Chapter 74 - Rescuing the Beauty

Chapter 74 of 100 chapters

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On the long street, traffic was sparse.

Tang Hao looked around, but there was no sign of Liu Jiawei and the others. A few minutes had already passed, if they did not take a cab, then it meant that they walked off.

Tang Hao furrowed his brows, slightly annoyed.

He did not have a lot of time. If he was late by even a second, Liu Jiawei would have already made his move, and it would be enough to ruin a girl’s life.

“That filthy animal!”

Tang Hao cursed.

Previously, when Li Fei told him that Liu Jiawei was not a good person, he thought that Liu Jiawei was just a playboy.

He had not expected Liu Jiawei to be such a repulsive beast!

That delinquent had said that it was not Liu Jiawei’s first time buying those drugs. That meant that he had done this more than once.

Tang Hao stood still and thought things through calmly.

So far, there were only two possibilities. One, they had left in a cab and gone to a hotel that was farther away. Two, they had walked to a hotel. Tang Hao recalled that there was a big hotel nearby.

There were two possibilities, but the probability of the latter being reality was much higher.

Without further ado, Tang Hao started racing toward the hotel.

A gust of wind swept past the sidewalk as he ran.

The people on the sidewalk saw a shadow fly past them, followed by a strong gust of wind. They were baffled. Nevertheless, very quickly, the silhouette disappeared.

“Holy sh*t, it’s the devil winds!1” Someone muttered.

Tang Hoa was running at superhuman speed. In just a few breaths, he had managed to run down the entire street and reach the entrance of the hotel.

The moment he entered the hotel, he rushed to the reception desk and asked, “Did a guy and two girls come through here just now? One of the girls was passed out?”

“That…” The receptionist was slightly hesitant.

With just one look, Tang Hao knew that they were there. Otherwise, the receptionist would have denied it immediately.

“Which room did they book? Hurry, that man intends to rape her. If something happens, your hotel will end up being involved too!” Tang Hao said sharply.

The receptionist began to panic. She stuttered as she said, “That…That can’t be!”

“Hurry up! Which room is it?” Tang Hao snapped loudly.

“In…In 503!”

Intimidated by Tang Hao’s imposing manner, the trembling receptionist blurted out the room number.

“Where’s the card?”

“Use… use this card…” The receptionist took out a card frantically and passed it to him.

Once Tang Hao took the card, he sped off. He did not take the elevator, opting to run up the stairs. Very quickly, he arrived at the fifth floor. The moment Tang Hao reached the door of room 503, he could hear Liu Jiawei’s voice coming from within the room.

“Stupid b*tch, who asked you to act so prissy? In the end, you still ended up here with me.”

He paused for a moment and then said, “Good job, Zhang Qi. I’ll give you the money that was promised.”

“Thank you, Master Liu!” It was the voice of the girl that had helped Liu Bingyao out of the karaoke room, Zhang Qi.

“Hold the camera properly, make sure you get a good shot!” Liu Jiawei said.

Zhang Qi hesitated and then said, “Master Liu, this…”

“Relax, I’ll increase the pay. It’s just money, I have a lot more where that came from!” Liu Jiawei said.

“Thank you, Master Liu!” Zhang Qi responded quickly, she sounded rather excited.

“Two beasts!” Tang Hao was enraged by what he heard. He slid the access card down the door lock and opened it. Then, he rushed inside.

Once he entered the room, he saw Liu Jiawei walking toward the bed. On the bed was Liu Bingyao, she was lying motionless on top of it.

On the other hand, Zhang Qi was standing at the side with a camera in her hands. The camera was aimed straight at the bed.

When the two heard the sound of the door being opened, they were stunned. Their expressions slowly froze. In addition to that, Zhang Qi’s hands began to shake, and she dropped the camera.

Liu Jiawei turned around and exclaimed in shock, “Tang Hao, it’s you!”

He was in disbelief. He had thought that his plan was flawless and that no one would find out, what more find him.

Very soon, Liu Jiawei realized that Tang Hao was alone. He gradually calmed down and even began to wear an expression of disdain on his face.

Tang Hao was nothing but a poor rascal to him. Not to mention, he had never bat an eye at him before. Tang Hao was no threat, all he had to do was bribe him off.

However, he did admire Tang Hao a little, even a poor fool like him managed to hook up with a woman like Ma Fangfang.

“Hey! Here’s 1000 bucks, Tang Hao, take it! Just pretend that you saw nothing!”

As he said that, he took out his wallet and counted ten bills. He then threw them at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao only stood motionless with a terrifyingly dark look on his face.

When Liu Jiawei noticed Tang Hao’s expression, he furrowed his brows, slightly unhappy. To him, 1000 bucks were more than enough.

“Not enough! Then 2000 should do it! I heard that you didn’t go to college, these 2000 bucks should equal your monthly salary!”

Liu Jiawei took out ten more bills and threw them at Tang Hao with a slight look of disregard on his face.

“Oh right, have you had your fun with Ma Fangfang yet? It must be really pleasurable! Her body is amazing! How about I give you ten thousand bucks and you lend her to me?”

Tang Hao’s expression turned darker, and he tightened his fists.

This guy’s shamelessness had exceeded his imagination, he was without a doubt worse than a beast.

Tang Hao’s pupils narrowed slightly and glinted with a hint of coldness. All of a sudden, he took a huge step forward and kicked out with his leg. He struck Liu Jiawei between his legs, right in the middle of his crotch.

“Ah –!”

A horrible scream escaped Liu Jiawei’s mouth. He held on to his crotch, his face scrunched up in pain. He began to tremble and an unpleasant expression covered his face as cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

When Zhang Qi the state Liu Jiawei was in, she yelped in shock. She took a frightened step backward, almost collapsing on the ground.

“You… you… you dare to hit me?”

Liu Jiawei said in pain as he clutched his crotch.

Tang Hao scoffed, took another step forward, and slapped him across the face.


Liu Jiawei flew across the room. His face was red and swollen, and blood was beginning to flow from the corner of his lips.

“You bastard, you dare to hit me? You… do you know who I am? I’ll kill you!” Liu Jiawei struggled to get up as he yelled frantically.

Tang Hao was expressionless as he walked over and hit Liu Jiawen across the face again.


Liu Jiawei flew across the room again, the other side of his face was now swollen too. He looked extremely disheveled.

Zhang Qi had turned pale upon witnessing the entire situation unfold. She was so scared that she had shrunken and retreated into a corner in the room.

‘When did Tang Hao become such a terrifying person? He even dares to hit Liu Jiawei!’

“You want to kill me? You can go ahead and try!”

Tang Hao walked over, stepped on Liu Jiawei’s right hand, and pressed down hard with his toes that were at the front of his foot.


Another terrible scream was heard, and Liu Jiawei almost passed out due to the pain. He did not understand why Tang Hao was not even remotely afraid of him!

Tang Hao squatted down, grabbed Liu Jiawei’s hair, yanked his head up, and then whispered in his ear, “A scumbag like you doesn’t even deserve to live in this world!”

“Don’t…don’t kill me!”

At that moment, Liu Jiawei was so frightened that his soul almost left his body.