Chapter 99 - This Person Is A Little Weird

Chapter 99 of 100 chapters

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“Oh, what a coincidence!”

Fu Renjie took a few strides toward him with a menacing smile.

“Don’t tell me you’re here for the recruitment. Let me think, what kind of position can an uncultured hick like you apply for?”

As he said this, he held up a sheet of paper and pretended to look through it.

“Oh, right, you can be the factory’s security guard!”

He pointed at the list and exclaimed in an exaggerated manner.

Suddenly, everyone in the corridor turned to look at them. Many of the gazes that fell upon Tang Hao showed a slight disdain.

In the eyes of these white-collared folks, a security guard was a low-level position. Those who were security guards were uncultured and would never match up to their cultured statuses.

Tang Hao furrowed his brows and thought silently, ‘This guy is still as despicable as he used to be.’

However, he was too lazy to be bothered.

He would simply kick this despicable guy out later. He did not want a malicious person like him to work in his company.

Seeing Tang Hao’s unbothered expression, Fu Renjie became even more enraged.

‘This damned hick, how dare he ignore me?’

He gritted his teeth furiously, and said in a mocking tone, “Who knew trash like you could be so arrogant? Look at yourself, look at the way you’re dressed. Do you look like someone who’s here to apply for a job?

“Don’t tell me you’ve never applied for a job before. You don’t even have common sense. If I were a recruiting officer, I’d have chased you out already.

“That’s right. How would a piece of trash like you ever participate in a recruitment process?”

When they heard him say that, the white-collar folks furrowed their brows.

It was true, this young man was dressed too casually. He did not look like someone who was here to apply for a job at all. It would be absurd if he could really apply for a position whilst dressed like this.

Many of them sneered, shaking their heads.

“He really is uncultured. He doesn’t even have much common sense!” Several people whispered hastily.

Hearing their whispers, Fu Renjie could not suppress a smug expression from creeping up on his face. This was what he wanted to achieve, to embarrass this country hick.

“You better get lost while you can, Tang! If you get chased out later, it’ll be really embarrassing for you.” Fu Renjie sneered.

“Why is it any of your business if I choose to stay or to leave?” Tang Hao replied coldly.

“Oh! Alright! Then stay, and I’ll watch you make a fool of yourself later.” Fu Renjie said spitefully, “I don’t believe for a second that a dumb hick like you will ever be hired.”

“Even if you do, that’s good too, because then in the future, you’ll be my subordinate. Do you know what position I’m here to apply for? Director! Do you know what a director is? It’s so much higher compared to the position of a factory security guard like you.”

Fu Renjie said somewhat boastfully.

Suddenly, there was a commotion.

The crowd’s gaze toward Fu Renjie had changed slightly.

The position of director belonged to senior management, and there were very few of them in the company. Those who could apply for such a position were not regular folk, they would have had needed to hold this kind of senior managerial position before.

Seeing their admiring gazes, Fu Renjie became even arogant.

Tang Hao rolled his eyes and walked past him, then sat down on his seat.

Fu Renjie froze for a moment, then he turned around to look at him, his expression livid.

Not only did this kid ignore him, but he stole his seat as well. How detestable!’

He clenched his fists tightly. He was so furious that fire almost shot out from his eyes.

Tang Hao leaned against the wall and sat there leisurely, waiting for the recruitment fair to begin.

“You…you bastard. Return my seat at once!” Fu Renjie rushed at him angrily.

“This seat isn’t yours, why should I give it back to you?” Tang Hao asked coldly and rolled his eyes at him. Then, he turned away, ignoring him.

Fu Renjie was so furious that he felt like his lungs were about to burst, his body trembling with rage.

“You… you dirty hick!” He yelled at him angrily, and he raised his hand as if he could not stop himself from wanting to beat him up. Nevertheless, in the end, he just endured it.

He knew that this guy was strong. If he were to start a fight with him, he would be at a disadvantage.

“F*ck you!” He cursed before walking off to the side.

At that moment, there was a sudden commotion at the entrance of the corridor.

Tang Hao turned to look and saw that a lady had appeared. She was in standard office lady attire, a small suit, and a pencil skirt that showed off her perfect curves.

Her long slender legs were eye-catching.

Her features were stunning, with a pretty melon seed-shaped face, pale skin, and plump red lips. Her facial features were exquisite and flawless, leaving the others in awe.

At that moment, the men in the corridor had focused all their attention on her, their gaze following her perky chest and beautiful legs.

“Look, she must be here to apply for a job. It’d be great if we could work in the company with such a beauty!”

Many people murmured.

However, Tang Hao was stunned.

He recognized this woman. She was the person that he had saved from those thugs a few nights ago.

“What a coincidence!” Tang Hao grinned, slightly surprised. He did not panic and just sat there naturally. After all, there was no way she would recognize him.

“Hey, gorgeous! How are you?”

Fu Renjie tidied his hair and walked up to her with a sleazy look on his face, greeting her enthusiastically.

The girl looked at him and smiled politely.

“You must be here to apply for a job too! What a coincidence! I’m Fu Renjie, I’m here to apply for the position of director, so we might be colleagues in the future. Therefore, there’s no harm in getting to know each other beforehand.”

“I’m Han Yutong!”

The girl smiled slightly. She then excused herself and walked past Fu Renjie, heading toward where Tang Hao was sitting.

“Hey, beautiful lady! Please sit here!”

In that instant, several men stood up hurriedly.

“Thank you, but I won’t sit, I’ll just stand!” She said before walking to the side and leaning against the wall.

“This time… it’ll work!” She retrieved her resume from her bag, looked through it a few times, and whispered to herself.

Tang Hao glanced at her.

As if feeling his gaze, she turned around. When she saw Tang Hai, she was stunned.

At that moment, she felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity, as if she had met this young man somewhere before. However, he was obviously a stranger.

She thought about it carefully, then dismissed the idea. ‘It must be an illusion!’

Nevertheless, she felt like something was off. ‘Was this young man here to apply for a job? Wasn’t he way too young? He wasn’t dressed for it either.’

“‘This person… is a little weird!’

She thought to herself.

After a while, two people walked out from the end of the hallway and shouted at the candidates, “Please get ready, it’s about to start! When it begins, please enter according to your assigned order.”

As he said this, the two men opened a door at the side.

“It’s starting!” Tang Hao murmured and stood up abruptly, walking toward the door. He managed to squeeze to the front in no time at all.

“Hey, what are you doing? Didn’t you hear them say to follow our order?”

“Yeah, yeah, how rude. Don’t you know how to queue?”

Several people shouted at once.

“A hick is a hick. Not only is he uncultured, but he’s rude as well!” When he saw what was happening, Fu Renjie sneered, mocking him loudly.