Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of 50 chapters

Fu Yuhuai smiled. “Really?”

After a pause, he said with a cynical expression, “Then it really is my honor to be that.”

Yan Xi frowned slightly, but she didn’t say anything and turned around to go downstairs.

Fu Yuhuai held the small cake and quietly watched her figure disappear at the end of the corridor.

His fox eyes, which always had a smile in them, were now emotionless.

Today, Xi Jingxing specially stayed at home to work.

Yesterday, he had originally wanted to go to the sanatorium to pick Yan Xi up. But before the car could get on the highway, it was rear-ended by another car. Although it was a false alarm, he still had lingering fears.

Six years ago, on that day, his wife had fainted and was diagnosed with cancer while preparing for Yan Xi’s birthday banquet. This day had then become his taboo and pain. He could neither touch it nor let it go.

He thought to himself, perhaps everything is predestined, and it’s destined that I shouldn’t pick Yan Xi up today.

The car was severely damaged, so he left the driver to handle the relevant matters at the scene and simply called another car to send him to the company to work overtime.

Work was a good way for him to temporarily numb himself.

He didn’t expect Yan Xi to come back on her own, as well as the rash on her face that could be described as disfiguring. His heart ached when he saw her, and only then did he remember that his daughter was seriously ill.

Last night, Yan Xi fell asleep after she returned home. He stayed outside her door until late at night and had even forgotten to ask Chen Xiangxiang about her birthday banquet yesterday.

Only then did he ask Butler He, “How did Yanyan react when she saw Xiangxiang yesterday?”

He was worried that Yan Xi would overthink.

Chen Xiangxiang was the daughter of his late good friend, Chen Yuchen. More than ten years ago, she had also occasionally followed her father to his house as a guest. After Chen Yuchen passed away, Chen Xiangxiang moved back to the countryside with her mother.

It was a coincidence that the two of them met again, and speaking of which, Chen Xiangxiang had even saved his life. He looked at her face that resembled Yan Xi’s and had the idea to bring her back to the Xi family mansion.

Chen Xiangxiang was his savior and she was willing to donate her bone marrow to save Yan Xi. She was kind, sensible, lively, and cute. She made him feel happy, which was an emotion he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Originally, he was just taking care of his late friend’s daughter, which was something that was right of him to do, so he didn’t think that he needed to tell Yan Xi anything in particular.

But when Yan Xi rejected Chen Xiangxiang’s bone marrow donation just now, he sensed that Yan Xi seemed to be a little unhappy with Chen Xiangxiang.

Butler He was naturally on Yan Xi’s side. He replied cautiously, “Eldest Miss went upstairs without saying anything, but her room was occupied by Miss Xiangxiang, and a few things were missing from her jewelry box. Moreover, when Eldest Miss entered the house, that Chen Xun from the Chen family wanted to bully her and even accused her of stealing his things…

“In the end, Eldest Miss instructed me to invite everyone out after eating the birthday cake because she wasn’t feeling well and needed a quiet environment to recuperate.”

Chen Xun was standing right outside the door.

Chen Xiangxiang was the one who called him over. When he entered the house, he found that his fingerprint record had been deleted from the door lock, and the servants were no longer as respectful to him as before.

All of this made him feel very aggrieved.

Now that he heard Butler He’s complaint, he was furious. He opened the door angrily as he shouted, “That’s bullshit!”

Butler He’s expression was straight, and he couldn’t even be bothered to look at Chen Xun.

Seeing him like this, Xi Jingxing couldn’t help frowning. However, he had always cared about his image and wasn’t willing to be rude in front of a Chen family member.

“Ah Xun, calm down and talk nicely.” His voice was gentle as he motioned for Chen Xun to sit on the sofa. “What exactly happened?”

Chen Xun has always been obedient and sensible in front of me. He doesn’t seem like someone who would do such a crude thing.

Chen Xun sat on the sofa and called him ‘Uncle Xi’ obediently. His tone was a little aggrieved as he said, “I didn’t do it on purpose. Yesterday, she walked in without saying anything. She ignored me and refused to take off her mask. She was acting very suspiciously, and I was just worried that bad people would sneak into the banquet…”

After a pause, he stood up and bowed 90 degrees to Xi Jingxing with a respectful attitude. “Uncle Xi, I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

Xi Jingxing instantly felt that his actions were understandable.

Chen Xun has always been very protective of our family’s reputation and interests. On the other hand, Xi Yan does mingle with bad influences every day, so he would indeed bring some shady people home.

It’s no wonder that Chen Xun had such a misunderstanding.

“It’s not your fault.” Xi Jingxing helped Chen Xun up.

Butler He was about to explode in anger. If it isn’t Chen Xun’s fault, is it Eldest Miss’ fault then?!

“Sir!” He was excited and couldn’t help raising his voice a little. “Does Eldest Miss have to explain to outsiders when she goes home? Besides, Eldest Miss said that this is her house! He directly took off Eldest Miss’s mask and slandered her for stealing his bracelet…”

“I’m sorry, I was wrong for doing that.” Chen Xun pursed his lips, and his attitude was respectful. He even took the initiative to bow to Butler He.

The attitude he had when he apologized was top-notch.

Butler He didn’t buy it. “You don’t have to apologize to me. You should be sorry to Eldest Miss!”

Xi Jingxing couldn’t help frowning as he felt that Butler He had gone overboard. He was clearly very well-behaved in the past, but why did he become so unreasonable the moment Yanyan returned?

“That’s enough!” Xi Jingxing said with a calm expression. “This matter ends here.”

Butler He was so angry that his hands were trembling. He felt that as a father, Xi Jingxing should have stood up for Yan Xi. Why is he siding with this little hooligan instead?

Xi Jingxing ignored Butler He and turned to ask Chen Xun, “Where did you go after last night? Xiangxiang said that you didn’t go home last night. She was very worried about you.”

Chen Xun hesitated for a moment. “I went to a hotel… I was afraid my parents would overthink.”

Xi Jingxing also understood what he meant. Chen Xun’s parents had always been profit-minded. If they get to know what had happened yesterday, they will probably misunderstand that our family doesn’t value Chen Xiangxiang.

Chen Xiangxiang and her daughter were already in a difficult situation in the Chen family. If Xi Jingxing hadn’t accidentally met Chen Xiangxiang, he wouldn’t have known that she had such a tough life in the countryside.

His gaze landed on the corner of the small advertisement stuffed in Chen Xun’s pants pocket. How is it possible that he stayed at a hotel? He probably just found a small motel to stay in last night.

We have a big mansion, so there’s no reason for him to stay in such a lousy motel.

“You should stay here tonight,” Xi Jingxing said. “You can accompany Xiangxiang as well. I’m afraid she’s not used to it.”

Xi Jingxing had asked Chen Xun to stay here after careful consideration.

If Chen Xiangxiang stays alone, Yanyan will probably overthink about it. But if I let Chen Xun stay in our home too, it would just mean that I’m taking care of my late friend’s family.

Yanyan is so sensible, and Chen Yuchen has even hugged her when she was young, so she can’t possibly be so rude, right?

As long as Chen Xiangxiang stays here, they’ll get to interact for a longer time. By then, Yanyan will naturally be able to see her merits and take a liking to her.

She has always been gentle and generous. I believe that she’ll definitely become good friends and even be as close as real sisters with Chen Xiangxiang.

Chen Xun nodded, yet he was also looking in the direction of the door from the corner of his eye. He had deliberately left a gap in the door before entering.

Xiangxiang is indeed right. That sickly ghost sure is standing outside the door and looking at me through the gap in the door. He raised his eyebrows smugly at the other party as he showed off his superiority.