Chapter 89 - Buy Buy Buy

Chapter 89 of 100 chapters

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A small three-wheeled motorcycle was speeding down the road to the county seat.

There was a handsome young man in a white shirt sitting in the front and a bright-eyed young girl in school uniform sitting behind him.

She lifted her head to feel the wind on her pure and fresh face. An innocent smile was spread across it.

“Your ride’s so comfortable, Big Bro Hao! It’s way better than riding the bus!” Yan’er said as she giggled.

Tang Hao chuckled back and said, “You’re only registering today, right, Yan’er? Then, we’re not rushing to go to school. I’ll buy a couple of things for you. I think your phone’s getting pretty old now, so let’s go get a new one, along with some clothes. I noticed that you don’t have many options, so let’s get you a few sets.”

“What? There’s no need to do that!” Yan’er hurriedly shook her head.

Tang Hao replied, “It’s fine. We’re kids from a mountain village. It’s not easy to go to school in the city, and I’ve experienced that firsthand. Moreover, you’re a lady. How could I deny you nicer clothes?”

Yan’er was startled as she lightly bit her lip.

It would be a lie to say that she did not want them. There was always a feeling of envy in her heart every time her classmates got new clothes. However, being the filial child that she was, she never demanded it knowing that her family was not wealthy.

“I’m bringing you to Sky City Plaza. Let’s first get you something nicer to wear,” Tang Hao smiled.

The rim of Yan’er eyes started to turn slightly red. She pursed her lips and let out a short guttural sound of appreciation.

Thus, the three-wheeled motorcycle sped away and entered the county seat. Then, it went straight to the city center.

They attracted quite a bit of commotion along the way.

The passersby were stunned when they noticed that such a small broken down three-wheeled motorcycle was being occupied by a charming and fresh young lady.

They stopped right outside Sky City Plaza, after which Tang Hao walked inside along with Yan’er.

This was Tang Hao’s second time here. Moreover, something unpleasant had happened the last time he was here.

This time around, he still attracted quite a few looks when he entered. When the shoppers glanced over Tang Hao’s appearance, they all showed a somewhat scornful expression. However, when they noticed Yan’er beside him, it was as if their breaths had been taken away.

Yan’er looked cautiously to her left and to her right.

Everything in here was all too splendorous and majestic for her, and she felt like it was too high-end for her standard.

“Big Bro Hao, the things in here… they must be expensive, huh?” Yan’er said, somewhat discreetly.

“It’s not an issue. I have enough to afford them. So, just pick whatever you like later!”

As Tang Hao said this, he brought Yan’er to the women’s clothing section and entered a random store.

The shopkeeper greeted them. However, once she took a closer look at the two of them, she showed a slight frown, revealing her somewhat disappointed expression.

Judging by the two’s attire, she guessed that they were not loaded with cash. The young man was wearing a cheap shirt with a pair of ordinary jeans. As for the young lady, she wore an ordinary-looking school uniform and a backpack that was probably worth less than twenty Yuan.

She proceeded to lower her head to look at their shoes and became more confident in her original judgement.

The girl was wearing a pair of canvas shoes, which probably cost her around ten Yuan.

‘She’s actually quite good-looking, but she seems poor.’ The shopkeeper lady thought to herself.

‘How dare these two walk right in. Do they not know that the things here are the most expensive in the mall?!’

The shopkeeper lady continued to think to herself as a disdainful look flashed across her eyes. The next second later, her attitude toward them turned cold as well.

“Just choose whatever you like, Yan’er!” Tang Hao urged Yan’er as he pointed to the clothes in the shop.

Yan’er walked in, and her beautiful eyes lit up when she started looking around.

“They’re all so beautiful!”

Yan’er exclaimed happily.

The shopkeeper lady almost let out a laugh when she heard her say this. She stared straight at Tang Hao’s eyes with a somewhat contemptuous look.

This kid was talking too unrestrictedly! He was obviously a poor brat, yet he was pretending to be a rich person just to pick up girls. What a sham!

At that moment, she said with a bitter tone, “You guys have to clearly see the price. The clothes here are at least a thousand Yuan each.”

“A thousand?”

Yan’er was stunned when she heard this. She took one look at the price tag and was immediately taken aback once more.

“That’s too expensive! Let’s not shop here, Big Bro Hao. I can probably get a couple of pieces in other places with the price of a single piece of clothing here,” Yan’er convinced him.

“It’s fine. Let’s just buy some here!”

Tang Hao said as he glanced coldly toward the shopkeeper lady. Then, he continued, “What’s wrong? Are you afraid that we can’t afford it?”

The shopkeeper lady almost rolled her eyes upon hearing his words. She thought to herself, ‘Well, can you actually afford them!?’

Tang Hao was disinterested in talking to these types of people. Then, he picked up the backpack he was carrying and slammed it against the countertop.

There seemed to be something heavy in the bag as there was a loud thud when it landed on the table.

“Take a look yourself!” Tang Hao exclaimed in a cold tone.

The shopkeeper lady looked at the bulging backpack and was dumbfounded.

‘That can’t be money, right?’

She thought to herself. That would be impossible, anyway! One look at this brat was enough for her to determine that he was a poor kid. What were the chances that he was carrying around such a big bag of money?

She stepped forward with a sneer on her face and unzipped the backpack.

Subsequently, she looked inside and was immediately entranced. Her eyes widened in shock.

Goodness, gracious! It really was money! It was filled all the way to the brim, and there were all red in color.1 There were stacks of them in there, and each pile was thick, probably amounting to no less than ten thousand Yuan.

If all these stacks were added together, there would be at least three to four hundred thousand Yuan!

She stood still right there with a look of utter disbelief on her face.

Yan’er was in a daze as well. She quickly exclaimed, “Big Bro Hao, why are you carrying around such large amount of cash? It’s so unsafe!”

A moment later, the shopkeeper lady finally regained her senses.

She looked at Tang Hao and felt that she had probably made an error in judgment this time. He was no poor kid—it was evident that he was just a low-profile rich lad.

Therefore, she swiftly curbed her arrogant attitude and became incomparably cordial. She even rushed forward to give an apologetic bow to Tang Hao.

“Forget it. You can go ahead and pick out a couple of pretty pieces for her. The price doesn’t matter,” Tang Hao said as he waved his hand.

With that, he picked back up the backpack on the counter.

He would load millions in cash into an empty bag now whenever he needed to go out as he liked the idea of cash when compared to using cards or transfer payments. Furthermore, it would be easier for him to get his message across.

When it came to safety, who on Earth would be able to rob him now?

“Yes, of course!” The shopkeeper lady answered hurriedly. Then, she brought Yan’er around to pick out a couple of clothing items.

Yan’er was beginning to open up as she picked around with a look of excitement on her face.

Soon, she took a fancy toward a black pleated dress. It had a particularly delicate pattern, and the style was gorgeous. Once she came out of the fitting room, Tang Hao was immediately at a loss for words.

After just a slight change of clothes, her aura had changed drastically. When she was in her everyday school uniform, she had a girl next door type of look. Now, she looked similar to a grandeur princess in a castle.

“Does it look good, Big Bro Hao?”

Yan’er walked toward him and gave the dress a twirl. She had a somewhat shy look on her face.

“It’s great! So beautiful!” Tang Hao energetically nodded his head, then continued, “Buy it!”

“But, it’s so expensive…”

“It’s not a problem. Just buy it!” Tang Hao said in a forthright and sincere manner.

Afterward, Tang Hao asked the shopkeeper lady to wrap up whatever Yan’er fancied.

When they left the shop, Tang Hao had about seven or eight bags in his hands.

“Let’s go. I’m gonna buy you a new mobile phone and shoes. Also, you’re getting a new bag. I’ll buy all of it for you!” Tang Hao said as he waved his hand. Then, he took Yan’er as they embarked on a journey of buying everything they liked.

It was rare for Tang Hao to buy anything for himself. Hence, this was the first time he was experiencing the thrill of shopping.

Once they exited the building, the bags in Tang Hao’s hands were almost too heavy to lift.

He placed the bags on his ride and rushed toward First High with Yan’er in tow.