Chapter 78 - The End of the Student Gathering

Chapter 78 of 100 chapters

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The room was deathly silent.

All eyes were focused on the boy who was calmly sitting on the chair.

Some of them had their suspicions earlier, though they had to finally accept that it was the truth.

Even if they believed it, they still found it hard to accept the fact that the poor village kid who did not even go to college and was the target of ridicule by everyone, had suddenly become a bigwig.

The change was too drastic. Everyone felt that it was like a dream.

Luo Wei stood on the spot, he looked dejected.

He had suddenly found that his attitude was very laughable. He had mocked Tang Hao earlier and had thought himself superior for enrolling in a prestigious university. It sounded like so much of a joke now that he thought about it.

Everything that he was proud of was nothing in the other party’s eyes.

Then, his entire body trembled as fear crept up in his heart.

With Tang Hao’s status now, it was too easy to tear him down!

Many people standing next to him were feeling ashamed of themselves. When they heard that Tang Hao did not go to college, they had silently mocked him. They thought that he would be destined to a lifetime of menial labor and poverty.

Who knew that three years later, Tang Hao had a reversal of fortune and became a bigwig destined to lead a successful life?

They were starting to regret that they did not treat him better.

Their eyes focused on Ma Fangfang and realized what she was thinking.

They had originally thought that Ma Fangfang was blind to fall for a poor, useless kid. Now they had realized that she had found a diamond in the rough.

Some girls even displayed strong feelings of admiration.

“Heh, I’ve already told you! Now, do you believe me?” Captain Zhou sneered at Sun Lan.

Then, he turned around to face Tang Hao and smiled. “Hey, Brother Tang! I’m so sorry that these two whelps didn’t know who they were dealing with. I hope that you can forgive any transgressions they might have caused.”

Then, he knocked on the two police officers’ heads again. “Why are you standing there? You’d better apologize quickly!”

“We’re sorry, Tang… Sir Tang!” The two police officers bowed and apologized in fear.

The two police officers indeed had stepped out of line with their behavior earlier. If Tang Hao did not forgive them, their careers would be finished.

“It’s fine, it’s nothing at all!” Tang Hao waved his hands.

The two police officers sighed with relief. “Thank you, Sir Tang!” They said.

“Just remember to follow procedure next time,” Tang Hao said calmly. Then, he turned to look at Captain Zhou, “Thanks, Captain Zhou!”

“Eh, you don’t have to be so polite!” Captain Zhou smiled.

“Hao’zi, you…” Li Hao looked at Tang Hao with a dumbfounded face. He still could not believe all that had happened. It was as though he was still in a dream.

“I’ll explain later!” Tang Hao said.

Then, he turned to look at Liu Jiawei.

Sun Lan changed expressions and said, “Alright, it’s my misfortune to have met you. I shall not pursue the matter of you beating up my son. Let’s go quickly, Son.” Then, she dragged Liu Jiawei and headed to the door.

“Hold it!” Tang Hao roared.

“What else do you want, Tang kid? You’ve already beaten my son. Are you not satisfied yet! Also, you don’t have any evidence, so what can you do to my son?

“Don’t think that you can go overboard just because you are connected to Secretary Lin!” Sun Lan said agitatedly.

Tang Hao smirked. “Who says I don’t have evidence?”

He then stood up, reached behind him, and pulled out a video camera.

Liu Jiawei’s face turned pale with fright when he saw that.

He had forgotten about the most important thing!

Everything was recorded inside.

“No, you can’t let him access the files!” His face turned vicious as he pounced toward Tang Hao. “That’s mine! Return it to me!”

Captain Zhou gave a silent instruction with his eyes. The two police officers rushed forward, blocked Liu Jiawei’s path, and pinned him on the floor.

“Give it back to me, you bastard!” Liu Jiawei roared hysterically.

“I’m sorry, but that is evidence. I can’t return it!” Captain Zhou smiled. “Let’s see what’s inside.”

He took the video camera, fiddled with it for a while, then played the most recent recording.

The recording started with a corridor. That was the corridor outside of the room.

Zhang Qi was carrying Liu Bingyao and walking toward the camera.

The camera wobbled from time to time and heavy panting was heard. Then, Liu Jiawei’s voice was heard. “Hmph! This b*tch is finally in my hands.”

The following conversation was indescribably filthy.

The recording continued in the room. Liu Jiawei took off his clothes and was preparing to pounce on Liu Bingyao on the bed. Suddenly, the room door was kicked open and the screen changed drastically. The camera fell on the floor.

Liu Jiawei’s voice was heard from beyond the camera. That was him taking out a thousand yuan and trying to steer Tang Hao away.

Everyone’s face had changed since the recording started. They looked at Liu Jiawei and Zhang Qi with utter disgust.

The more they watched, the more disgusted they became.

Liu Jiawei and Zhang Qi were as pale as a sheet. They nearly collapsed on the floor.

Captain Zhou smirked after watching the video. “Now that we have concrete evidence, you can’t worm your way out of this. Liu Jiawei, you are now under arrest for attempted rape. You too, Zhang Qi, are under arrest.

“The two of you can wave goodbye to your college life now! Cuff them up and bring them back to the police station.”

“Yes, Captain!”

The two police officers took out their handcuffs. First, they cuffed up Liu Jiawei, then they cuffed up Zhang Qi and brought them away.

“Why are you cuffing up my son? He’s being framed!” Sun Lan’s expression was close to psychotic as she followed the police officers out.

The atmosphere in the room was sullen.

“I didn’t expect that Liu Jiawei is an animal!” Some people lamented.

“I’m so happy that he’s arrested!” Li Fei said as he clapped his hands. He felt vindicated.

“But I think my dad and I will lose our jobs soon!” In the next moment, his expression turned gloomy.

“Don’t worry! I’ll find you a job. I know many bosses. You can count on me to find a good job for you and your dad,” Tang Hao said.

“Really? Thanks!” Li Fei said gleefully.

The classmates looked on with admiration. Perhaps Li Fei was heading to a life of success now that he was connected to Tang Hao.

Amid the crowd, Zhao Li’s face turned pale when she saw all that.

In the blink of an eye, her current boyfriend was arrested for attempted rape, while her poor ex-boyfriend was acquainted with a VIP and was destined for success.

She felt embarrassed and extremely regretful.

If they had not broken up, things would have been different.

“Li Fei, I…” She stepped forward and called Li Fei’s name.

Li Fei was stunned. His expression stiffened, then he turned around and ignored her. He did not speak, though his intention was obvious.

Zhao Li was surprised, then she dejectedly turned around and left.

After that, Tang Hao and Li Bingyao gave their statements at the police station. Ma Fangfang and Li Fei came along too.

After that, Li Bingyao’s parents fetched her away, while Tang Hao, Li Fei, and Ma Fangfang had supper at a roadside stall.

Tang Hao explained that he had studied some medical skills over the past three years and had revived Secretary Lin’s son from a coma.

Also, Tang Hao had given calls to Liu Dajun and the rest, and had secured jobs for Li Fei and his father.

After waving goodbye to Li Fei, he sent Ma Fangfang back home, then returned to Celestial Foothill Gardens.