Chapter 11

Chapter 11 of 50 chapters

Outside the door, Yan Xi looked away calmly. She raised her hand and knocked three times before pushing the door open and entering.

“Dad.” Yan Xi walked to Xi Jingxing. “I’m here to discuss the matter about going back to school.”

Xi Jingxing was stunned for a moment before quickly agreeing. “Which high school do you want to go to? Your health isn’t very good, so it’ll be better for you to go to an international high school. The atmosphere there will be relatively relaxed.”

Most importantly, the students in international high schools didn’t have any pressure to take the college entrance examination. This was because the students studying at those schools were preparing to go overseas for their tertiary education.

Yan Xi had just come to inform Xi Jingxing, and she wasn’t really there to seek his opinion.

“I plan to go to Shengyang High School and take the college entrance examination this year.”

“No—” Xi Jingxing felt that it was inappropriate and subconsciously wanted to reject her.

But Yan Xi didn’t seem to hear him. She sat elegantly with her back straight, her hands on her knees, and her gaze level with Xi Jingxing’s. “I just came here to trouble you to help me transfer to Shengyang HIgh School. Thank you.”

Xi Jingxing paused and could only swallow his objections and say passively, “Okay.”

He felt that his daughter seemed to have changed. The way she spoke was too domineering, and it made him feel uncomfortable.

“Yan Xi wants to study in Shengyang? That’ll be great because she’ll be going together with Xiangxiang,” Chen Xun suddenly said. “That’s unlike me, because I can’t get in no matter how much I want to study.”

As the best aristocratic school in Bei Qiao City, Shengyang High School’s education quality was also top-notch, and it was regarded as the cradle of top colleges.

Of course, the threshold was very high, and Chen Xiangxiang had relied on her own ability to get in.

As for Yan Xi, she had first dropped out of school to take care of her mother who was sick for more than two years. Thereafter, she stayed in a sanatorium for another three years because she was sick. Thus, in the years of her life that she should have been studying hard in, she spent them being in a ward.

She has probably already forgotten almost all the content from elementary school, right? Even so, she still has the delusion of studying in Shengyang High School and taking the college entrance examination this year?

Xi Jingxing had also thought of this. He paused and hesitated to speak.

Yan Xi looked at Chen Xun pitifully. “If you can’t get in, what else can you prove other than the fact that you’re not good at studying?”

I have never seen someone be so eager to show off their low intelligence.

Chen Xun almost couldn’t maintain the expression on his face. After holding it in for a long time, he could only smile awkwardly to cover his true feelings. “Then you’re probably very good at studying. I believe you’ll definitely be able to get in with your own ability and then get into a prestigious college through this year’s college entrance examination.”

He was reminding Xi Jingxing that it was useless to throw money in. Because in the end, she would still have to go through the college entrance examination.

“Yanyan, I’m afraid it won’t be easy to enter Shengyang High School. Moreover, it’ll probably be even harder to go straight into senior high.” After thinking about it, Xi Jingxing still decided to object to Yan Xi’s idea.

The Xi family is indeed rich, but what’s the point of throwing money in and having her fail the college entrance examination?

Now that she’s being so full of herself, the situation definitely won’t look good if she gets slapped in the face.

Yan Xi smiled. “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ve already arranged everything to go to Shengyang High School.”

Xi Jingxing suddenly thought of something and shut his mouth tightly.

Although Yan Xi was his daughter, her surname was still ‘Yan’ after all. The Yan family is both rich and powerful, so they have probably arranged everything since long ago.

I just don’t know if Yan Yunzhi donated money for a school building or a library this time.

But, these aren’t things I should ask about either. He nodded, and his expression became colder.

Yan Xi paused and suddenly turned to Chen Xun. “Don’t you still owe me an apology?”

Chen Xun didn’t expect her to suddenly make things difficult for him. He couldn’t hold back his emotions for a moment and even forgot to act. “You!”

Soon, he came back to his senses. He clenched his fists as he swallowed down his anger, and he changed his facial expression, preparing to apologize to her.

Yan Xi tilted her head. “From the looks of it, you probably don’t intend to apologize sincerely either. After all, people who can’t learn to respect others probably don’t have the ability to reflect on themselves.”

She said expressionlessly, “In that case, please leave this mansion. You are never welcome here.”

Chen Xun didn’t expect that Yan Xi would actually dare to chase him away after he had just smugly shown off to her.

He controlled his emotions for a long time before looking at Xi Jingxing for help.

Xi Jingxing frowned. “Yanyan, you should be polite. He’s a guest.”

Yan Xi’s action of chasing him out yesterday was already very wrong. However, it’s all understandable on account of the fact that she had just returned home, so she felt that everything was very different and wanted to vent her anger on someone.

But now that I’m still in front of her, she’s not even giving me any face?

Yan Xi said, “Dad, I’m allowing him to stand here properly because I’m too polite. Otherwise, I would have called the police and reported him for sexual harassment yesterday. Not only did he speak frivolously, but he also touched me. There are surveillance cameras everywhere from the courtyard to the corridor. You can go see what he did. Those clips are all evidence.”

The police officers in this area had been in contact with the Xi family for quite a few times, so they would definitely be able to deal with this matter fairly.

By then, Chen Xun would at least be detained for a few days.

Xi Jingxing’s face darkened, and he looked at Chen Xun with an unfriendly gaze, making Chen Xun’s heart turn cold.

This is too different from what I thought! I didn’t even have time to do anything at all. My words were just a little frivolous, but so what?! It’s her honor that I was willing to tease her!

Does she think that everyone would like to tease a sickly and ugly freak?

Does she not think that they’d think doing that brings them bad luck?

Xi Jingxing slowly said, “Ah Xun, Yanyan is right. The Xi family doesn’t welcome you. Please leave now.”

Chen Xun was shocked. “Uncle Xi!”

Xi Jingxing waved his hand with a cold face, motioning for him to leave.

Butler He was especially appeased when he saw this and quickly went forward. “Young Master Chen, please! Or, would you like to see the police?”

Chen Xun’s face alternated between green and white, and it was obvious that he was furious. He was so irritated that he wanted to flare up. But when he saw Xi Jingxing’s expression, his heart skipped a beat and he could only endure it.

“Uncle Xi, I’ll visit you again when you calm down.” Before leaving, he even bowed politely, and his posture was very proper.

After Chen Xun left, Xi Jingxing frowned. “Yan Yan, I’m sorry. I was being thoughtless …”

He didn’t expect Chen Xun to be such a person.

This child is usually very polite in front of me. I didn’t expect him to be such a hypocrite.

To be honest, Xi Jingxing was very disappointed. Amongst his disappointment, there was also an inexplicable anger from being offended.

He made a call in front of Yan Xi and instructed, “Special Assistant Wang, don’t let Chen Xun go to the company in the future. Just tell him that his appearance isn’t suitable to become an artist.”

Yan Xi was a little surprised. To her, it was a little unexpected that he stood up for her.

However, she agreed with Xi Jingxing’s decision. “Chen Xun wanted to debut as an artist? I’m afraid it’s not just his appearance that’s not suitable. His morals are also bad.”

In the novel, Chen Xun didn’t have much of a presence. After all, Chen Xiangxiang was surrounded by high-quality men, so Chen Xun was indeed a little lack-luster.

But this person was undoubtedly the one with the worst morals.

He had a persona with a sister complex1 and he just wished he could pamper Chen Xiangxiang to the heavens, but he had no respect for other women at all.