Chapter 93 - The New Principal

Chapter 93 of 100 chapters

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“The dean is here! Run!”

The group of students instinctively wanted to escape from the scene. In the next second, they realized that there was nowhere to run!

“You’ve arrived just in time, Dean Guo. An outsider came into our school and beat up many of our students,” someone went to the dean and complained.

The dean of students was named Guo Chang. He was about fifty years old, and he had a bald spot on top of his head. That was the typical sign of male pattern baldness. He wore glasses and looked somewhat lecherous.

Dean Guo did not enjoy a good reputation among the students.

Back then, when Tang Hao was caught in a fight with Zhang Tianhao, Dean Guo rolled his eyes at Tang Hao many times, while on the other hand sucked up to Zhang Tianhao, as though he was going to kneel on the ground and lick his shoes.

“That old bastard!” Tang Hao was not too happy to see him.

The dean of students rushed over and saw the students on the ground. He turned livid and roared, “Who are the culprits? Where are the group of outsiders?”

“There’s… There’s just one! Not a group!” One of the students carefully spoke up.

“What? Just one?” The dean of students was shocked, then he angrily said, “Who are you lying to? You bunch of whelps don’t even know how to properly tell a lie. There are so many injured people here, how can there be only one intruder?

“Do you think that this is a movie scene? One person fighting against scores of people? Let me tell you, that’s all fiction! It’s just special effects for the movies!” The dean of students sighed and imparted his sage wisdom.

The students’ expressions turned awkward.

“There’s only one person, Dean. See, it’s that bastard over there!” One of the injured students propped himself up and pointed at Tang Hao.

The dean of students chuckled and mumbled, “You’re still lying to me. Do you think I’m that naive?”

Then, he lifted his head and adjusted his glasses, then examined Tang Hao from head to toe.

Then, he was dumbfounded.

He somehow felt that the person in front of him looked familiar.

“You… Who are you again? Why do you look so familiar? Quick, tell me your name!” The dean of students roared sternly.

“Dean Guo, I’m Tang Hao. I don’t suppose you’ve forgotten about me!” Tang Hao smiled casually.

“Tang Hao? That name sounds familiar!” The dean of students pondered for a while, then he was shocked as his eyes turned round and wide. “You… You’re Tang Hao! You’re the one who got himself expelled for beating up the principal’s son!” He cried with surprise.

Everyone around them roared in shock.

“Oh, so he’s from First High!”

“Daaaamn, he’s a vicious one. He even beat up the principal’s son!”

The news of the fight was suppressed, so not many people in the school knew about it.

The boys standing all around them changed their opinion of Tang Hao. For beating up the principal’s son, he was much more than a mere hooligan!

“So you still remember me, Dean!” Tang Hao said calmly.

“You… You useless piece of trash, you’re already not a student of First High. Why did you come back?” Dean Guo’s face was slightly sinister, “Did you beat up all these people?”

Tang Hao only nodded as a reply.

The dean of students was surprised. He did not believe it.

There were so many people on the ground, yet Tang Hao was only by himself. It was too ridiculous!

He then remembered that Tang Hao had always been a troublemaker. He dared to beat up the principal’s son, and so it would not be surprising that he truly could beat up a crowd.

“You’re a good one, Tang Hao. You dare to return to school and cause trouble. Let me tell you, I’m not letting you off for beating up First High students. I’ll arrest you and send you to the police station,” The dean of students said fiercely.

Then, he took out his phone, dialed the number to the security post and asked for several security guards.

“It’s not his fault, Dean. The other guys initiated the fight,” Yan’Er spoke frantically.

The dean of students put his phone down and turned to look at the source of the voice. He was immediately dumbstruck and his eyes flashed with a fiery passion.

He lightly coughed and assumed a dignified expression. “You… What is your name?”

“I am Shi Yan’er, from Class 6. He is my Big Bro Hao. He fetched me here,” Yan’er said.

The dean of students was shocked. He had heard of Shi Yan’er’s name before, but he did not expect that a piece of trash from a mountain village like Tang Hao would be related to the beauty queen of the school.

“Well, no matter who initiated the fight, it’s still true that he beat up my students. Furthermore, you can see that he defeated so many people, so he should be held responsible. He ought to be punished no matter what,” The dean of students said.

In his eyes, who started the fight did not matter. Tang Hao was the one at fault because he was not a student of the school and he was a poor mountain village kid.

Many of the injured students were from wealthy families. It was impossible to punish them without repercussions.

“Arrest him, Dean!” Xie Li shrieked. Her eyes looking at Tang Hao and Shi Yan’er were filled with resentment.

At that moment, the security guards squeezed past the crowd and arrived at the scene.

“Quick, arrest him and send him to the police station,” the dean of students shouted as he pointed at Tang Hao.

The group of security guards rushed over and wanted to pin Tang Hao to the ground.

“What are you doing?” Shi Yan’er was on the verge of tears. She stretched out her arms and blocked in front of Tang Hao.

The security guards were caught in a dilemma.

“Why are you hesitating? Quick, arrest him! Arrest this piece of trash!” The dean of students roared.

If Tang Hao was not arrested, he would have no excuse when faced with the students’ parents.

Tang Hao’s face darkened. The dean of students was just like before. Without conducting a proper investigation, he pinned all the blame on him.

He narrowed his eyes.

Then, he told Yan’er, “It’s fine. They can arrest me. I’ll be fine when I’m at the police station.”

Yan’er was shocked. Then, she remembered that he had a connection with Secretary Lin. The fight was laughably trivial.

Suddenly, a low yet menacing voice was heard from beyond the crowd. “What’s going on here? There’s such a big crowd!”

The crowd parted. A middle-aged man with a stern expression and a dignified presence walked in.

The dean of students displayed a servile expression when he saw the man walk toward him. “Why are you here, Principal Cai?” He said as he scuttled toward the man.

The man was the new principal of First High. His name was Cai Chengcai.

“I was just patrolling the school because I was bored. It’s also good to familiarize myself with the school. So, what’s going on here?”

“It’s like this, Principal. This boy’s name is Tang Hao. He was expelled because he was caught in a fight. Now he’s back here to look for trouble.

“Look at this, Principal Cai. He’s a vicious one, and he’ll grow up to be the scum of society. He ought to be arrested and sent to jail,” the dean of students said excitedly.

Principal Cai showed some surprise. “What did you say his name was again?”

The dean of students was taken aback and replied, “He’s Tang Hao! He’s just a mountain village kid!”

Principal Cai looked visibly shocked, then he displayed an earnest smile on his face. He walked in front of Tang Hao and said, “Oh! So you’re Lil Bro Tang! I’ve heard of you before!”

Then, he held Tang Hao’s hand and shook it passionately.

Everyone around them was petrified. They looked at this scene with incredulity.