptied one glass after another. However, even so, his expression did not change. This caused Ma Fangfang to feel slightly alarmed as she tried to persuade him, “Don’t drink so much, they’re trying to intoxicate you!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get drunk no matter how much I drink!”

Tang Hao responded boldly.

“Yeah! Tang Hao, you can do it! I never knew that you could drink so much! Come, we won’t go back until we’re all drunk!”

People crowded around him once again, toasting him one by one.

One glass, two glasses…he did not know how many glasses he had finished, but his expression remained unchanged. On the other hand, the people who toasted him had gotten significantly intoxicated.

“Tang…Tang Hao…you… you’re good… today… we ‘ll end it here!” Those people finally felt scared.

They had never met a person who could drink as much as Tang Hao could.

Those who were sitting at his table, including Ma Fangfang, were dumbfounded. Tang Hao was able to drink eight to nine servings of alcohol alone, he really could drink.

“You’re done already? Are you guys really men?”

It was Tang Hao’s turn to provoke them.

“Yes! Of course, we are!”

Nevertheless, those people were too proud to walk away, so they had no choice but to accompany Tang Hao for a few more rounds.

They were all drinking red wine. For an average person, if they drank two bottles of wine, they would start to feel a little tipsy. After one or two more glasses, they would not be able to take it anymore and would have to give up their pride, They would end up running off frantically.

“Hao’zi! Not bad!”

Li Fei patted Tang Hao’s chest and said excitedly, “I never knew you were such a strong drinker!”

“It’s no big deal,” Tang Hao put down his wine glass and replied in a relaxed manner.


Li Fei gave him a thumbs up.

Tang Hao had managed to scare many people with that incident; no one dared to come up and toast him anymore. Thus, Tang Hao ate silently and only struck up conversations with Li Fei, Ma Fangfang, and a few of his close friends from time to time.

Ma Fangfang had also drunk some wine, and her small face was flushed. Not to mention, she became more and more flirtatious.

Whenever she heard someone at the table bring up a funny story, she would giggle and lean toward Tang Hao. This made all the men watching a little envious, they could only loathe that they were not Tang Hao and that they were not as blessed.

By the time they had finished eating, it was around 7 pm. Hence, many people began to suggest that they head over to a KTV for some fun, and the suggestion received a lot of positive response.

“Alright! Then it’s decided, to the KTV!”

Monitor Liu Xiaolong clapped and said.

After thinking for a moment, he added on, “I remember that there’s one nearby, let’s go over there!”

“Okay!” The crowd responded.

Initially, Tang Hao did not want to go. However, Ma Fangfang pulled at him, and Li Fei said he wanted to go as well. Hence, he decided to go along with it and agreed. Not to mention, it was still early, so it should be fine for him to go with them.

With that, the group of people exited the restaurant and headed toward the nearby KTV.