Chapter 77 - Extremely Shocked

Chapter 77 of 100 chapters

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The two police officers were dumbfounded when they saw the person coming in. Who was that, if not for Captain Zhou from the Criminal Investigation Department?

Captain Zhou was a VIP in the police station. Why would he suddenly appear?

“Cap… Captain Zhou…” The police officer with the handcuffs said vacantly, “Why are you here?”

Captain Zhou walked toward them in great strides then poked a finger at the police officers. “You two greenhorns, have you gone out of your mind? Is this any reason to break the standard operating procedure?

“Let me ask you again. Have you investigated the incident properly? No? If you haven’t, how could you be arresting people? You, yes, I’m talking to you. Why are you holding the handcuffs? Are you intimidating someone? Put it down now!” Captain Zhou roared at the police officer with the handcuffs.

The two police officers were dumbstruck.

Not only were the two police officers clueless, everyone in the room did not know what was going on.

‘What happened? Why is there another police officer, and a captain too? He was of a higher rank than the other two police officers.’

Meanwhile, Captain Zhou had nowhere to release his anger.

He had arrived at the scene a while ago and had been silently observing from outside of the room. The two police officers’ performances had nearly caused him to pop a vein.

The two idiots did not know who they were about to cuff. Even Captain Zhou would not dare to cuff that person. The two hot-headed youths were unnerved by that shrew and blindly did what they were told.

If they had arrested him, another calamity would have befallen the police station!

The superintendent would have chewed his head off!

As for the two hot-headed youths, that would be the end of them.

“You two idiots!” Captain Zhou stepped forward and tapped their heads. “The reputation of the Citizens’ Police are going to be ruined by you two!”

The two police officers rubbed their heads and looked pitiful. “Cap…”

“Shut up! Did I permit you to speak? I’ll send you back to traffic duty!” Captain Zhou chided.

The two police officers immediately shut their mouths and said nothing more.

The faces of the people in the room became awkward. No one had a clue about what was going on.

Sun Lan was also perplexed. Where did this Captain Zhou come from?

“Hey, Captain Zhou! It’s good timing that you’re here. You should uphold justice for my son! Look at his swollen face. It seems that the culprit is a merciless one.

“That’s the one who beat my son. Look at his vicious face, you ought to know that he’s a violent peasant. Why aren’t you arresting him yet?”

Captain Zhou rolled his eyes. “Shut your mouth! The incident isn’t investigated yet. What’s there to arrest?”

Sun Lan was once again dumbfounded. Then, she shrieked, “Look at my son’s face! Isn’t that clear enough? Do you know who I am? My brother is the Secretary of the Trade and Commerce Bureau. He is good friends with your superintendent. I can make you lose your job just by making a phone call.”

“Pah! The Secretary of the Trade and Commerce Bureau, too!” Captain Zhou chuckled. In his heart, he did not care for the Secretary of the Trade and Commerce Bureau. ‘Don’t you know who you’re dealing with?’

“You… You… You’re just a puny captain. Do you dare talk to me like that? I’ll complain about you to your superintendent. Just you wait!” Sun Lan screamed as she pointed at Captain Zhou. Her anger was reaching a breaking point.

“Call my superintendent then! Let me tell you, there’s no point even if the superintendent personally comes here. Don’t you know who he is?” Captain Zhou said as he pointed at Tang Hao.

“He? Isn’t he just a violent peasant, a poor kid?” Sun Lan said though she was initially shocked. Then, she burst out laughing. He looked absolutely like a poor kid. Why did Captain Zhou sound as though he was some VIP?

What nonsense was Captain Zhou spouting? Was Tang Hao not some country bumpkin?

Only Ma Fangfang seemed to be pondering something. She sneaked a glance at Tang Hao.

“A poor kid? Haha! You must be blind. Let me tell you, even if our superintendent is here, he’ll have to be courteous and polite toward the ‘poor kid’.

“Don’t you know that the upheaval in the police station and the previous deputy superintendent’s fall from grace was because of him? He’s a benefactor of Secretary Lin!” Captain Zhou roared.

The room fell silent after he finished speaking.

All the faces in the room looked stunned. They could not believe what they heard.

Even the superintendent had to be polite to him? He was also Secretary Lin’s benefactor? Did all that… refer to Tang Hao?

Sun Lan was dumbfounded. Liu Jiawei and Zhang Qi were also stunned.

The boys and girls present at the scene were all stunned, including Li Fei, Liu Bingyao, and even Ma Fangfang.

Ma Fangfang already knew that Tang Hao was special. He was good friends with President Li and other wealthy people. She did not expect another surprise!

Secretary Lin? He was one of the top figures in the district!

The two police officers were also stunned silly. Then, they started shivering.

“Oh my god! He’s… He’s the one who caused the deputy superintendent to lose his position?” One of the police officers spoke with a trembling voice. His face was pale and he looked like he was going to cry.

That kid was such a scary bigwig!

Even the deputy superintendent lost his job. What about small fry like him then?

And he nearly cuffed that kid too! He almost cried when he thought about it.

Then, they sighed with relief and looked at Captain Zhou with gratitude. If he had not stopped them just in time, they would have been in big trouble.

No one moved in the room for a long time.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the boy who calmly sat on the chair.

“How is this possible? How is this possible?” In the crowd, Luo Wei’s complexion was slightly pale. He could not believe that the poor loser that he had always looked down upon became a bigwig after three years.

Liu Jiawei could not believe it either. His face was ghostly pale.

“I don’t believe it. You’re lying! What Secretary Lin? You’re just trying to intimidate us. Isn’t this Tang guy just another country bumpkin?” He roared.

“I don’t believe it. This kid is a benefactor of Secretary Lin? Hmph, what a joke! I will call my brother,” Sun Lan took out her phone as she spoke, then dialed a number.

“Brother, Jiawei got into some trouble. Someone beat him up!”

“Isn’t that easy? Just get the police to arrest that guy.” A low voice was heard from over the phone.

“No, the police won’t arrest that kid. A police captain named Zhou was telling me that the kid is Secretary Lin’s benefactor. He said that even the superintendent needed to be polite to him. Brother! Isn’t that such a joke?”

The other end of the call abruptly fell silent.

“What’s the name of the person who beat your son again?”

“His surname is Tang. He’s called Tang Hao. Heard that he’s just a village kid!”

The other end of the call fell silent again. “Jiawei, that rascal, what is he up to this time? I’ve already cleaned up after him many times. He’s on his own now.”

He hurriedly hung up.

Sun Lan’s face was pale as a sheet as she held the phone in her hands.

She knew that her son was finished this time! The so-called village kid was truly Secretary Lin’s benefactor!

Her body shook and she nearly collapsed.

From her reaction, everyone knew that Captain Zhou was telling the truth.

Everyone was stunned again.