Chapter 95 - Old Master He

Chapter 95 of 100 chapters

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Tang Hao answered the call.

Secretary Lin’s low voice was heard over the phone. “Hey, Lil Tang!”

“Oh! Is something the matter, Secretary?” Tang Hao replied.

“Are you free now? I’d like you to come over and help me with a patient,” Secretary Lin said.

“A patient?” Tang Hao furrowed his brows. “What disease is it?”

“Well…” Secretary Lin hesitated for a while. “It’s a cerebral hemorrhage with multiple organ failures. He’s almost at his end. Actually, the patient is very aged. He’s eighty-nine years old. He’s lived a good life, but his circumstances are a little special…

“I know that your medical skills are amazing, Lil Tang. Do you have a way of saving him?”

Tang Hao’s brows were locked tight as he listened to Secretary Lin.

He was silent for a while, then said, “I can’t say without an actual diagnosis. I’ll go and take a look!”

“Alright,” Secretary Lin said, “He’s at First Public Hospital. I’ll send a driver to fetch you!”

“It’s fine, I can go there myself. I’m at First High now, and it’s not too far away.” After that, Tang Hao immediately hung up, turned on the ignition of the little three-wheeled motorcycle, and went to the hospital.

He arrived at the hospital about ten minutes later.

Secretary Lin was already waiting there. He walked up to Tang Hao as soon as he saw him arrive.

“Lil Tang, the patient’s name is He Weiguo. Everyone calls him Old Master He. Old Master He isn’t a regular citizen. He’s one of the founding fathers of Huaxia.

“The He family is a big one. They wield incredible authority in our Province Z, and they’re also very well-connected in the Capital.

“Old Master He has four sons and one daughter. His second son, He Changshun, is the fourth in rank in Province Z. You will meet him later.”

Tang Hao was slightly shocked when he heard that.

The patient was one of the founding fathers of Huaxia. That was not someone you would see every day.

When Secretary Lin spoke over the phone earlier, Tang Hao had already sensed that the patient was not a regular individual, though he did not expect that he was of such great importance.

The fourth-ranked official in Province Z was also an incredibly important person.

In his eyes, Secretary Lin was already a highly-ranked official. He Changshun was ranked even higher.

“I’ll introduce you to him later. Only perform the procedure if you’re confident that you can save the patient. Otherwise, you should decline,” Secretary Lin reminded him.

“Don’t worry, I know that!” Tang Hao nodded.

“Great!” Secretary Lin brought Tang Hao upstairs and directly to the ICU.

A group of people was gathered in the corridor outside the room. They all wore sad and worried faces.

“They’re all people from the He family. Their family house is in our Westridge District. Old Master He has been spending the past few years in the district,” Secretary Lin said.

The two people walked over there.

Many people turned to look at Secretary Lin as he arrived. They then turned their eyes to Tang Hao behind him and were all shocked.

“Jianjun, this is…? Where’s the expert that you speak of?” A thin middle-aged man with a stern face came to him and asked doubtfully.

“That’s him, Deputy Governor He! His name is Tang Hao, and he’s the expert that I was talking about. He might seem young, but his medical skills are amazing.”

He Changshun was taken aback. He examined Tang Hao for a while and his face darkened.

“Are you sure this isn’t a prank, Jianjun? I thought you knew an expert and I’m expecting an exceptional doctor, but he’s just a child! How old is he? This is a joke!” His face turned livid as he spoke.

He was hopeful earlier when he heard from Lin Jianjun that he knew an expert with amazing medical skills. He was extremely disappointed with what he was presented.

A young boy of about seventeen or eighteen, an expert? That was ridiculous!

“This must be some sort of confusion!” The people from the He family complained to Secretary Lin when they heard him say that.

“This Lil Bro Tang is truly a divine doctor. He was the one who revived my son with acupuncture. I will not lie to you with someone’s life on the line,” Secretary Lin explained urgently.

He Changshun hesitated when he saw how earnest Secretary Lin was.

Still, he shook his head when he looked at Tang Hao.

Try as he may, he could not believe that such a young person could be a divine doctor!

Tang Hao lifted his head and narrowed his eyes to examine Deputy Governor He. Then, he pointed a finger at the upper right corner of his abdomen. “Does this part on your body hurt a lot, and you often feel nauseous and have problems with digestion?”

He Changshun was immediately stunned. “How… How did you know?” He asked incredulously.

“I can tell that by looking at you. You ought to go for a check-up soon, Deputy Governor He. You might have cholecystitis. You should also get here, and here, checked up too! You have many small problems.”

He Changshun looked incredulously at Tang Hao with wide-open eyes.

“How… How do you know all that?”

Only he knew about the ailments of his body. He had not gone to the hospital for a checkup because he was busy at work, so how did this boy know?

“I told you that I can tell that just by looking at you,” Tang Hao said calmly.

“How…” He Changshun was so stunned that he did not know what to say.

‘Is… the boy really a divine doctor?’ His determination wavered.

Suddenly, someone was heard from the other end of the corridor. “Oh, Doctor Tang! It’s been a while!”

That person was Senior Doctor Chen.

Senior Doctor Chen headed toward Tang Hao in big strides with a wide grin on his face.

“You know him, Senior Doctor Chen?” He Changsun said, surprised.

“Of course I know him! Doctor Tang might be young, but he has amazing medical skills! He was the one who revived Secretary Lin’s son after his accident.”

Senior Doctor Chen came over and passionately shook Tang Hao’s hand.

The gazes of the He family people changed.

If a famous doctor like Senior Doctor Chen could vouch for the boy’s skills, it meant that he might be the real deal.

He Changshun immediately changed his attitude. He smiled and said, “I’ve wrongly blamed you, Jianjun. It’s an honor to meet you, Divine Doctor Tang!” He then shook hands with Tang Hao.

Tang Hao smiled courteously and said, “I’m just here to assess the situation, and I can’t promise if I can help. Old Master Tang is nevertheless already aged and his body is failing. There’s only so much I can do.”

“I understand. We understand all that!” He Changshun said urgently.

He only agreed to it because the hospital was out of options.

“This way please, Divine Doctor!” He invited Tang Hao into the room as he pushed the door.

In the hospital room, an old man was laid peacefully. His aged face was pale and skeletal, and he gave off a terminal aura, as though he was almost reaching the end of his life.

Tang Hao walked in front of the bed. He first used his eyes to examine the patient, then he reached out to check for a pulse.

He soon descended into deep thought.

Old Master He’s situation was not looking good at all. Even if he could save him now, it would have not been for long. That meant that he could still extend his life, but not for much.

There are methods in the world that could defy the heavens and alter fate. Creating those elixirs required extremely rare ingredients which were out of Tang Hao’s reach.