Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of 50 chapters

The heavy rain in the middle of the night was accompanied by the howling of the wind, shattering the silence of the night.

Early the next morning, the rain stopped. The dew on the leaves outside the window along with the morning sun, indicated that the weather was going to be great.

Yan Xi stood on the balcony, looking alarmed. The wind in the early spring was still chilly, yet she was only wearing a thin hospital gown.

When the nurse who was in charge of taking care of her pushed the door open and saw this scene, she was instantly a little nervous. “Miss Yan, hurry and come back in. You won’t want to catch a cold.”

After persuading Yan Xi to get back into her room, the nurse passed the medicine on the tray over. Yan Xi didn’t even look at it and directly swallowed them all without even frowning.

The nurse looked at the red spots all over her face. The red spots were due to the adverse drug reaction she had from consuming new drugs. Not only was she having a rash, but her joints were also hurting violently.

During the three years that Yan Xi had been hospitalized, she had constantly suffered from fevers, infections, decreased vision, and severe headaches. However, despite the pain she had suffered, the young lady refused to cry out in pain, not even once. She was so strong that it made one’s heart ache for her.

The nurse was very worried. “Mr. Xi said that he’ll be picking you up in the morning. You must take care of yourself for the next few days.”

After being sick for three years, Yan Xi’s health had improved in all aspects, so she was finally able to be discharged.

Yan Xi thanked the nurse politely, but her expression was calm.

She knew that the nurse was happy for her, but she wasn’t sure if today was a day that was worth being happy for.

Yan Xi waited until the afternoon before the nurse informed her that her father, Xi Jingxing, had gotten into a car accident on the way to the hospital and was unable to come fetch her.

When the nurse said this, there was a hint of hesitance on her face as she felt that Yan Xi was definitely very disappointed. She even took the initiative to comfort Yan Xi, saying that Xi Jingxing would definitely come the next day.

Yan Xi thought for a moment, before saying, “Can I discharge myself from the hospital? I’m already an adult.”

In fact, after today, she would already be 18 years old.

The nurse was stunned for a moment. Even so, she didn’t dare to agree immediately. “I’ll help you ask the doctor.”

After she left, Yan Xi called a number she hadn’t called in a long time. “Uncle, I want to go home. Can you arrange for someone to pick me up?”

There was a flurry of sounds on the other end of the phone, followed by Yan Yunzhi’s ecstatic voice. “Sure, of course!”

Even though Yan Yunzhi wasn’t in China, the Yan family’s car arrived at the hospital half an hour later.

Yan Xi sat in the car and looked at the scenery outside the window with a dazed expression.

In the three years she had been hospitalized, this was the first time she had left the hospital and returned to the noisy and lively outside world. It was as if every breath in the air carried the scent of freedom.

She couldn’t help but think of the dream she had last night. The weightless feeling of falling from a building in her dream seemed as though it was real, making her hug herself irresistibly.

Nobody would feel completely unaffected after dreaming about being framed by their loved ones and dying after being forced to jump off a building, right?

In the past week, Yan Xi had already dreamt of the same dream countless times and had jumped off a building in her dreams countless times.

In her dream, the world she was in was a novel where the protagonist, who was a substitute of the supporting character, turned the tables on the supporting character and headed towards a blissful life.

In that dream, she was the sickly and weak Dream Girl, who was also the vicious supporting character.

The protagonist of the novel, Chen Xiangxiang, was a village girl who came from a poor mountain district. Because of their similar looks, she was adopted by Yan Xi’s father, Xi Jingxing, and became her substitute.

There were a number of men with exemplary qualities that had crushes on Yan Xi. As they were unable to win over Yan Xi’s heart, they used Chen Xiangxiang while having heart-wrenching relationships with her. Gradually, they were attracted by how gentle and kind-hearted she was, as well as how she was constantly striving to be better. Upon much realization, they sent Chen Xiangxiang straight to the pinnacle of her life and made her popular all over the country.

In contrast, Yan Xi, the stunning Eldest Miss, had the tables turned on her as the ugly side of her was exposed and she completely fell from grace.

In the end, her face was even ruined as a result of her former admirer’s scheme, and she directly jumped off a building from the 28th floor.

The plot was horrible, and Yan Xi didn’t believe it for a moment.

But Xi Jingxing’s absence today was like a hard slap to her face.

She couldn’t wait passively for Xi Jingxing to pick her up like she did in her dreams, so she contacted Yan Yunzhi.

She wanted to go home and see for herself what exactly was going on.

Three hours later, the car arrived at a mansion.

The courtyard of the mansion was specially decorated, and it looked very festive.

Yan Xi was silent for a moment before going forward to put her finger on the fingerprint password lock at the courtyard door. However, the voice prompt of the lock said that her fingerprint wasn’t registered.

Yan Xi took a look at the fingerprint password lock. It was indeed the one she had modified back then. Its performance could be said to be top-notch, so it definitely wouldn’t have a program malfunction.

She tried to enter the password, but it was also wrong.

At the same time, in a three-story mansion…

With a red wine glass in his hand, Huo Ziang leaned against the balcony on the second floor and looked coldly at the sneaky figure downstairs.

He waved his hand and called a servant over. “Go send that woman downstairs away and warn her that this isn’t a place that she can come.”

His expression was poor, and even Fu Yuhai, who had followed behind him, was a little startled.

He instructed the servant softly, “She’s probably a female companion of some insensible person. Just get her to leave. Don’t make things too difficult for her.”

After the servant left, he turned around and looked at Huo Ziang with a smile. “Alright, Young Master Huo, don’t be angry anymore. I know you care a lot for Xiangxiang and don’t want those lowly people to be at her birthday banquet…”

Yan Xi lowered her eyes and pondered for a moment. She then took out a special key from her small bag and opened the door forcefully.

Fortunately, she had made an additional key back then and had always carried it with her. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t even be able to enter her own house today.

When the servant rushed over, they happened to see Yan Xi walk across the courtyard and straight to the door.

The servant hurriedly berated, “Who are you? Who let you in? Get out of here!”

The servant then quickly walked to Yan Xi’s side and reminded her softly, “Miss, don’t you know what occasion it is today?! Don’t make those young masters angry. Hurry up and leave…”

Yan Xi ignored her and instead looked at the wall of flowers in the courtyard. On the wall were the words, ‘Happy Birthday’, so it was obviously a birthday celebration.

In the middle of the flowers was a big ‘Xiang’ word.

“Who is the banquet today held for?” she asked the servant.

The servant said, “Who else? It’s for Miss Xiangxiang, of course! Wait, why am I telling you this…”

Yan Xi stared at the ‘Xiang’ word for a moment before turning around and walking towards the door.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open, and a man with a slick back pompadour walked out from inside. Seeing the situation, he frowned and complained, “Why are all these random people allowed to come in?”

Yan Xi’s voice was indifferent. “This is my house.”

I don’t know this person at all. I’m the one who should be asking why he’s here.

The man with the slick back pompadour was about to say something when he suddenly saw Yan Xi’s face.

Although she was wearing a mask, her exposed forehead was smooth and plump. She had willow leaf-shaped eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes. Her eyelashes were long and as black and thick as a crow’s feathers, which complemented her eyes to seem as black as ink.

She’s unbelievably beautiful.

The man with the slick back pompadour kept feeling she looked very familiar, and it was as if he had seen her somewhere before. But when his gaze landed on Yan Xi’s face, he couldn’t help becoming interested in the part of her face that was covered by the mask.

He lifted his hand, wanting to take off her mask. “I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to wear a mask in someone else’s house…”