Chapter 96 - Life Extension of Three Years

Chapter 96 of 100 chapters

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“How is it?” He Changshun asked after waiting for some time.

The other family members of Old Master He were also looking worriedly at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao thought for a moment, then said, “Old Master He’s body condition is too weak. He must have been stricken by a serious disease before this!”

He Changshun looked disappointed when he heard that. “That’s right, he was in a major surgery before this.”

The He family members also looked disappointed. Some of them started to sob.

“So I was right!” Tang Hao said, “There’s still some hope for Old Master Tang’s current situation…”

He Changshun was shocked when he heard that. Then, he became ecstatic and agitatedly held Tang Hao’s hands. “Did I mishear, Divine Doctor? My father can be saved?”

“Calm down. I can save him for now, but it’s just a temporary measure. If I extend his life, I estimate it’ll be just for another three years. That’s already the maximum limit. By then, even the heavens can’t save him.”

“It’s alright! We’re happy even if we can extend his life for one more year.” He Changshun was so happy that he could not control his feelings.

Secretary Lin standing next to them breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

Senior Doctor Chen was incredibly excited. He had thought that there was no hope in the situation, but he had hoped that Divine Doctor Tang’s miraculous medical skills might find a way.

‘I’ll get to learn something new again!’ He thought expectantly.

Tang Hao looked at the people crowded around the door and waved his hands. “The rest of you… you should go out!”

“Let’s go! Go out quickly!” He Changsun said while following the other people out of the room.

“Doctor Tang… may I stay?” Senior Doctor Chen said softly.

Tang Hao smiled when he saw the senior doctor being cautious. “You can stay if you want!”

“Alright! Thank you, Doctor Tang!” Senior Doctor Chen said while retreating to a corner.

Very soon, only the two remained in the room.

Tang Hao opened his backpack and retrieved a small black box. Of course, the box was stored in the pocket dimension. The backpack was just a disguise.

In the box was a set of one hundred and eight golden needles. They were custom made.

After placing the box on the table, Tang Hao went to the bed, lifted the blanket, and took off Old Master He’s clothes.

The cerebral hemorrhage was already contained, so the biggest danger that threatened Old Master He’s life was the multiple organ failures. Tang Hao’s first step was to eliminate the dangers.

He first activated Old Master He’s meridian points with the qi from his body to alleviate the situation.

When that was done, Tang Hao prepared to insert the needles.

Each golden needle was quickly and accurately inserted into the body’s meridian points, then gently twisted. Very soon, Old Master He’s body was covered with golden needles.

Then, Tang Hao gently rubbed the needles and channeled qi from his body to repair Old Master He’s failed organs.

At the Old Master’s age, it was impossible to completely repair the organs, though it was enough to extend his life.

The procedure took two hours in total.

Old Master He’s condition improved tremendously.

Tang Hao did another thorough examination, then breathed a sigh of relief.

He then plucked out the golden needles one by one, then covered Old Master He’s body with a blanket.

The readings on the medical apparatus returned to normal.

Senior Doctor Chen had a stupendous expression as he witnessed all that. He could see the effects of Doctor Tang’s treatment from the readings on the apparatus.

As the treatment started, the vital signs stopped falling as the organ failures were halted. Then, the readings started to turn around and his condition started to improve.

The entire procedure was nothing short of a miracle!

He could not believe that mere acupuncture could achieve such amazing results.

“What incredible skills! No, those are divine skills!” Senior Doctor Chen exclaimed while watching with amazement.

Tang Hao rested for a while, then placed nine needles in Old Master He’s cranium, forcing the remaining clotted blood out of the brain.

The procedure was finally complete!

“I’m done!” Tang Hao exhaled heavily after returning the golden needles into the box.

The door was opened. Members of the He family crowded around the door. They all looked nervous and worried.

“How is it, Divine Doctor?” He Changshun asked as he squeezed past the crowd.

Tang Hao grinned. “Don’t worry, the procedure went fine.”

“He’s fine now. His life is saved!” Senior Doctor Chen said.

He Changshun breathed a sigh of relief, as though a heavy burden was lifted from his shoulders.

“That’s amazing! That’s amazing! Oh, Divine Doctor! Thank you so much!” He passionately grabbed Tang Hao’s hands and was so excited that he could not speak in complete sentences.

“He’s a true divine doctor!”

“He looks so young, but yet his medical skills are incredible. He has the makings of a hero!” The He family members exclaimed with happiness and admiration on their faces.

Then, the people poured into the room to look at Old Master He.

“Old Master He’s condition is stable now. He should regain consciousness soon. You’ll have to remind him that he needs to take care of his body so that he’ll live longer,” Tang Hao said.

“Divine Doctor, how long… does my father have?” He Changshun asked.

“Three years maximum! I won’t be able to do anything after that!” Tang Hao replied.

“Three years! That’s already enough! Just wait a moment, Divine Doctor, I’ll transfer some money to your account.”

“There’s no need! I’m here today because of Secretary Lin’s invitation. It would be rude of me to collect payment!” Tang Hao shook his head hastily.

“Are you sure? No, definitely not! You’ve saved my father. This is an immense favor that I have to repay somehow,” He Changshun insisted.

“Just take the money, Lil Tang! As for you, Deputy Governor He, just give him a little token of appreciation,” Secretary Lin walked over and suggested with a smile.

“Alright then, just a small token would do, say, ten or twenty thousand yuan,” Tang Hao said.

“Ten or twenty thousand? That’s too little! It needs to be at least fifty thousand!”

“It’s fine. I’ll just take twenty thousand then!” Tang Hao said.

Tang Hao was not bothered by that small amount of money.

What he treasured was the connection to the He family. Being acquainted with the Deputy Governor of the province could be useful.

He Changshun could not convince him to take more money, and therefore transferred him twenty thousand yuan as a symbolic gesture.

The He family members pulled Tang Hao around and thanked him profusely.

It was already just past noon. The group of people went to a restaurant near the hospital to have lunch.

During the meal, Secretary Lin told He Changshun about Tang Hao’s recent project.

“You’re a young achiever, Lil Bro Tang! Jianjun, you ought to fully support Lil Bro Tang’s ambition!” He Changshun said heartily.

“Of course!” Secretary Lin replied.

Then, He Changshun furrowed his brows. “Lil Bro Tang, it’s a pity that a young achiever like you isn’t a college graduate.”

“Yes!” Secretary Lin agreed.

“It’s fine!” Tang Hao said.

“I can help you if you have the desire to be enrolled in a college. That’s the least I can do to help you. Don’t worry, you can pick whichever college in the province.”

“Well…” Tang Hao hesitated.

It was indeed one of the biggest regrets of his life that he did not go to college.

He thought about it, then shook his head. “Maybe we can talk about that some other time. I’m setting up my factory now, and I don’t have the time!”

“That’s true! We’ll talk about that later!” He Changshun said.

Tang Hao parted ways with them after lunch and returned to Celestial Foothill Gardens.