Chapter 83 - Disgraced

Chapter 83 of 100 chapters

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“Yeah, that sure sounds like it!”

The matchmaker sneered at him with a look of disdain.

“Who are you trying to scare? You’re just a lousy peasant, I don’t even know if you have ten thousand yuan, never mind a million! Not to mention, a car that costs 400 thousand yuan? I think you’ve gone mad!”

Feng Jun then added, “I, on the other hand, want to see how you’re going to come up with a million yuan!”

He thought it was ridiculous. This dirty peasant was dressed so poorly. It only took him one look to know that he was poor.

Yet, this poor man kept talking about presenting a million yuan as the bride price as if it was nothing. His casual tone made it seemed as if money came as easily as the wind.

If this was not a joke, what was it?

If this guy was not an idiot, then he was just trying to scare him, so there was no way he would fall for his schemes.

Instead, he intended to watch this guy make a fool of himself.

Mrs. Gao stood at the side as she looked at Tang Hao, then at uncle and the rest, her expression full of shock and suspicion.

This young man did not dress like a wealthy person at all! Moreover, he looked way too young.

However, judging by the expressions of the other people, they seemed to think that this young man was capable of producing such a large sum of money, which seemed a little absurd to her.

It was a million yuan!

Even in the county seat, there were not many families who could produce such a large amount of money, let alone someone in this remote mountain village.

Tang Hao glanced at Feng Jun coldly, then he glanced at the matchmaker and said, “You’ll find out whether or not I’ll be able to get the money soon enough. What’s the rush?”

Then, he winked at Shi Dazhu. “Bro Dazhu, why don’t you bring out a few stools?”

Dazhu was stunned for a moment, then quickly snapped out it and rushed inside the house to bring out a few stools. He passed the stools to Mrs. Gao and the people from the Gao family. Then, he handed one to Tang Hao as well.

“Lil Hao, I…I can’t take your money! Weren’t you planning on starting a plantation? You’ll need money for that too!” Shi Dazhu said, ashamed.

“It’s fine, Bro Dazhu, just think of it as a congratulatory gift.”

Tang Hao said, smiling through gritted teeth.

Ever since he was a kid, he had always had a good relationship with his cousin Dazhu. His eldest uncle’s family had always treated him well too. As Tang Hao was a loyal person who knew to repay good deeds, naturally, he had to compensate him.

During this time, he had earned a lot of money. There was eight or nine million in his card alone, so a million did not mean too much to him.

“Then… then, a million is still too much. You don’t have to give us so much.” Shi Dazhu said.

“That’s right! Lil Hao, you don’t have to give us so much.” His uncle chimed in as well.

Gao Ying stood at the side in a daze.

Was it possible that Dazhu’s cousin brother was capable of producing a million yuan? That would be somewhat alarming!

Meanwhile, the villagers discussed amongst themselves fervently. Their exchanges consisted mainly of shock and envy, and they could only curse the fact that they did not have relatives that were as capable as Lil Hao.

After waiting for around half an hour, Feng Jun began to feel a little impatient.

“You bastard, where’s the money you were talking about, huh?” He looked at Tang Hao and asked him coldly.

“What’s the rush? Just wait a bit!” Tang Hao replied nonchalantly.

“Haha! It’s already come to this, yet you’re still pretending?” Feng Jun laughed coldly with a look of disdain. “If a stinky peasant like you can take out a million yuan, then from now on, I, Feng Jun, will write my name backward.”

He ended his sentence with a scoff.

However, soon after that, he heard a commotion from the nearby crowd. Someone peered out at the village entrance and yelled, “It’s here! It’s here!”

Feng Jun was stunned for a moment, but then quickly sneered and thought to himself, ‘Right on time, just watch me expose your lies.’

With that thought in mind, he raised his head and looked toward the direction in which the villagers were staring.

It would have been fine if he did not look, but the moment he did, he was dumbstruck.

Dear God! What was he looking at? On the road of this poor mountain village was a long line of luxury cars.

“That… That’s a Rolls-Royce, that… that’s a BMW…”

Feng Jun’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“Impossible… that’s impossible! Birds don’t even want to take a dump in this place, how are there be so many luxury cars here? A coincidence! It must just be a coincidence,” Feng Jun tried to reassure himself.

However, when he took a closer look, he noticed a car covered with festive red silk in the convoy. That was when it felt like he had been struck by lightning; he was completely baffled.

The matchmaker was stunned too.

“How…” Her mutters trailed off, a look of disbelief plastered across her face.

As the Gao family watched the scene unfold, they were all stunned as well.

It was already shocking enough that so many luxury cars would appear at the same place at the same time. However, the fact that these luxury cars were just here to deliver a bride price was what truly stupefied them.

With just one call, he had managed to summon so many luxury cars. Just what kind of person was this young man?

They turned around and looked at the young man standing at the side, staring at him in a daze.

The villagers who had seen this earlier on were not as shocked, but they were all still extremely enthusiastic. As for Shi Dazhu and Gao Ying, who were seeing this for the first time, they were stunned.

Very soon, the convoy entered the village.

Liu Dajun was the first to step out of the car, holding two boxes and bringing Jin Biao along. President Li and the others had come too.

“Lil Tang, we heard that your cousin was getting engaged. Old Li and the others couldn’t resist, as they wanted to come along too.” In the distance, Liu Dajun yelled, “So, which one is your cousin? I have to congratulate him.”

When he got closer, Liu Dajun put the boxes on the ground and opened them. They were filled with red 100-yuan notes.

Suddenly, there was a racket, and the crowd started to clamor.

Feng Jun, on the other hand, turned as pale as a ghost. His body was swaying slightly, and he almost fainted.

It really was a million yuan!

Oh God! Just what kind of person was this peasant? Not only did he have a million yuan, he even had a group of friends who drove luxury cars.

He suddenly recalled the officer’s earlier reaction and his face became even paler.

This guy was no peasant! He was some kind of bigshot! The kind of bigshot that not even the people from the police station dared to mess with!

“Big Bro Liu, this is my cousin, Shi Dazhu, and this is my cousin-in-law, Gao Ying!” Tang Hao welcomed him and introduced them to Liu Dajun.

“Congratulations! Congratulations!” Liu Dajun walked up to them and shook Shi Dazhu’s hands warmly.

Then, he took a briefcase from Jin Biao and passed it to them. “This is a small gift from the few of us, just take it as a congratulatory present. Keep it!”

Shi Dazhu took it from him and opened it to find that it was filled with red 100-yuan bills as well. There must have been three or four hundred thousand yuan inside.

“This… how can this be? There’s no way I can keep this!”

Shi Dazhu was shocked and tried to push the briefcase back into his hands.

“Sigh! It’s fine, just keep it! It’s just a small gift from us,” President Li and the others spoke up.

The briefcase was shoved around for a bit until finally, Shi Dazhu realized that he could not get rid of it, so he had no choice but to keep it.

“That’s right! When you get married, you have to invite us to your wedding banquet.” Liu Dajun laughed.

The folks from the Gao family stood at the side, feeling as if they were in a dream.

Before this, Shi Dazhu was just a poor wretch, but in the blink of an eye, he had received a million-yuan bride price, a car, and a three-or-four-hundred-thousand-yuan congratulatory present.

His life had turned around instantaneously.

“Who would have known that this Shi Dazhu had such an amazing relative?”

The people of the Gao family started talking among themselves, their words laced slightly with admiration and envy.

Mrs. Gao sighed in relief and was even a little joyful. The more she looked at Shi Dazhu, the more she liked him. To her, if he had such a powerful relative, Shi Dazhu should have a bright future too.

“Mom, will you agree to this marriage now?” Gao Ying walked in front of her and asked softly.

“Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I agree? Your Dazhu is an auspicious man!” Mrs. Gao exclaimed happily. “Then it’s settled. Let’s pick a good date, and we’ll arrange the marriage!”

Gao Ying made a grunt of affirmation, her face flushed.

Tang Hao’s uncle and aunt were now smiling. They both walked up and started chatting with Mrs. Gao.

Even though Mrs. Gao had been slightly snobbish before, they could understand why she acted the way she did. After all, they would all be family in the future, so they should not hold onto these grudges.

At that moment, the entire village was filled with a festive atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Feng Jun, the matchmaker, and the others took advantage of everyone’s inattention and left in disgrace.