Chapter 85 - Meeting Zhang Tianhao Again

Chapter 85 of 100 chapters

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The beauty before him was so beautiful it made people gasp for air.

No matter how many beauties he had seen before, Tang Hao would still be slightly dazed every time he laid eyes on one.

“Tang Hao, you must have been waiting for a while!” Liu Bingyao said gently.

“No, I arrived not long ago!” Tang Hao shook his head.

“Let’s go then!” Liu Bingyao said with a smile. As she spoke, she raised her hand and pointed to the left. “There’s a really good restaurant over there, let’s go there!”

“Alright!” Tang Hao agreed.

“Let’s go!” Liu Bingyao led the way. There was a smile on her face, and her steps were light. She seemed very excited.

“I haven’t been outdoors in so long, this feels… amazing!”

As she said that, she turned around and smiled brightly at Tang Hao.

Under the sunlight, her beautiful eyes were as clear as glass, without a single flaw.

When he saw her like that, Tang Hao felt a little relieved. He was worried that after going through that incident, she would be traumatized.

“Tang Hao, regarding that incident, thank you. If you hadn’t gotten there in time, Liu Jiawei would have gone through with his plan!”

When she brought up that incident, her expression dimmed slightly.

Tang Hao replied, “It’s fine, it was my duty to do so. Liu Jiawei will finally pay for his crimes. He’s now in jail, so I’m sure he’s not having a good time.”

“I hope so. He should be jailed a few more years!” Liu Bingyao wrinkled her nose and said indignantly. “I always thought he was a no-good player, but I never thought that he would be such a disgusting, nasty person.”

“That’s what you call knowing someone on the surface, but not knowing what’s in their hearts!” Tang Hao said.

Liu Bingyao made a grunt of agreement.

“Oh, right, Tang Hao, I haven’t asked you what you’ve been up to. In the past three years, you’ve changed drastically. It almost seems like you’re a completely different person.”

Liu Bingyao turned around and gave him a once-over, her beautiful eyes scrutinizing Tang Hao.

“Is that so?” Tang Hao asked, neither agreeing nor denying.

“Yeah! I remember back in junior high, you were very untalkative, like a closed-up gourd. But now, you’re a lot more cheerful.

“Oh yeah, I also heard the others mention that you didn’t go to college.”

Tang Hao nodded, “When I was in the second year of senior high, I was expelled because I got into a fight.”

Liu Bingyao responded with an “ah”, appearing to be somewhat surprised.

“But fortunately, after I was expelled, I learned some medicinal skills and saved the secretary’s son. That’s why Captain Zhou was so polite to me the other day.”

“I see! That’s pretty good too. The secretary is a high-ranking official. When I told my parents about it, they were amazed by what you did.” Liu Bingyao said, smiling.

“Now, I’m doing some business. Recently, I’ve acquired a plantation and started planting medicinal herbs. In the future, I’ll open a factory, and eventually a company.” Tang Hao said.

Liu Bingyao smiled and said happily, “Then in the future, I’ll have to call you Boss Tang.”

Tang Hao was happy and smiled back.

The two chatted as they walked.

After walking for a bit, Liu Bingyao suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked at Tang Hao. “Oh right, are you and Fangfang…?”

Tang Hao was surprised and replied hurriedly, “No, not yet.”

Liu Bingyao’s eyes glinted, and she suddenly seemed a lot more relaxed, “I’m relieved!”

Tang Hao was stunned.

“What I meant was, since you two aren’t dating, then I feel a little less pressured about inviting you out. Otherwise, if we were spotted by others, things would not end well,” Liu Bingyao explained.

“True!” Tang Hao agreed.

After walking a little further, they arrived at the restaurant.

It was still a little early, but there were already quite a few people in the restaurant. The business there was very good.

After they both sat down at the table, they ordered a few dishes which amounted to two hundred yuan.

As they ate, Liu Bingyao brought up many things about herself.

When he heard that she had managed to get into Z University, Tang Hao was slightly stunned. His cousin’s aunt’s darling son was studying there. Among the Chinese universities, Z University was one of the higher-ranking ones.

If he had not been expelled, even with his grades, there was no guarantee that he would be able to get into that university.

When he thought about that, Tang Hao felt a little dejected.

However, very soon the feeling had faded. Now, it did not matter to him if he did not get into university.

“Tang Hao, are you free in the afternoon?” Liu Bingyao asked suddenly.

“Yeah, I am. What’s up?”

“Then can you go shopping with me? It was so hard for me to come outside, so I don’t want to go back so quickly.” Liu Bingyao looked at him with puppy dog eyes and pleaded sincerely.

Tang Hao was stunned for a moment, then he laughed.

“Alright! I’m not busy anyway,” Tang Hao responded.

“That’s great!” Liu Bingyao exclaimed happily.

After they finished eating, the two walked out of the restaurant and went along the street.

As they were strolling, Liu Bingyao suddenly pointed at an ice-cream shop in front of them and asked, “Tang Hao, do you want to have some ice-cream?”

Tang Hao said, “I’ll go buy it!”

“No way, it’s my treat today! I’ll go buy it! What flavor do you want?”

“I’m fine with anything. I’ll just have what you’re having.”

“Okay! Wait here.” With that, she walked into the ice-cream shop.

Tang Hao followed her. He could see that the shop was packed, with a long queue inside. Thus, he stood at the entrance and waited for her.

After a while, he suddenly saw a group of people walking over from the street to his left. There were around 10 people, they were quite young and looked about eighteen years old.

Tang Hao glanced over, and his expression suddenly changed.

He knew this group of people, they were students from his senior high. Among them was a couple which he was even more familiar with. It was Zhang Tianhao, and his first love, Li Qiaoqiao.

Tang Hao furrowed his brows and turned away.

Nevertheless, at that moment, that group of people spotted Tang Hao.

“Who’s that? Why does he look so familiar?” Someone shouted.

Zhang Tianhao glanced at him, and his expression shifted, a dark look appearing in his eyes.

‘Isn’t that guy Tang Hao?’

Previously, at Sky City Plaza, he had failed at his attempt to humiliate this guy. Instead, he was the one who was humiliated. He had never forgotten this incident.

Therefore, he held a bit of resentment in his heart toward Tang Hao.

In his eyes, Tang Hao was nothing but a mountain village kid, a lowly peasant worker; he was no different that garbage.

However, a useless person like him had somehow managed to attract a charming and sexy beauty. How could he not go insane with jealousy?

After he made contact with that sexy female boss, Tang Hao seemed to disappear behind the scenes. When he had encouraged his second uncle to mess with Tang Hao, not only did the plan fail, he had gotten his second uncle into trouble too.

Why did trash like him manage to get with that sexy beauty, but he could only end up with a girl like Li Qiaoqiao.

He gritted his teeth, his expression darkening with hints of ferocity.

Li Qiaoqiao, who was walking beside him, looked up as well and was stunned.

A conflicted look flashed across the features of her pretty face, such that even the lights in her eyes dimmed.

When he saw Li Qiaoqiao’s expression, Zhang Tianhao became even more furious as a deep hatred frantically grew in his heart.