Chapter 84 - Liu Bingyao’s Call

Chapter 84 of 100 chapters

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That afternoon, the entire village was filled with a festive atmosphere.

It was the first time in many years that someone in the village had won the hand of a woman from the city. Tang Hao’s million-yuan bride price just added to their elation.

After a discussion between the two families, the wedding date was set for a little over a month’s time.

Tang Hao’s aunt held onto him, thanking him profusely.

His grandparents were overjoyed, and they held onto the couple, wishing them to have children as soon as possible.

Finally, Tang Hao managed to pull away to join Liu Dajun and the rest for a visit to the construction site.

“Lil Tang, the plantation is almost done. What’s your next step?” Liu Dajun asked.

Tang Hao stood on the top of the hill and looked down at the construction site that was bustling with activity with a contemplative look on his face.

He had thought about this before.

The plantation was just the first step, as it would be used to supply the medicinal herbs that were in short supply in the market. The next step would be large-scale production.

After he mastered the talisman seal technique, he could create an Artifact to replace himself and activate the medicinal herbs’ medicinal powers. Then, large-scale production could be achieved.

However, he was hesitant. Which kind of medicine should he choose as the first product to enter the market with?

Weight-loss tea? Aphrodisiac? Health care potion? Or cosmetic cream?

“Which medicine do you guys think is best?” He asked Liu Dajun and the rest.

“The aphrodisiac, of course! What man wouldn’t want something like that?” Jin Biao replied nonchalantly.

Then, the others started to chime in.

President Li had a differing opinion. “I think weight-loss tea would be better. Think about it, aphrodisiac products like Viagra might not be as effective as Lil Tang’s products, but they are a lot more well-known.”

“As for weight-loss tea, the ones available in the market right now are all fake. However, Lil Tang’s weight-loss tea is extremely effective; if it’s properly publicized, it will cause a sensation.”

“That’s true!” Liu Dajun and the rest nodded in agreement.

Tang Hao thought about it, then nodded too. “That makes sense!”

This weight-loss medicine was the first medicine he made. Until now, he could still remember the misfortune that befell the pigs at uncle’s house that night.

“Then let’s pick the weight-loss tea!” Tang Hao clapped and said. “But there’s no rush, we’ll have to finish this plantation first.”

“Yup yup, no rush! No rush!” Liu Dajun and the rest respond affirmatively.

Very quickly, a few days passed.

Tang Hao had spent those few days practicing. Every morning, he would take a trip to Dragonrock Village to take a look at his saplings, then he would check the growth of the lingzhi mushrooms.

With the irrigation supplied by the magical spring and the nourishment provided by the leyline’s magical energy, the two medicines grew at an alarming rate. They could grow a lot each day, making the growth rate extremely gratifying.

This morning, as Tang Hao returned from Dragonrock Village, he received a phone call.

He took out his phone and saw that it was a stranger’s number.

“Who’s this?” Tang Hao muttered as he answered the call.

“Hey! Is this Tang Hao?” A sweet voice came from the other end of the call.

Tang Hao was stunned but recovered quickly. “You’re…Liu Bingyao?”

“Yup! It’s me!”

Tang Hao was stunned. “How did you get my number?”

“I got it from Li Fei.”

“Oh!” Tang Hao responded. He did not know what to say since he was not familiar with Liu Bingyao at all.

Back in junior high, Liu Bingyao was the school’s beauty, while he was just an obscure village boy. They were from completely different worlds. Even though they were classmates, they barely spoke to each other.

Once they entered senior high, they were assigned to different classes and rarely saw each other.

“Then… is there something I can help you with?” Tang Hao asked.

“Are you free today? I… I want to treat you to lunch.” Liu Bingyao mumbled somewhat shyly.

It was her first time actively inviting someone of the opposite gender out for a meal.

“I still haven’t thanked you properly for saving me!” Liu Bingyao continued, “I had initially wanted to invite you out for a meal sooner, but after what happened that day, my parents were very afraid and didn’t let me out of the house for a while.”

“They only agreed this time because they heard that I wanted to treat you to a meal.”

Tang Hao paused for a moment but eventually accepted.

He did not think that it was polite to decline her invitation.

Suddenly, Liu Bingyao sounded a little more excited, “That’s great, let’s meet in half an hour at the entrance of the city center’s book store.”

“Okay!” Tang Hao responded,

“Then, I’ll see you later!” Liu Bingyao said and ended the call.

Once he put down the phone, Tang Hao pondered for a moment, trying to decide if he should change his clothes. However, when he thought about it, other than the few suits he owned, he did not have any nice clothes.

‘I don’t think I have to wear a suit to go have lunch with Liu Bingyao!’

“Ah forget it, I’ll just dress more casually!”

He muttered to himself, then changed into a clean shirt before leaving.

He got on the bus, and after 20 minutes, he arrived at the city center, right at the entrance of the book store.

After waiting for a moment, he suddenly heard a commotion from the side of the street. He turned around and was in shock.

At the other end of the street, a beautiful figure was gliding forward.

Her body was slender, graceful, and well-endowed. She was wearing a pure white chiffon dress while a pair of clean, straight, and beautiful legs stood exposed beneath the dress.

She had a face of unparalleled beauty, with her looks so dazzling that it was nearly suffocating.

She walked over gracefully, her white skirt fluttering in the breeze, making her look especially angelic. She had an aura that seemed otherworldly, as if she had just walked out out a painting.

Her appearance captured the attention of every person on the street.

Every man on the street was watching her in a daze. There were sounds of utter amazement, and many of them were captivated by her beauty, unable to tear their eyes away. If they were not careful, they would accidentally walk into poles, crying out in pain.

At that moment, the street was full of commotion.

“F*ck, she’s top-tier goods!” Many vulgar beasts were almost drooling.

Quite a few of them looked like they were tempted to make a move and ask her out.

Looking at this beautiful girl, Tang Hao marveled at her. She was born beautiful, but after dressing up carefully, she had become even more gorgeous. No matter where she went, she was the focus of attention.

Tang Hao looked around and suddenly felt immense pressure. If he stood with such a beautiful girl, he would no doubt be under scrutiny as well.

However, he had gone out with Sis Xiangyi quite a few times, so he had more or less gotten used to it.

Sis Xiangyi was mature and sexy, so no matter where they went, the situation would be almost identical to this.

In a moment, the young lady walked over. Her lovely eyes scanned the crowd and suddenly fell upon Tang Hao’s figure.

She pursed her lips, and her dainty face broke into a bright smile.

Her smile melted the hearts of the men around her.

Then, she hurried over and grinned at Tang Hao, speaking in a flirtatious tone, “You’re here!”

Suddenly, the men around them were stunned, and their deadly gazes simultaneously fell upon Tang Hao.

When they took in Tang Hao’s appearance and outfit, they were even more baffled.

This guy looked alright, but he was dressed so shabbily. He was so far out of this beauty’s league.

“Damn, what kind of logic is this?”

Many people started murmuring indignantly as they stared at Tang Hao, their gazes full of jealousy and envy.