Chapter 94 - A Request from the Secretary

Chapter 94 of 100 chapters

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Dean Guo was dumbstruck. The students all around were also dumbstruck.

They looked on incredulously as the new school principal passionately shook the boy’s hand.

“What’s going on here? Did he mistake him for someone else? How can this Tang Hao kid know someone like Principal Cai? That’s impossible!”

Dean Guo stood there like a block of wood, incredulity carved on his face.

He knew Tang Hao too well. Tang Hao was just a kid from a mountain village, how could someone of his status be acquainted with the new school principal?

‘Right! It must be a case of mistaken identity!’

Tang Hao was also surprised. He did not know who the new school principal was, and he also did not know why the school principal was so hospitable toward him.

“Did you mistake him for someone, Principal Cai? His name is Tang Hao, but…” Dean Guo whispered.

Principal Cai laughed heartily and said, “How can I be mistaken? Dean Guo, I’m not old and my eyes still work fine! Also, Lil Bro Tang is so young and accomplished, how can I mistake him for someone else?”

Dean Guo was shocked and nearly burst out laughing. ‘Dear Principal Cai, this Tang Hao didn’t even graduate high school. What do you mean when you say that he’s young and accomplished? He’s such a fearsome fighter, he must now be a gangster!’ He thought.

“Haha! Lil Bro Tang, I’ve always heard Ol’ Li mention about you! Now that we’ve finally met, you indeed look gentlemanly and noble!” Principal Cai said heartily as he looked at Tang Hao.

“You’re… You’re Big Bro Li’s friend?” Tang Hao suddenly understood.

“Right! I’m old friends with him. We’re old classmates who graduated from First High together,” Principal Cai said, “I’ve heard about the… matter about the previous principal from Ol’ Li. What a shame that someone like him was the school principal!” He displayed a sorrowful face as he spoke.

Dean Guo’s face became paler and paler as he listened to the conversation. Sweat was pouring down his forehead.

‘Oh my god! He really is acquainted with the principal! And it looks like they have a good relationship too!’

He started to panic. He remembered that he had mocked the kid earlier, and said that he was the scum of the society.

‘It’s all finished! I’m finished! What should I do?’

He was on the verge of tears. He did not expect that the poor kid from a mountain village would be good friends with the new principal!

The students that were around him were also incredibly shocked.

Xie Li was dumbstruck. She could not believe that the person that she thought was a peasant laborer was good friends with the school principal.

“Lil Bro Tang, I’ve heard from Ol’ Li that you’re starting a manufacturing business. That’s a good thing! I hope that your factory prospers so that you bring glory to First High.”

Xie Li was dumbstruck again when she heard that. ‘Starting a business? Isn’t he just a peasant laborer?’

Dean Guo’s jaw dropped when he heard that.

It had been only a year and a half, and the once-poor kid was starting a business?

That news was like the final blow that drove him over the edge.

“Right, I’ve heard that you were punished and expelled because of a fight. We’ll have to investigate the case again and see if there’s any foul play. If there is, we ought to restore your reputation,” Principal Cai said.

Another wave of cold sweat washed down Dean Guo’s forehead.

He was the one who had expelled Tang Hao back then. He would not have done that if not that he was trying to suck up to the previous principal.

“That case? Who else better to ask other than Dean Guo?” Tang Hao smirked and walked toward the dean of students.

He walked in front of him, and even stretched out a hand and placed it on his shoulder.

Dean Guo shuddered, and his face was pale.

At the moment his hand landed on Dean Guo’s shoulder, Tang Hao’s other hand stealthily slipped into the dean’s pants pocket and took his phone.

Then, he unlocked the phone and scanned it with the corner of his eye.

Suddenly, his eyes sparkled and a curious smile appeared on his face.

“Dean Guo, I didn’t expect you to be old, yet you’re still young at heart!” Tang Hao smiled [mockingly] and waved the phone at the dean.

The dean’s face changed when he saw that. “That’s… that’s my phone! Why is it in your hands? Hah! You’re a thief! Return the phone to me!” He roared, and his expression was close to hysteria. In his eyes was an extreme terror.

He pounced onto Tang Hao to snatch his phone, disregarding his usual dignified image.

Tang Hao was light on his toes and deftly stepped back. “Dean Guo, you’ve also admitted that it’s your phone, right?” He then threw the phone at some students nearby.

A female student caught it. When she focused her eyes on the screen, an expression of disgust appeared on her face. “Oh my god! You pervert!”

Other people crowded around her, and soon their faces all looked angry.

“Oh my god! I’ve thought that the dean was a dignified person, but he’s secretly such a lowly pervert!”

Dean Guo shuddered. His legs went limp and his face was ashen.

He knew that he was truly finished.

On the phone were many recent photos. They were all panty shots of female students.

“Let me see!” Principal Cai walked over and took the phone. His face immediately darkened and his brows were locked tight.

“This… This is too much! Guo Chang, do you have anything to say about these photos?” Principal Cai roared sternly.

Dean Guo opened his mouth, but no words came out.

“Hmph! I’ve misjudged you, Guo Chang. And you’re the dean of students, too! How can you set a moral example for our students? You are suspended with immediate effect. We will discuss your disciplinary actions in the next meeting.”

Then, Principal Cai walked toward Tang Hao.

“How ridiculous! How did you know about that, Lil Bro Tang?”

“I’ve heard rumors about his behavior when I was still in school. I didn’t expect that it’s true either,” Tang Hao replied.

“So there were already rumors! Sigh! The previous principal was a bad judge of character and caused the school and students to suffer. It looks like there’s a lot on my plate!” Principal Cai said sternly.

“Right, Lil Bro Tang, come and sit in my office!”

“It’s fine! I still have some business to attend to. I’m just here to send someone to school.” He then introduced Shi Yan’er to the principal.

“You’ve stopped classes for half a year! That’s not easy! You ought to study hard. You can come to look for me if you face any difficulties!” Principal Cai said hospitably.

Expressions of admiration appeared on the other students’ faces.

Shi Yan’er was now connected to the school principal. Who else would dare lay a finger on her?

Xie Li’s face was pale. She resented the fact, but there was nothing that she could do.

Before the incident, Shi Yan’er was a poor, defenseless girl from a remote mountain village, and Xie Li could bully her without suffering any repercussions. With the principal on Shi Yan’er’s side, she did not dare to touch her.

After parting ways with Principal Cai, Tang Hao, and Yan’er went around the school, then they finally said goodbye reluctantly.

Tang Hao’s phone started ringing as he rode on his three-wheeled motorcycle outside the school.

He took it out to see that it was Secretary Lin calling him.