Chapter 87 - Mad Dog

Chapter 87 of 100 chapters

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Zhang Tianhao looked a little stiff and embarrassed as Liu Bingyao walked past him without so much as a glance.

However, he comforted himself by pretending that Liu Bingyao had always been this way toward everyone.

Nevertheless, he felt something was amiss the next moment when he realized that Bingyao was walking toward Tang Hao’s direction.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Liu Bingyao greeting Tang Hao with a big smile and passing him the ice cream in her hand.

Immediately after, he felt as if his whole body had been numb from being struck by lightning.

He was not the only one. Liu Junjie, as well as Li Qiaoqiao, were dumbfounded by the situation.

Their jaws were wide open, and their eyes almost popped out of their sockets. It was as if they had witnessed the most unfathomable scene in the world.

“What… the hell is going on?”

Liu Junjie’s expression turned blank.

He was beginning to wonder if he was still in dreamland. Otherwise, why would a beauty like Liu Bingyao have any sort of relationship with someone like Tang Hao?

Tang Hao was just a poor loser. Moreover, it was said that he was selling his body for a living.

As for Liu Bingyao, she was No. 1 high school’s undisputed beauty queen. The number of pursuers she had during her three years of high school was uncountable, and they had all been turned down.

How could such different types of people have any kind of relationship?

Nevertheless, as the two of them intimately stood side by side, it seemed as if they were on a date.

At this moment, it felt like the sky was falling right on top of them.

As for Zhang Tianhao, his mind went blank, and the color drained from his face.

“It’s impossible… it’s absolutely impossible. There must be some sort of explanation!” He muttered to himself as his heart went mad with envy.

How could this be?

Why was Bingyao getting together with Tang Hao?

Earlier on, it was that charming and sexy lady. Now, it was the goddess-like Liu Bingyao. They both seemed to have some sort of relationship with this Tang Hao. Had they both gone blind?

How was this happening? He, Zhang Tianhao, was tenfold, if not a thousand-fold, better than Tang Hao in every aspect.

He started trembling heavily, and his expression gradually became malevolent.

The tremendous defeat he felt was tormenting him to near insanity.

Furthermore, Li Qiaoqiao was not much different as she stood there stupefied. She was still in disbelief at what she was witnessing.

Last time, that flirtatious beautiful lady had already rendered her ashamed and unable to show her face. Now, Liu Bingyao made her feel as if she had to strive harder for her existence to be known. Not only that, she also made her feel a sense of inferiority just by standing in front of her.

She started becoming paler by the second. It even made her lower her head, just so she did not need to look at the two anymore.

“Bingyao, what relationship do you have with him?”

Zhang Tianhao had a fierce look on his face as he questioned her sternly.

Liu Bingyao frowned upon hearing this, and there was a look of disgust in her eyes. Then, she replied in an icy tone, “Zhang Tianhao, it’s none of your business.”

Zhang Tianhao was stunned by her response. His expression grew fiercer by the second, “You’re not aware of it, Bingyao. But, Tang Hao’s a vile little person. He’s been with wealthy women before, and he’ll do just about anything for money.”

“It’s true. He’s a gigolo!” Liu Junjie echoed.

Liu Bingyao glared at him in frustration and said, “Stop this nonsense, I think you guys are the vile ones! I know exactly what kind of a person you are, Zhang Tianhao. You’re a rule breaker and evildoer at school just ’cause your father’s the principal. I know all the wrong you’ve been committing.”

“I even heard that your dad was arrested some time ago. That’s karma!”

“You…” Zhang Tianhao instantly became furious. The expression on his face turned even more terrifying.

A while ago, his dad had been prosecuted and sent to prison, and it instantly made him lose all the respect he had previously accumulated. Last time, everyone would come out in groups if he asked, and they would take turns to shower him with compliments. Now, those people would run away as quick as they could when they saw him on the street.

This incident left a massive scar on his ego, and he refused to mention it further. Nevertheless, his dignity had now been torn apart in public.

“Dirty b*tch!”

Zhang Tianhao roared out as his eyes turned bloodshot. It was as if he had totally lost his mind.

He dashed forward and raised his hand, getting ready to land it on Liu Bingyao’s face.

Liu Bingyao was frightened by him, as she would never have thought that Zhang Tianhao would go crazy so abruptly.

“Be careful!” Tang Hao jumped and stood in front of her. He lifted up his hand and grabbed ahold of Zhang Tianhao’s hand firmly.

As soon as he saw Tang Hao, Zhang Tianhao grew more frenzied than before, “Tang Hao, I’m going to kill you!” However, he struggled to break free of his grip. No matter how hard he tried to tug it off, it would not budge by even a hairsbreadth.

“Look at yourself, Zhang Tianhao. You look just like a mad dog!” Tang Hao said in a cold tone.

“You bastard, you’re the mad dog!” Zhang Tianhao roared frantically. Since he was not able to break his hand free, he clenched his left fist and swung it at Tang Hao’s face.


A crisp sound was heard.

Tang Hao blocked it completely with his other hand.

The corner of his mouth started curling up into a grin as he revealed a somewhat upright expression. “I’ve been itching to punch you, Zhang Tianhao. You’ve tried to frame me twice now, and I haven’t even gotten my revenge yet!”

As he said these words, he squeezed his right hand with a slight force, and a crisp, crunching noise was heard. Zhang Tianhao started miserable shrieking, and his complexion turned deathly pale.

“I’m just giving you a small lesson this time around. The next time you see me, it’d be better for you to turn around and walk away. Otherwise, I’ll give you a good beating every time I meet eyes with you.”

Tang Hao calmed down and got near his ears as he whispered,

“Oh! By the way, did you really think that your dad was sacked for no reason? I’m no longer someone that you can mess around with. Right now, in my eyes, you’re nothing at all.”

With that, Tang Hao kicked him right in the middle of his lower abdomen.

Zhang Tianhao let out a loud cry and stumbled down hard, but he was caught by Liu Junjie and the others.

“Tianhao, are you alright?!” The group of people surrounded him.

Zhang Tianhao’s complexion was deathly pale, and his eyes looked blank. It was as if he had lost his soul.

It was him! He was the one behind it!

At this moment, he felt chills all over his body, as if he was in an igloo. He looked at that apathetic young man that stood not far from him, and he shuddered abruptly. There was a wave of fear growing in his heart.

He was under the impression that Tang Hao had gained a little support from that beautiful lady boss when his second uncle failed in the past. However, now it seemed like it had been more than a little bit of help.

For him to be able to pull his dad off his high horse by using his relationships, there was no doubt in Tianhao’s mind that he had a powerful backer.

Tang Hao looked at him coldly and glanced a single time at Li Qiaoqiao. Then, he turned around and picked up the ice cream that had been placed on the chair beside him. He said to Liu Bingyao, “Let’s go!”


Liu Bingyao nodded softly. Suddenly, she stepped forward and took Tang Hao’s hand.

She lowered her head slightly, and her cheeks turned red.

Tang Hao was startled by this, but he still followed her cue as she pulled him forward.

Liu Junjie and the others behind them were in a daze as they watched this.

God, what kind of scene were they looking at!?

In high school, the school’s beauty queen had ignored all of her suitors. However, she was taking the initiative to hold a man’s hand right in front of them at this moment.

Li Qiaoqiao stared blankly for a while, as if she was in a trance.

She looked once at that scoundrel Zhang Tianhao beside her, then looked back at that high-spirited young man in front of her and unexpectedly tasted something bitter in her mouth.

After walking for a while, Liu Bingyao finally let go of his hand. That charming face of hers was still blushing pink.

“I just… couldn’t stand them. So… That’s why I…” She explained with flushed cheeks.


Tang Hao responded nervously.

Liu Bingyao chuckled sweetly upon seeing his foolish expression.

Then, she licked the ice cream in her hand and said, “Woah! It’s so sweet!”

Tang Hao took a bite as well and replied, “Yeah! It’s delicious!”

“Right? This flavor is quite yummy!” Liu Bingyao said as she crinkled her nose. Her expression was quite cute.

Then, the two continued their stroll.

Two to three hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Afterward, the two said goodbye when they reached the front of her house.

“Tang Hao, remember to call me if you come to Provincial City in the future!” Liu Bingyao said solemnly.


Tang Hao waved goodbye to her and watched her go inside the house. Only then did he leave the place.