Chapter 86 - All Your Family Members Are Gigolos

Chapter 86 of 100 chapters

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“Isn’t that Tang Hao!”

Zhang Tianhao shouted out with a sullen expression.

“Tang Hao?” Several others gasped in surprise. Upon closer inspection, they recognized him as well. “It’s really Tang Hao!”

Following that, they each showed a somewhat disdainful and disgusted look on their faces.

This fellow Tang Hao was just a poor boy from a mountain village. He was not the same as those who were born and raised in the city, and they had always looked down on him for it.

His results were considered good, but when he was in his second year of high school, he was kicked out of school because of a fight. He must have been living in a miserable state since then!

As for the fighting incident, they also knew that Tang Hao and Zhang Tianhao had a fight of Li Qiaoqiao.

They turned their heads and glanced at Zhang Tianhao and Li Qiaoqiao. When they looked at Tang Hao again, there was a hint of arrogance in their eyes.

In their heads, Tang Hao was just an idiot. He was a poor lad that dared to compete with the principal’s son for a girl and buried whatever future he had for it.

“Tianhao, what a coincidence!”

A tall and thin young man standing beside Zhang Tianhao said condescendingly. His gaze was filled with mockery as he looked toward Tang Hao, who was in front of him.

“It’s almost been a year and a half, I wonder what this guy’s doing now?”

“Judging by the looks of it, he’s probably moving bricks at some construction site! Look at the way he’s dressed, you already know that he’s miserable!”

“Haha! That’s true! He’s just a poor loser, what can he do with his life anyway!”

The group of people laughed as they talked in a relaxed manner.

It was human nature. Seeing someone that was doing far worse than themselves would fill them up with a strong sense of superiority.

At this moment, Zhang Tianhao decided to add, “I know what he’s doing now.”

“Oh? Tianhao, what’s his job nowadays? Could it be, is he actually moving bricks around?!” The tall and thin young man asked.

Zhang Tianhao grinned cruelly and said, “It’d be good if he was, at least he’d still have some dignity left in him. That guy, he’s a gigolo now!”

All at once, there was a clamor in the group of people.

“What? A gigolo? That’s unreal! Who would’ve thought he’d stoop this low!”

“Damn! That’s disgusting!”

The group of people was a little astonished by this revelation, especially some of the girls. Thus, they could not help but show a disgusted expression.

Li Qiaoqiao frowned and was about to open her mouth, wanting to say something to retort, but she stopped.

Zhang Tianhao continued, “I saw it with my own eyes the other day. This guy was busy holding hands with an ugly and old fat woman. They were whispering sweet nothings to one another. I felt repulsed just looking at them.”

“These types of people are really too cheap. They’re able-bodied, yet they choose to sell their dignity and flesh instead of finding a proper job. It’s despicable!”

Zhang Tianhao said in full self-righteousness whilst wearing a cynical expression on his face.

As he was uttering these words, he was felt a moment of satisfaction in his heart. He thought to himself, ‘Oh, Tang Hao. I’m slandering and soiling your reputation on purpose. Let’s see how you’ll live with yourself in the future!’

“Woah! Who would’ve thought? He actually went and became a gigolo. That’s plain repulsive. I heard that the ladies that seek such services are old, wealthy women or those especially ugly looking ones. It’s impressive that he’s still able to perform!”

The tall thin young man said and continued to laugh wretchedly.

“Hey! Even then, it wouldn’t be too bad, as at least it’ll be with a female. The miserable part is that there are men that seek out gigolos as well! That’s like blatantly selling out their *ss!” Another person laughed out.

They were talking loudly with absolutely no restraint. Tang Hao furrowed his brows upon hearing their discussion, and his expression turned cold.

Zhang Tianhao had tried to frame him twice now, and he had now actually started to vilify him.

‘F*ck those b*stards!’ Tang Hao cursed inside.

Amidst their laughter, this group of passersby approached him, at which point the tall and thin young man walked closer with a mocking expression. Then, he shouted, “Yo! Tang Hao, long time no see!

“I heard you’re a gigolo now! How’s business going, good?”

The crowd behind him laughed out loud.

“Don’t ask him like that, Liu Junjie. He’s probably too embarrassed to answer you!”

“Right, right. You have to be a little more reserved!”

The group roared with laughter. They had were regarding Tang Hao as the subject of utter amusement.

Tang Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, and his gaze became colder.

“Haha! My apologies for being too straightforward. Speaking of which, these kinds of lowly jobs really do suit you!” Liu Junjie sneered.

Liu Junjie was a member of Zhang Tianhao’s posse. Tang Hao had managed to land a punch on this guy a few years back during the fight. Hence, he was holding onto a bit of a grudge until now.

Tang Hao kept a calm face and said nothing to retort.

Seeing his reaction, Liu Junjie started to get bolder.

“Why aren’t you saying anything, Tang Hao! Aren’t you happy to meet your old classmates? Look, Qiaoqiao is here as well!” Liu Junjie said as he pointed toward Li Qiaoqiao.

“Hey! There’s nothing wrong with being a gigolo. You’re just selling your body anyway. Isn’t that good for you? Look at yourself, you don’t have a diploma, and you only graduated junior high. What else could you have done…”

Liu Junjie continued his rambling.

Before he could finish, Tang Hao’s eyes flashed coldly. He took a sudden big stride forward, raised his hand, and landed a perfect slap.


The slap was crisp and loud. It immediately dazed Liu Junjie.

The group’s laughter stopped abruptly as they stood there, stunned.

Never in their wildest imagination did they imagine that Tang Hao would dare to throw punches!

“B*stard, you dare lay your hands on me?”

Liu Junjie covered his cheeks and snarled shrewdly.

“Why wouldn’t I? You’re speaking too despicably, so don’t you think you deserve it?” Tang Hao said with a cold sneer.

“You… you scum, you’re the gigolo here. You deserved to be talked down to!” Liu Junjie retorted furiously.

Tang Hao landed another slap and scowled, “You’re the gigolo. All your family members are gigolos! You believe anything that Zhang Tianhao feeds you, huh? Humph! What a bunch of idiots!”

Once again, it was another firm slap to the face.

Liu Junjie staggered back and fell right on his buttocks.

He was trembling all over as his heart swelled angrily. His face became extremely distorted as he said, “You’re the one who started this, Tang. Don’t blame me for being impolite now.”

He surged back up as he pushed up his sleeves, ready to dash toward Tang Hao. A few of the other boys pushed up their sleeves as well, prepared to throw punches.

While watching this scene unfold, Zhang Tianhao smiled complacently at the side.

At the exact moment, they heard a delicate cry from beside them.

“What are you guys doing?”

Liu Junjie and the others were stunned as they turned to look, and could not help but be stupefied.

At the entrance of the ice cream shop stood the beautiful silhouette of a woman wearing a white skirt. She had a splendid figure and was hair-raisingly beautiful.

At that moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

This person, wasn’t she the school’s beauty queen, Liu Bingyao? What was she doing here?

“No… Nothing!” Liu Junjie and the others quickly shook their heads. They stood up straight and readjusted their clothes for fear of losing face in front of the school’s beauty queen.

Zhang Tianhao’s eyes suddenly became steaming hot. He strode forward and asked eagerly, “Bingyao, why are you here?

“Zhang Tianhao?”

Liu Bingyao frowned at the sight of him and immediately understood what was happening. She also knew that Tang Hao had been kicked out of school because of Tianhao’s resentment.

Her charming face turned cold as she shot an icy glance toward Zhang Tianhao.

Zhang Tianhao did not take notice of Liu Bingyao’s lack of politeness. When they were in high school, Liu Bingyao had the same attitude toward all her suitors.

“Bingyao, what a coincidence! It’s rare for us to bump into each other, let’s hang out together!” Zhang Tianhao said enthusiastically.

On the other hand, Li Qiaoqiao’s face was becoming one of disgust.

“No way!”

Liu Bingyao spat out coldly. She walked past Zhang Tianhao and walked toward Tang Hao. A beautiful smile appeared on her charming face as she spoke softly, “Tang Hao, let’s go!”

With that, she handed the ice cream in her hand to Tang Hao.