Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of 100 chapters

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“This idiot must have sh*t for brains!” The bunch of hooligans laughed as they mocked the boy that was walking toward them.

The group looked like they were in their mid-twenties and they dressed like gangsters. Their leader was dressed in a tight leather jacket and his hair was dyed yellow. His eyes were slanted and looked vicious.

He glared at Tang Hao and sneered, “Mind your own business. I’m in a good mood today, and I don’t wanna dirty my hands.”

He turned around to his followers and ordered, “Carry her away!”

The other hooligans excitedly rubbed their palms, stepping forward to grope at the woman.

“Stop!” Tang Hao roared. He dashed in front and shouted, “Don’t touch her, human scum!”

The group of hooligans was riled.

“F*ck you, who are you to yell at me? Let’s see if you can walk out alive!” A hooligan rolled up his sleeve, and his face was menacing. He clenched his fist and with a quick forward step, hurled a punch at Tang Hao’s face.

The punch carried a gust of wind with it, and its force might have been intimidating to the typical passerby.

Tang Hao was no typical passerby. He was excited when the hooligan raised his fist. He raised his own fist to meet with that punch.

“Idiot!” The hooligans smirked. Their friend was bigger in size and obviously a lot stronger. The skinny kid was no match for him.


The two fists rammed into each other.

The hooligan’s arrogant and condescending face froze. His eyes bulged and his face contorted from pain. Sweat beads appeared on his forehead.

“AAAHHHH!” His agonized scream tore across the peaceful night.

He stumbled a few backward steps and bumped into a parked car.

He crouched and curled into a fetal position, holding his right hand and trembling violently. His eyes that were transfixed on Tang Hao had a hint of terror in them as if looking at some monster.

The other hooligans were dumbfounded. Their faces were full of incredulity.

They did not believe the scene that happened in front of them. A seventeen- or eighteen-year-old teenager had defeated a fully grown adult with a single punch.

“Are… are you f*cking kidding me!” The yellow-haired hooligan rubbed his eyes from disbelief.

Tang Hao himself was also shocked. He had tested his strength in the mountain, though he had not put it to use in actual battle and did not know his power. He was satisfied with this trial.

“As for the rest of you, scram!” He roared at the other hooligans.

“F*cking hell, who are you to order me? You’re still sucking your mother’s milk when I ruled the streets! Ask me to scram? I’ll cripple you!”

The yellow-haired hooligan roared and pulled out a switchblade from his back. He rushed toward Tang Hao.

The other hooligans also pulled out their blades and swarmed at him.

“I’ll kill you!” The yellow-haired hooligan’s face was savage. He raised his arm to stab at Tang Hao’s chest.

Tang Hao was a little flustered when he saw the blade. His last stint at the hospital was because of a stab after all.

He regained his composure quickly after. He focused his gaze and clearly discerned his opponent’s movements.

He shifted his feet and dodged the stab.

Then, he stretched his arms and grabbed onto the yellow-haired hooligan’s knife hand, and twisted sharply.


Everyone heard the crisp sound of a bone fracture, followed by a heartrending scream.

“Bro Dong!”

The other hooligans were in strike range as they roared.

Tang Hao’s eyes flashed. He lifted the yellow-haired hooligan and swung him like a rod to the other hooligans.

The other hooligans panicked and stumbled when they were hit. Tang hao rushed forward like a tiger let loose amid a herd of sheep. He punched in all directions and rearranged the hooligans’ faces with his fist.

In a flash, the hooligans were all sprawled on the floor wailing like babies. It was a pathetic scene.

“That felt good!’ Tang Hao flexed his arms and exhaled.

The hooligans pushed themselves off the ground, their eyes full of fear as they met Tang Hao’s gaze. “F*ck, this guy isn’t human! Run away!” They helped each other up then fled from the scene.

“Bunch of softies!” Tang Hao mumbled. He only turned around when they disappeared from sight.

The woman stumbled along as she supported herself with a parked car. Her footsteps were increasingly unstable and looked like she was going to collapse at any time.

Tang Hao hesitated for a moment, but went forward anyway. “Hey! Are you OK?” He reached out a hand to try to support her but was pushed away.

“Don’t… Don’t touch me! Go away!” She mumbled.

She half-turned as she pushed Tang Hao’s hand away. Tang Hao could see her flawless side profile. Her skin was ivory-white, her crimson lips were enchanting, and her nose was tall and straight. Her phoenix eyes were slightly narrowed and exhibited an aura of mystery.

Her hair was long, straight and black, and shone under the street lights. It was a stark contrast to her fair skin.

Her beauty had left Tang Hao breathless.

“What’s up with me today? Meeting two stunning beauties in a row…” Tang Hao mumbled to himself. Before today, he would never even encounter the shadow of a beautiful woman when walking on the streets. Today, he met two in a row.

First was the female police officer, and now the one in front of his eyes.

If he were to be frank with himself, it was hard to decide which of these two women was more beautiful. Both of them had their unique characteristics. The police officer was more of a heroine, and this woman in front of her was more alluring.

She took a few more steps forward when her body stumbled and almost fell.

Tang Hao rushed forward and grabbed her with his arms.

“Hey! What’s your name? Where do you live?” Tang Hao asked loudly.

The woman in his arms mumbled something as if she was talking in her sleep. He could not understand her. Soon, she stopped moving.

Tang Hao stood there, dumbfounded. What was he going to do about this stunning beauty in his arms?

‘F*ck me, what do I do now?’ Tang Hao was confused. ‘I can’t just leave her on the streets!’

However, he did not know where she lived, and it would be awkward if he brought her back to his house.

‘I’ll check her into a hotel room then!’ He could only think of this idea. Tang Hao walked forward with her arm over his shoulder.

He walked for less than a hundred meters before he arrived at a motel. He checked into a double room, and carried her on his back and walked upstairs.

After entering the room, he dumped her on the bed.

She mumbled something as if about to wake up.

“Hot… so hot!” Still unconscious, she lifted her arms to pull at her clothes.

“Hey, hey! What are you doing!” Tang Hao was panicking.

If she woke up the next day to find herself in a state of undress, how would he explain himself out of it?

“Amitabha, Buddha in heaven…” Tang Hao closed his eyes and muttered the phrase a few times. He calmed himself down, then went to grab the blanket and covered her body.

She flipped over while grabbing the blanket, then fell asleep once more.

“Damn!” Tang Hao breathed a sigh of relief then sat down heavily.

He wanted to leave her alone, but he could not be at ease. So, he stayed.

He opened his backpack, retrieved some medicinal herbs, and started concocting the Liquid of Spiritual Condensation.