Chapter 12

Chapter 12 of 50 chapters

Xi Jingxing looked at Yan Xi and pondered for a moment. “Yanyan, Chen Xun is indeed bad, but Xiangxiang is a good child. I hope Chen Xun’s matter won’t affect your impression of Xiangxiang.”

Yan Xi smiled. “Dad, you’re overthinking.

“Chen Xiangxiang is Uncle Chen’s daughter. Uncle Chen passed away many years ago, and she’s had a hard time in the countryside. It’s understandable that you want to take care of her.” She sat upright and smiled confidently and calmly. “Our family has always been doing charity anyways. We’ve also sponsored many poor students over the years, right?”

Xi Jingxing pursed his lips.

How can Xiangxiang be compared to those poor students that we sponsored?

His lips moved, but in the end, he still didn’t refute her words.

After a long time, he said dejectedly, “Yanyan, are you still blaming me for the things that happened? I didn’t pick you up yesterday because I got into a car accident on the way there, and Xiangxiang held the birthday banquet to liven up this family a little. I didn’t object, but I didn’t attend either. I was indeed thoughtless about the jewelry and the room…”

Every year on this day, he and Xi Yan would always be very sad and disinterested in anything.

Chen Xiangxiang had good intentions, but he and Xi Yan were both absent, so he felt very sorry for Chen Xiangxiang.

Out of compensation, he had let Chen Xiangxiang move into Yan Xi’s room and even allowed her to borrow Yan Xi’s jewelry after he found out that Chen Xiangxiang’s room had gotten wet due to the rain.

At the time, he was sure that Yan Xi wouldn’t come back. Who knew that Yan Xi would run home herself and catch everyone off guard?

He only dared to do this because he felt that Yan Xi was magnanimous and not calculative.

But reality proved that Yan Xi was indeed bothered by it.

Looking at his daughter’s thin figure and thinking about the two doses of single-cell anti-cancer injections… Xi Jingxing couldn’t help feeling guilty.

Yan Xi was silent for a moment before standing up.

“Forget about apologizing. I just hope that you can ask for my opinion and give me the minimum amount of respect the next time something like this happens.”

Butler He had told her before that Xi Jingxing wasn’t the one who had mentioned changing rooms and jewelry. Instead, it was because of Chen Xun’s casual ‘advice’ since Chen Xiangxiang was facing all kinds of problems.

Although it was understandable, the matter was still handled very terribly.

Yan Xi smiled. “After all, this villa is still registered under my name.”

The Xi family was not a prestigious family. It was all thanks to the Yan family that they were able to have their current wealth and status.

Yan Xi’s mother, Yan Qingcheng, was not only a young lady from a prestigious family but also an academic expert. Her business management skills were also top-notch. After she married into the Xi family, she invested all her dowry into a film and television producing company. Soon, the company was doing very well and became one of the top figures in the industry.

After she fell ill, she transferred the company shares and a few properties to be under her son and daughter’s names.

Xi Jingxing was very much in love with his wife back then, so he didn’t object to anything she did. Of course, it was most likely that he also knew that he had no right to object.

But he probably never expected his daughter to declare the ownership of this mansion to him one day.

Xi Jingxing frowned slightly. “Yanyan, we’re a family.”

Since we’re a family, she shouldn’t have said such words that would easily break the bonding between them.

Xi Jingxing felt that his daughter was much more unfamiliar this time, and that made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Yan Xi’s expression was calm. “It’s exactly because we’re a family, so I hope that everyone can communicate well with each other.”

She had grown up in the Yan family when she was young. After returning to the Xi family, she had indeed spent a short period of happiness with Xi Jingxing.

She did have some admiration for her biological father, but Xi Jingxing disappointed her time and time again.

When her mother fell sick, he was in more pain than anyone else and couldn’t take care of everything at all, causing all the burden of the family to be placed on her, who was only fifteen years old. After her mother passed away, Xi Jingxing couldn’t recover from this setback and completely fell into sorrow.

Because of the pain, he was even afraid to face his daughter, who also had cancer.

Throughout the three years Yan Xi had been hospitalized, Xi Jingxing had barely gone to visit her.

Yan Xi didn’t blame him for that and during her stay in the hospital, she even took the initiative to reduce her contact with her family and friends to reduce the ties between them.

If she really couldn’t get through it with human capabilities, she would still have to walk the same path as her mother. Thus, she thought that she might as well leave without any worries or burden like those.

She believed that as their connection decreased, time would heal everything, and her father and brother wouldn’t be overly sad.

But even so, Xi Jingxing shouldn’t have adopted Chen Xiangxiang to be a substitute for her.

That was just disrespectful to the both of them.

When she thought about how in the novel, Xi Jingxing had actually married Chen Xiangxiang’s mother and allowed that woman to go on television and slander her mother’s reputation however she wanted, she felt very unhappy.

She was unhappy, and so she didn’t want to let Xi Jingxing get used to walking over her.

“Although I haven’t stayed in the room at the Yan family mansion since I was ten years old, it has always been maintained very well. Even if someone goes in to borrow a book, Uncle and Grandpa will specially call me to ask for my consent.”

This was the attitude an elder should have had.

They could educate their child to be magnanimous, kind, and happy to share, but they should never ignore their child’s consent.

Xi Jingxing was speechless and then wiped his face dejectedly. “I know. Qingcheng is like this too…”

Gentle and kind, yet firm and had strong principles.

At the mention of his wife, Xi Jingxing’s face was full of nostalgia and sadness. Yan Xi knew that he would most probably be immersed in his thoughts again, so she opened the door and directly walked out.

After returning to her room, Yan Xi made a long list and sent it to Yan Yunzhi.

After that, Yan Yunzhi called her. “Yanyan, what are you planning to do? Can your body take it?”

Yan Xi said, “I want to continue Mom’s previous research. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of myself.”

Yan Yunzhi was still unaware that the two single-celled injections had been generously given to someone else by Xi Jingxing, so he thought that the injections had worked and was very happy.

“Okay, I’ll buy the medical equipment that you want as soon as possible. Then your grandfather and I will return to China to see you.”

At the thought of her grandfather, Yan Xi’s voice was muffled as she agreed.

She missed her grandfather too.

The Yan family was a famous academic family back in the days. But her grandfather didn’t walk on that path and instead became a businessman, and he became the richest man in the province very quickly. He was a legendary person, and his deeds had always been discussed enthusiastically.

It was just that her grandmother had passed away early, and so did her mother. Back then, when her grandfather found out that Yan Xi also had blood cancer, he almost couldn’t hold on any longer.

The old man had earned countless wealth in his life and didn’t care much about money. He only hoped that his wife, daughter, and granddaughter could live long lives, and for that to happen, he had done countless charities.

But there were a lot of rumors outside, saying that her grandfather had done something wrong back then, and that it was a retribution for the women in the family.

This made her grandfather very sad, and his hair turned white overnight.

“Eldest Miss.” Butler He knocked on the door. “May I come in?”

Yan Xi put away her sadness as she put down her phone and got up to open the door. She was then almost blinded by the sight in front of her.