Chapter 98 - Meeting Fu Renjie Again

Chapter 98 of 100 chapters

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Tang Hao was taken aback for a moment and wondered who had asked this.

At that moment, he looked up at the woman.

Earlier, he had not paid too much attention to her, but now when he looked at her, he could not help but be slightly stunned.

Her beauty was beyond his expectations. She had the perfect melon-seed shaped face, a sharp nose, plump red lips, skin as pale as white jade, and large, round eyes that shimmered with life.

Her figure was slender and graceful too, with prominent curves.

He was entranced, especially by her long legs.

At that moment, she was leaning against the wall. She was looking at Tang Hao, somewhat perturbed.

Then, she let out a soft “ah”, and her pretty face became flushed as if she had realized that her question was extremely stupid.

Meanwhile, Tang Hao simply looked at her, then turned away without a word.

He did not want to expose his identity carelessly, so he used water-type sorcery to conceal his features.


Tang Hao left quietly as the girl called out to him hurriedly.

Her heart was full of curiosity, swirling with questions like “why did that person’s features look so blurry?”. The quick wave of his hand had escaped her notice.

She hurried after him, but as she darted into the alley, he was nowhere to be found.

She was momentarily stunned, her expression dazed. Everything that had just happened felt like a dream to her.

Once he left the alley, Tang Hao returned to the top of the building. After practicing his sorcery a while more, he returned to Celestial Foothill Gardens.

The villa was empty since Sis Xiangyi had returned home for the past few days as some of her relatives would be visiting soon. Thus, there was only Tang Hao left inside the big house.

He returned to his room, made some medicine, and then took a nap for a few hours.

The next morning, Tang Hao headed to Dragonrock Village.

The first thing he did when he got there was to observe the growth of the plantation’s medicinal herbs.

With the magical spring’s irrigation, this batch of medicinal saplings and seeds had grown very quickly. They had only been planted around five or six days ago, but they had already grown a lot taller, surprising the villagers quite a bit.

Based on Tang Hao’s estimates, this batch of medicine should be ready in a month.

Then, he ventured into the mountains again and checked on that plantation as well.

The first batch of ginseng and lingzhi mushrooms were almost ready. After ten more days, they should almost be of the right stage and would be able to be harvested to create Liquid of Spiritual Condensation.

He then left Dragonrock Village and immediately headed to Jade Town.

Recently, Liu Dajun, President Li, and the others were busy helping to get ready for the factory’s establishment. Therefore, they had to register the company and the product trademarks.

After some deliberation, they decided to name the company Haotian Health Products Development Co., Ltd.

As for the weight-loss tea, it had been named “Bizhi”, and it would be the company’s first product.

It was always a troublesome task to establish a company or register a trademark, especially when it came to health products. They even had to go through various verification and inspection processes. If everything went according to the standard operating procedure timeline, it would take a few months.

However, they had support from within the district, and the procedures were handled quickly, allowing the whole process to be completed swiftly.

The company’s production plant was set in Jade Town. They had purchased a ready-made plant and were currently purchasing various production and packaging equipment.

When he reached the factory, Tang Hao could see that in the previously empty building, a new set of equipment had been set up, and many workers were bustling about.

When he reached the office, he found that Liu Dajun and the rest were already there.

They had all invested in Haotian Company’s stocks, so they were just as eager to work as Tang Hao was.

“Lil Tang, you arrived right on time. The trademark has been registered. From now on, our weight-loss tea will be called ‘Bizhi’.”

When he saw Tang Hao, Liu Dajun moved toward him.

On the other side, President Li brought a few types of bottles to him. “Take a look, Lil Tang. Which one looks better?”

Tang Hao swept his gaze over them and was a little torn. All the packaging looked not bad and were so much better than the bottle he was originally using.

“This one!” After some careful consideration, he pointed at one of the bottles.

“This one then! I think it looks pretty good too. It’s rather tasteful,” President Li said with a smile.

Then, President Li brought over a stack of packaging designs and asked Tang Hao to select from them.

“Lil Tanf, now that the company has been registered and the trademark has been settled, the factory should be almost ready. The only thing we’re missing is manpower,” Liu Dajun said.

Tang Hao nodded.

Indeed, the company was currently lacking manpower.

During this time, Liu Dajun and the others had used their connections to recruit many people. However, it was still far from enough. A proper company needed many departments.

Marketing, research, human resources, finance etc., all these departments needed talents.

“Lil Tang, you’re missing an assistant as well. You’re now a president, so you need to find an assistant as they can help you handle all kinds of matters.”

After he pondered for a moment, he replied, “Alright! In the next few days, I’ll ask someone to upload some job postings online and organize a job fair. When the time comes, Lil Tang should come along too.”

“Sure!” Tang Hao agreed.

After talking briefly with Liu Dajun and the rest, Tang Hao headed to the counterfeit workshop and got a new batch of ten bronze tanks. He then returned to the villa and turned these tanks into Qi gathering jars.

He now had eleven Qi gathering jars, which should be enough to meet production needs.

Two days later, it was the day of the job fair.

Tang Hao had taken a trip to Dragonrock Village at dawn and then went to the county seat. He arrived at Spring River Plaza, which sat across from Sunshine Plaza. The company’s office was set up here, and they had taken up the entire ninth floor.

He got into the elevator, and when he arrived on the ninth floor, he could see that the corridor packed full of people. Many of them were dressed like white-collar workers, holding their resumes in their hands as they waited.

It was apparent that these people were here to participate in the recruitment process.

He swept his gaze over them and reckoned that there were around 50 to 60 people.

Moreover, this might just be a small part of the people who were here for the job fair, as Tang Hao had spotted many similar-looking people on his way up.

Tang Hao assessed these people as he walked forward.

Suddenly, he squinted. In the crowd of job applicants, he had noticed a familiar figure. It was none other than Fu Renjie.

Fu Renjie was in his usual get-up. He was wearing a well-ironed suit, and he had combed meticulously and applied mousse to, making it glint under the light. He had a pair of gold-framed glasses on, making him appear very well-mannered.

He was just sitting there, holding onto a briefcase.

‘Why is he here?’ Tang Hao was somewhat taken aback.

From what he had heard from Sis Xiangyi, Fu Renjie was a senior executive in another company, so his salary should not be too bad. Therefore, it did not make sense why he was applying for a job here.

As he walked in, the job applicants seemed to look at him oddly.

‘What’s this teenager doing here? Is he here for the recruitment?’

‘But he’s way too young, and he’s dressed so casually.’

They glanced at him but quickly retracted their gaze and continued waiting.

At that moment, Fu Renjie glanced over and saw Tang Hao. He paused for a moment, then recognized him.

At this moment, his expression fell, and his gaze darkened.

He was a person who held grudges. Therefore, he still had not forgotten the humiliation he had to endure that day.

Suddenly, the corner of his lips twitched upward, and he smiled menacingly. Suddenly, he got up and walked toward Tang Hao.