Chapter 91 - A Commotion At School

Chapter 91 of 100 chapters

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Xie Li’ stood on the ground, dumbstruck. Her face changed hues several times and the expression was ghastly.

Shi Yan’er was prettier and more popular than her. Xie Li’s only advantage over her was her wealthy family.

She lived in the city, while Shi Yan’er lived in a village next to the mountains and deserved to be lorded over.

With her family’s wealth, she could buy new outfits and revamp her image frequently. Meanwhile, Shi Yan’er could only afford to be dressed in the ugly school uniform.1

However, Shi Yan’er suddenly had acquired so many new clothes and shoes. Furthermore, those were brands that she could not afford. She could not accept it.

Her expression turned ghastlier than ever. Envy burned madly in her heart.

“Ha! Shi Yan’er, you’re so capable! I haven’t seen you for half a year and you’ve found yourself a sugar daddy! You’re also two-timing with a toy boy. Don’t you have any shame?” Xie Li mocked.

In her eyes, the peasant laborer who drove a shabby three-wheeled motorcycle could never afford so many name-brand items. It must be that Shi Yan’er had found herself a sugar daddy.

“You… Stop spouting nonsense!” Yan’er was getting frustrated.

“Why, did I guess correctly, and that’s why you’re panicking? Don’t worry, everyone in the school will know about this in a few days! Just you wait!”

Xie Li glared at Tang Hao and said viciously, “As for you, don’t run away if you have balls. I’ll get my boyfriend to take care of you!”

Tang Hao smirked and said coldly, “Whatever!”

“Let’s go, Yan’er!”

Tang Hao lifted the bags and went into the school with Yan’er following.

“Oh, do my eyes deceive me? Isn’t that the beauty queen?”

“Heavens! The beauty queen is back!”

The activity at the school entrance was off the charts. Many male students were extremely excited.

Shi Yan’er was popular in First High because of her pure looks. When she had first enrolled in the school, it had caused quite a commotion. Many people had considered her as the new beauty queen, a worthy successor of the previous beauty queen, Liu Bingyao.

As Liu Bingyao neared her graduation, Shi Yan’er naturally became the new beauty queen of the school.

However, during the last semester, news of her dropping out of school broke out, and many teenage boys shed tears for her.

Now that the beauty queen was back, the boys were excited again. Some of them could not control their emotions and were crying grateful tears.

Tang Hao was secretly shocked when he witnessed the scene.

He knew that Shi Yan’er must be very popular in school because of her appearance, but he had underestimated the extent of her popularity. No wonder the three girls envied her so much.

Yan’er lowered her head. She was blushing slightly.

The male students were happy for a while but soon noticed that something was amiss. Why was there a guy walking beside the beauty queen?

“F*ck me, who’s that guy? I’ve never seen him before. Don’t tell me that he’s the beauty queen’s boyfriend?”

“Pah! What nonsense. Do you think that Yan’er would have her eyes on a guy like that?”

All of a sudden, Tang Hao felt hostile gazes focusing on him from all directions. If looks could kill, Tang Hao would have already been dead a hundred times over.

“Look at the bags in his hands! They’re all name-brand!”

“Oh no, don’t tell me that he’s really her boyfriend!”

The group of male students wailed. Their gazes on Tang Hao were filled with bitterness.

Yan’er might be the beauty queen of First High, though her circumstances were rather peculiar. She was born in a poor family in a mountain village. Many people had admired and sympathized with her for her pure looks, and she had many followers.

They had never heard that Yan’er was in a relationship. However, after dropping out of school for one semester, she returned with a guy, and he looked rather rich, too.

That had invariably crushed the dreams of many male students.

“Boo hoo… my goddess!”

Many people were sad. Some of them were on the verge of tears.

Meanwhile, some people were angry. “Are you sure she’s the pure beauty queen as before? I’m sure she hooked up with that guy just because of his money!”

Yan’er expression stiffened when she heard the slander.

“Don’t mind them!” Tang Hao said.

“Yup!” Yan’er nodded and said, “Let’s go to the dorms first!”

The two people headed toward the female dormitory building, and a rowdy crowd followed behind them. It was the same situation at the female dormitory.

Compared to the boys, the girls were bigger lovers of gossip.

“Look at that, Shi Yan’er is back! Heh, look at all those things. They’re all branded goods! Did she fall for a rich boyfriend?”

“Tsk tsk, he looks handsome too! Sigh! Why am I not as lucky?”

The girls discussed among themselves while looking at the couple.

Yan’er blushed even harder, though she felt happy when she heard someone praising Tang Hao’s looks.

Tang Hao stopped at the entrance of the dormitory building, while Shi Yan’er carried the bags inside. He waited for her while leaning on a tree.

The wait was short, though he had felt that it was very long. The girls around him were regarding him as though he were some rare animal, examining him from head to toe. He started to feel uneasy.

Yan’er emerged from the building about ten minutes later.

She had changed into the clothes Tang Hao had bought for her. She wore a black pleated dress and a matching pair of high heels.

She looked like a beautiful, noble princess. Her beauty was blinding.

The girls around her were dumbstruck. They looked at her with surprise and admiration.

“Wow, what beautiful clothes and shoes!” Some girls shrieked. Their eyes were gleaming.

Under the tree, Tang Hao was stunned when he saw her. Then, he laughed drily.

The girl was already so pretty at such an age. In a few years, she would be beyond compare.

“How do I look, Big Bro Hao?” Yan’er said shyly as she spun around on the spot.

“You look good!” Tang Hao said.

Yan’er smiled and said, “Let’s go then, Big Bro Hao!” Then, she turned around and headed toward the academic building.

The crowd behind them grew bigger as they walked. Many male students looked at her with bulging eyes and gaping mouths.

“F*ck me, did we ever have such a beautiful girl in the school?”

Many people were caught in a daze while looking. Some people accidentally missed their step and fell face down into the ground. Many wails of pain were heard.

“That’s Shi Yan’er, the beauty queen from Class 6!” Someone recognized her.

The crowd exclaimed loudly.

They soon arrived at the academic building area.

Suddenly, a group of people appeared in front of them. All of them wore agitated expressions on their faces as they headed toward Tang Hao and Shi Yan’er.

In the lead were five or six tall and well-built male students. They were dressed in basketball uniforms. Behind them were Xie Li and the two other girls from earlier.

Tang Hao swept his eyes over them and grinned curiously.

“Big Bro Hao!” Yan’er was nervous.

“It’s fine. I can handle this!” Tang Hao comforted her. “Have you forgotten that I know kung fu?” Then, he gestured at Yan’er to step back.

Yan’er was shocked, then she remembered that her Big Bro Hao was indeed proficient in martial arts. He had singlehandedly defeated a group of hooligans back at Dragonrock Village.

“Be careful. The one in the lead is Wu Xiang. I’ve heard that he is very strong. He knows taekwondo, and it’s rumored that he knows judo too,” Yan’er cautiously told him, then took two steps back.