Chapter 92 - A Godlike Guy

Chapter 92 of 100 chapters

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The group of people closed in on them with a menacing aura.

The boy in the lead was tall and looked quite handsome. He had a buzzcut and was dressed in a basketball uniform. He also carried a basketball in his hand.

That person was none other than Wu Xiang.

The boys that stood behind him were also in basketball uniforms, and they were all tall and strong. Behind them were more than twenty male students. All of them had hostile expressions on their faces.

They were out for blood because they had heard that Xie Li was slapped. Furthermore, they also heard that the beauty queen of the school had returned to school with a young and rich boyfriend.

‘Dammit, why doesn’t something good ever happen to me?’ That was what they thought. They were jealous of this so-called boy toy.

The other students gathered around the crowd, waiting for the drama to happen.

The people were dumbstruck when they were finally faced with the couple.

All of them stared with bulging eyes at the breathtakingly beautiful girl in the black pleated dress.

“Is… Is that Yan’er? Oh my god, she’s changed so much!”

“Daaaaaaamn, she’s hot!”

The people who looked were caught in a daze.

Wu Xiang was also dumbfounded for a moment. His gaze became extremely eager. He once fell for Yan’er, though he was thoroughly rejected. The feelings for her had lingered on since.

He lifted his chin and looked somewhat flippant. Then, he tossed the basketball in his hand and said savagely, “You’re quite a daring one for slapping my girl!”

Tang Hao glared coldly without saying anything.

“Oh, you’re quite arrogant too! I’ve heard from Lili that you’re just a peasant laborer who rides a three-wheeled motorcycle. How dare you be so arrogant?”

While he spoke, he took several great strides forward right in front of Tang Hao’s face. He glared at Tang Hao with round, bulging eyes.

“You’d better listen to me. Be a good boy and leave Yan’er, otherwise…” he spoke in a low, chilling voice.

“Otherwise, what?” Tang Hao said calmly.

“Otherwise… you’ll see! I can beat you with an arm tied behind my back. If you don’t leave Yan’er, I’ll show you what I can do! Can’t you just look at yourself, you think you’re a match for Yan’er?” Wu Xiang’s tone of voice became more and more savage.

“You already have a girlfriend, yet you’re still looking for another girl. What a good boyfriend you are!” Tang Hao smiled mockingly.

“You…” Wu Xiang was instantly furious. Veins bulged on his forehead and his expression was contorted.

The group of male students behind him felt a little awkward.

They knew that Wu Xiang always had feelings for Shi Yan’er.

Meanwhile, Xie Li’s expression darkened. She glared at Yan’er with jealousy and hatred.

“Filthy, shameless b*tch!” She cursed, then she shouted at Wu Xiang, “Why aren’t you beating him up yet? He slapped me once, and I want you to return it tenfold, no, a hundredfold, onto him.”

Wu Xiang frowned, evidently unhappy.

Then, he clenched his fist and said ferociously, “Since you’re not obeying what I said, don’t blame me if anything happens to you.” Then, he threw a fist on Tang Hao’s face.

Glee instantly appeared on Xie Li’s face. “Beat him! Kill him!” She cried excitedly.

The male students were also excited.

Tang Hao did not even blink when looking at that punch. ‘Slow! That’s too slow!’

He gently lifted a hand and blocked the punch.


When the fist and palm met, Wu Xiang was dumbfounded.

He did not expect that the opponent would block his punch. He was trained in martial arts. In fact, he was known as the best fighter in school.

His expression changed. His face turned red as he tried to push forward with all his might.

The opposing hand did not move by even a bit, as though he was punching a steel wall.

He was immediately dumbfounded. ‘What’s going on?’ He thought, ‘How can this kid be so strong? He doesn’t even look strong!’

The students around them were also perplexed.

“What are you doing, Wu Xiang? Beat him up quickly!” Xie Li shouted.

Wu Xiang swallowed. Cold sweat beaded on his forehead.

“What, you’re so weak! Did you have breakfast?” Tang Hao said coldly. Then, he exerted some force onto his fingers. Wu Xiang immediately screamed in pain and his face turned pale.

“Didn’t you say that you can beat me up with one hand? I’ve already given you your chance. Now, get lost from my face!” Tang Hao lifted a leg and kicked Wu Xiang in the stomach.

Wu Xiang cried out in pain. His face was contorted. Then, his body flew explosively backward and rammed into the group of male students behind him.

“Oof!” The students were caught unawares and a few of them fell.

Instantly, the area was surrounded by an eerie silence!

The students’ eyes were all bulged round and wide as they stared dumbfoundedly at the scene.

They could not believe that a martial arts expert like Wu Xiang could be sent flying with one kick.

“Wu Xiang lost! He lost!”

The crowd exploded into cheers after the silence.

“How is that possible?” Xie Li was dumbstruck. Her face was slightly pale and her eyes were in a daze.

“Dammit! How dare you hit my brother? Everyone, go!” The other students from the basketball team were furious.

“All of you are no match for me!” Tang Hao said coldly.

“F*ck me, this kid is rampant! And we’re supposed to take it sitting down? He’s snatched our beauty queen and beaten up one of us. If we don’t teach him a lesson today, he might think that there’s no one in First High.”

“Beat him up! Flatten him! Beat his face so badly that his mom won’t recognize him!”

The male students around them were riled up. They all started shouting.

“Let’s go! Beat him up!”

Someone shouted, and everyone rushed against Tang Hao with raised fists.

Tang Hao rolled his eyes and mumbled, “Sigh, these normal people are so naive!”

His face turned serious, then took a step forward and threw a punch.


Someone cried in pain. His nose was crooked, then he flew backward and knocked over four or five people.

Tang Hao took another step forward and attacked the people on his left and right. Every punch and every kick he threw sent someone flying. His movements were slick and efficient. There was a certain beauty to it.

People were cheering at the start of the fight. Soon, they quietened down and stared at the scene with incredulity.

They felt like it was all a dream.

“F*ck me, who the hell is this guy? Is he even human?”

“Wow, he’s so cool! Look at that, he’s so handsome too!” Heart symbols appeared in some girls’ eyes as they shrieked.

When some of the male students saw how the girls reacted, they became even angrier.

“Kill him! Flatten him!”

More people joined the fray, but they were quickly subdued. They laid on the floor, either covering their faces or clutching their stomachs while wailing.

Soon, a sea of bodies littered the scene. There were at least seventy or eighty of them. Meanwhile, Tang Hao flicked his wrists coolly as though nothing had happened.

“Aaahh! He’s so cool! I’m dying! Dying!” Some girl shrieked.

In their eyes, this somewhat handsome boy in a button-down shirt was godlike.

There were still several male students circling him, though they dared not make a move.

Tang Hao scanned his surroundings and smirked, then he turned to walk to Yan’er.

Just them, an earth-shattering roar was heard from the academic building. “What… What are you doing! Don’t you dare run away! Everyone, stand where you are!”

Tang Hao was surprised. He felt that the voice sounded somewhat familiar.

“F*ck me, isn’t that the dean?” Tang Hao’s expression changed.