Chapter 13

Chapter 13 of 50 chapters

Butler He was smiling, and behind him stood two rows of waiters in uniforms and white gloves. Each of them held a tray, and the trays were full of dresses, shoes, and bags.

Xi Yan stuck his head out from behind Butler He and made a face at Yan Xi. “Surprise, Little Sister!”

Yan Xi was caught between laughter and tears. She stepped back and let him in. “Thank you, Big Brother. But this is too exaggerated.”

“It’s not exaggerated at all.” Xi Yan didn’t even think it was exaggerated. He looked at Yan Xi’s clothes—which were outdated—and felt a little uncomfortable.

Yan Xi had stayed in the sanatorium for three years and had never had a chance to wear new clothes. The family then also gradually stopped buying them.

What was wearing were clothes that she had bought three years ago before she was hospitalized. They had long been out of fashion, so it was no wonder that she was looked down on by those young masters and ladies at the banquet yesterday.

Xi Yan said, “Ziang told me that he’s afraid you don’t have new clothes to wear, so he contacted a few brands and bought them for you. He couldn’t bring them over himself, so he looked for me to do that for him.”

Yan Xi’s fingers paused for a moment before she smiled nonchalantly and said, “Then I really have to thank him properly. By the way, have you paid for the clothes? You can just swipe my card for them!”

Xi Yan scratched his head. “Ah, I forgot. I think Ziang has already paid them. Oh right, the filming for his show has just started today, so he seems quite busy.”

Xi Yan had never thought that there was anything wrong with this. Isn’t it right for Huo Ziang to give my little sister clothes and jewelry? He also often gives me things!

Yan Xi: “…”

Her brother was used to not thinking too much about things, so Yan Xi couldn’t criticize him either. So she could only take out her phone and transfer five million yuan to Huo Ziang.

Xi Yan was a little dumbfounded. “Why did you transfer money to him? Why are you being so distant towards him?”

“It’s not a matter of being distant. It’s tough for him to earn money. We can’t just take his things for nothing.” Yan Xi and Xi Yan were people who didn’t lack money to spend, and they were already able to live very comfortably with just the company’s annual dividend.

On the other hand, the Huo family’s situation hit rock bottom a few years back and only started to gradually improve after Huo Ziang became famous in recent years.

Her gaze swept past the pile of clothes. They were all white dresses, and the styles were either sweet, ethereal, or delicate.

In short, they were all very feminine.

Yan Xi turned around and instructed Butler He, “You can just arrange the clothes according to their categories.”

Butler He was dumbfounded. “Aren’t you going to take a look?”

Yan Xi shook her head. She didn’t intend to try those clothes on. “Just put them away like this. Don’t lose the tag too.” As she spoke, she sent a few messages with her head lowered.

Butler He didn’t understand, but he still did as he was told.

Yan Xi’s walk-in closet was very big, and there were many old clothes inside. Not only were they outdated, but most of them were also too small for her. She had indeed been sick, but she had grown up very quickly in the past three years, so she definitely couldn’t wear them anymore.

Butler He brought people to clear away the outdated clothes and tidy up the walk-in closet. After that, the room finally had a hint of life again.

Yan Xi thought for a moment before bringing Xi Yan to the greenhouse, and shewas planning to cut some flowers to decorate her room.

Although the Xi family had professional flower farmers to take care of the flowers in the greenhouse, she preferred to do it herself. Looking at the beautiful and lively flowers, she thought to herself that she should work hard to survive too.

In the greenhouse, Xi Yan looked at the things that were planted inside and was a little dumbfounded. “What the hell is all this? Hurry up and pluck out all of them!”

The greenhouse, which was constructed with glass, was originally built for Yan Qingcheng. There were many flowers planted inside, all of which were ones that Yan Qingcheng liked.

Logically speaking, it should have been full of colorful flowers at this time, yet it was covered with weeds.

Xi Yan casually grabbed a handful of the ‘weed’ and was about to throw it away when Yan Xi suddenly thought of something and hurriedly stopped him. “Brother, don’t pluck them. You can’t do that.”

Xi Yan had already pulled out two stalks of the ‘weed’. The flower farmer stood outside the glass greenhouse and watched as he looked angry, but he didn’t dare to say anything.

“Why not?” Xi Yan looked at the ‘weed’ in his hand and didn’t see anything special about it, and he wanted to throw it away casually.

Yan Xi hurriedly took it over and planted it back seriously.

“This is a type of Chinese herb that is almost extinct.” Yan Xi looked at the thin and small plant seriously and recalled the information she had seen about this herb. “It’s called the Lianxin1 Herb. The conditions for its living environment are very strict, and it’s very difficult to plant it manually. Since the flower farmers were able to grow it, they must have put in a lot of effort to take care of them.”

It’s probably going to be very difficult to save these two stalks. They were already thin and small, to begin with, and Xi Yan didn’t control his strength when he plucked them, so their roots are already injured.

“Lianxin Herb?” Xi Yan didn’t understand, but he could sense the seriousness in Yan Xi’s tone. He waved his hand and called the flower farmer in.

“Erm, these are the Lianxin Herb, right? I accidentally pulled out two stalks. I guess you should help me to try to save them.”

The flower farmer nodded and went forward to check. The technique Yan Xi used to save the herb was very professional, and the flower farmer didn’t have much more he could do either. Thus he could only help to water and fertilize the herb.

Seeing that Yan Xi’s hands were covered in soil, Xi Yan pulled her out of the greenhouse to wash her hands.

Before leaving the greenhouse, Yan Xi looked at the two stalks of the Lianxin Herb thoughtfully.

Xi Yan didn’t think much of it. “Don’t worry. The flower farmer’s there. He’ll definitely be able to save it.”

He looked up and suddenly saw the cherry blossoms all over the yard next door. He couldn’t help praising, “Wow, the cherry blossoms in our neighbor’s house next door are still blooming so brightly this year too! They’re so beautiful!”

Yan Xi couldn’t help taking a few more glances. This time, she almost couldn’t take her eyes off it.

She had never seen so many cherry blossoms. The flowers were in full bloom, and they were layered like clouds. The slightly cold spring wind blew, and the flowers fluttered in the sky just like snow and rain.

It was as if they had complemented the view in her eyes to become brighter.

From his sister’s expression, Xi Yan knew that Yan Xi definitely liked the view. She has always liked beautiful things since she was young.

“Just you wait.” Xi Yan looked at the courtyard wall and made a running gesture before he suddenly jumped up and climbed up the courtyard wall. After that, he plucked a few flowers, jumped down the wall, and handed them to Yan Xi. “Little Sister, these are for you.”

Yan Xi’s almond-shaped eyes widened in shock.

Xi Yan couldn’t help smiling smugly. “How is it? You’re so impressed by me, aren’t you? Our neighbor next door is extremely stingy. Every year, the flowers in the courtyard bloom especially beautifully, but no one is allowed to go in to admire them. So if you like them, you can only pluck them violently and secretly.”

Yan Xi looked at the person opposite her through the hollowed-out courtyard wall and barely maintained her smile. “Hello.”

The person opposite her smiled back. That was the neighbor she saw in the morning. He was slender and very good-looking, but he looked noble and cold just like the early-blooming cherry blossoms.


Xi Yan turned around in confusion and almost died on the spot. He then jumped up and ran away instantly.

This was the first time Yan Xi had seen the usually fearless Xi Yan be like this. He was just like a mouse that saw a cat.

The young man next door spoke. His voice was gorgeous and deep, but it was as cold as ice.

“Do you like cherry blossoms? Do you want to come in and pick some?”

Yan Xi came back to her senses and smiled as she said, “Okay, thank you. Sorry for disturbing you.”

Xi Yan secretly plucked his flowers and had already run away, and she couldn’t possibly run away with him as well. So she had no choice but to go to the man’s house to apologize and admire the flowers while she did that.