Chapter 76 - Captain Zhou is Here

Chapter 76 of 100 chapters

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Tang Hao pulled a chair and sat down. He heard his phone ringing, pulled it out, and saw that Ma Fangfang was calling him.

He answered the call, then briefly explained what happened.

A few minutes later, Ma Fangfang, Li Fei, and a bunch of classmates arrived at the scene.

“Are you alright, Bingyao?” Ma Fangfang and Li Fei rushed into the room toward the bed and asked with great concern.

“I’m fine!” Li Bingyao replied softly.

“Phew, fortunately you’re alright!” Li Fei sighed with relief. Then, he turned around to glare at Liu Jiawei. “Liu Jiawei, you’re worse than an animal,” he cursed.

Liu Jiawei smirked and said condescendingly, “Why, Li Fei, you’re unhappy with me? Try cursing me again if you have the balls to. Don’t forget that you’re just a dog working under my family! What gives you the right to yell at me?

“And that useless piece of trash that you call your dad. I can easily ask my father to fire both of you. Your family can starve for all I care!”

“You…” Li Fei trembled with anger. His face and ears were bright red and his fists were tightly clenched, He gritted his teeth so hard that his facial features were contorted.

He felt extremely aggrieved by Liu Jiawei’s words, but he managed to overcome the urge to punch him. He was still young, and he could afford to change jobs. However, his father was already old, and it would be hard for him to look for another job if he was fired.

“Dammit!” He kicked the bed, then resentfully turned around and walked next to Tang Hao.

“Liu Jiawei, did you do that kind of thing to Liu Bingyao?” Wu Danli asked as she emerged from the crowd.

“Of course not,” Liu Jiawei answered, “Don’t listen to Tang Hao. He’s trying to frame me. How would I do something like that? Not only is Tang Hao framing me, but he is also taking the opportunity to blackmail me for a hundred thousand yuan!”

“Wow!” Everyone exclaimed.

“That can’t be! Would Tang Hao be that despicable?”

“I knew it! Why would Liu Jiawei do such a depraved act? It must be Tang Hao framing him.” Luo Wei emerged from the crowd and smirked at Tang Hao.

Some people believed him, though they were still suspicious.

Just then, two uniformed police officers appeared at the door.

“What’s going on?” The two police officers asked as they surveyed the scene.

“It’s him, officer! Arrest him! He’s framing and blackmailing me. He wants to kill me too!” Liu Jiawei immediately pointed at Tang Hao.

“Look at this, officers, this is all his doing,” Liu Jiawei said as he pointed at his face, then to the shift supervisor and security guards. “These people can be my witnesses.”

After that, he repeated the sequence of events that he had made up.

One of the police officers recorded his statement as he spoke.

Then, the police officer frowned and looked at Tang Hao. “What else do you have to say? Did you blackmail him? And the injuries on his body, did you cause them?”

Tang Hao stood up from the chair and said, “The injuries were indeed caused by me because he deserves to be beaten. He drugged an innocent girl and attempted to rape her. Isn’t that deserving of a beating?

“If I hadn’t noticed that in time and stopped him, he would have succeeded in his wicked deed. As for the blackmail, it’s all a fabrication.”

The two police officers frowned. Both parties gave conflicting statements, and there was no conclusive evidence. Most importantly, the victim was unconscious throughout the incident and could not be a witness.

“It looks like… we’ll have to bring them back for questioning!” One of the police officers mumbled.

Just then, frantic footsteps were heard from beyond the door. A group of people rushed in. In the lead was a fifty-something-year-old woman that wore heavy makeup.

“Oh, Jiawei, my precious son! How did your face become like that? Tell Ma who did that!” The middle-aged woman rushed toward Liu Jiawei as soon as she entered the room. She felt sorry for his son’s swollen face.

“It’s him, Ma!” Liu Jiawei pointed at Tang Hao.

“Why, you little rascal, how audacious of you! How dare you hit my son! What are you two standing there for? Quick, arrest him!” The middle-aged woman glared at Tang Hao and shrieked like an angry female leopard.

“Ma, he tried to blackmail me too! When that failed, he tried to kill me!” Liu Jiawei said.

The middle-aged woman became even more agitated. “Did you hear that? This violent peasant wants to kill my son. Why are you two police officers just standing there? Arrest him quickly! I want to sue him! I’ll make sure that he rots in jail!”

The two police officers hesitated.

The boy named Tang Hao did indeed beat up the other boy, though that was not the crucial point.

The middle-aged woman’s temper exploded when she saw the police officers not taking any action. “Do you know who I am? I’m from the Ministry of Education. My name is Sun Lan, and my elder brother is the Secretary of the Trade and Commerce Bureau. He’s good friends with your superintendent. Do you believe that I can end the two of you just by making a phone call?”

The two police officers trembled in fear, and their foreheads were drenched in a cold sweat.

‘The Secretary of the Trade and Commerce Bureau? That’s a VIP!’

“Are you two deaf? Quick, arrest him!” Sun Lan shrieked.

“Yes, yes! Now! We’ll arrest him now!” The two police officers said in fear as they wiped the sweat from their brows.

“Well, this kid did commit battery anyway, and it’s a pretty solid beating, too. We’ll arrest him first, then we’ll see what happens!” One of the police officers whispered to the other.

“Oh well! Too bad he’s unlucky enough to beat up the wrong person!” The other police officer chuckled.

In their eyes, the boy was unlucky to have crossed the child of a figure of authority. The rape case would also be going cold. There was no evidence, and the alleged offender was the child of a powerful figure. There was no investigation to be done, not that they dared to conduct any investigations.

Arriving at that conclusion, the two police officers took out their handcuffs and walked toward Tang Hao.

‘You’re under arrest. Come along with us!”

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing? That bastard is the culprit. Why are you arresting my brother?” Li Fei said anxiously and blocked Tang Hao with his body.

Ma Fangfang also frantically grabbed Tang Hao’s hand.

Liu Bingyao stood up and said, “Why are you arresting him? You should be arresting Liu Jiawei and Zhang Qi. They drugged me and brought me to this room and attempted to rape me!”

The two police officers were dumbfounded.

The classmates were once again discussing among themselves.

“You’ve been deceived, Bingyao. You were unconscious the whole time and didn’t see anything,” Liu Jiawei explained hastily.

Sun Lan gave her a side-eye and smirked. “Rape? That’s a joke. Would my son need to force himself on someone? He’s handsome and rich, and he already has many girls falling for him. You think that every man in the world will fall for you, just because you have some looks?

“Look at you. Shouldn’t you feel ashamed of wearing those clothes? You don’t look like a decent girl at all. I think my son wouldn’t even want you even if you begged him!”

“You…” Liu Bingyao’s face was red with anger.

“What about me? You want to fight me, you brat? Hmph! You don’t have any evidence! And the deed wasn’t done! So nothing happened, right? Isn’t that so, officers?” Sun Lan’s arms were akimbo and she looked like a shrew.

“Yes, yes! That is indeed it!” The two police officers nodded hastily.

“So that settles it then. This violent peasant has also beaten my child! That is the truth, and there’s no arguing around it!”

“Yes, yes!” The two police officers replied, then walked toward Tang Hao.

Liu Jiawei smirked in glee. ‘Tang Hao, oh, Tang Hao. You dare beat me? You’re dead meat!’ he thought.

Some people in the crowd, such as Luo Wei, also showed glee on their faces.

“He deserves to be arrested. This Tang Hao is just a poor loser. He’s envious of Young Master Liu, and that’s why he wants to frame him!” Luo Wei shouted.

“You’re under arrest, Tang Hao!”

A police officer with handcuffs walked next to Tang Hao and grabbed one of his hands.

Just as he finished speaking, everyone heard a roar from outside of the room. “What the hell do you think you’re doing! Have you two whelps gotten tired of living?”

The police officers were dumbfounded. They stood stiffly on the spot.

Everyone else in the room was also stunned and looked out of the door.

A middle-aged man in a police uniform walked through the door. He stood straight and looked valiant.