Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of 50 chapters

When Yan Xi went over, she brought a box of pastries along with her. They were the sweet and soft tea pastries that she liked to eat. There were all kinds of flavors, and there were also cherry blossom patterns on them. They were small and exquisite, and they were perfect to be eaten with tea while admiring the cherry blossoms.

Not long after Yan Xi left, Butler He entered the kitchen.

“What? Eldest Miss went to the Xie family next door with a box of tea pastries?”

Butler He scratched his head. “But I heard from Old Liang next door that his young master never eats tea pastries.”

The female cook’s face stiffened. “Ah, what should we do? The family next door is quite uncompromising. They won’t embarrass Eldest Miss, will they? Miss Xiangxiang was embarrassed the last time she went over.”

Butler He’s heart sank and he hurriedly ran out.

At this moment, Yan Xi had already entered the Xie family’s courtyard.

The scenery was gorgeous, and the cherry blossoms in the courtyard were blooming beautifully.

The layout of the Chinese-styled courtyard was also very particular. Every three steps was a scenery, and the owner’s thoughtfulness could be seen everywhere.

The young man stood tall under the cherry blossom tree as he looked up at the sky. The hand that was on the tree trunk was slender and as delicate and white as jade while the bone at his wrist protruded out.

Hearing the sounds she made, he turned around and smiled as he nodded at Yan Xi.

Only then did Yan Xi notice that he was holding a pair of garden scissors in his other hand. There were already a few cherry blossoms on the stone table beside him. Oh, he was cutting the branches of the cherry blossom tree.

The old butler who brought Yan Xi in smiled and said, “Young Master, Miss Yan Xi is here. She even brought pastries for you to eat.”

The old butler opened the box up and placed the pastries on the table. He then took out a tea set and placed it on the table. While making the tea skillfully, he said, “Miss Yan Xi, please stay for a cup of tea.”

Meanwhile, Xie Changze had already cut the flowers and wrapped them carefully. “These are for you. If there’s not enough, I’ll cut out some more for you later.”

Yan Xi was shocked because there were already two big bags of cherry blossoms prepared for her. “That’s enough. Thank you.”

After a pause, she smiled and apologized. “I’m sorry for plucking your cherry blossoms without your permission just now. I hope you don’t mind.”

Xie Changze said, “It’s alright. If you like them, you can pluck it anytime.”

The old butler smiled. “The season to admire the cherry blossoms has just started. There are still many varieties of cherry blossoms that have yet to bloom. Miss Yan Xi, you can come to visit more often to admire the cherry blossoms.”

After washing his hands, Xie Changze returned and sat down at the stone table. He picked up a tea pastry and took a bite. “Thank you for the tea pastry. It’s delicious.”

Yan Xi was wearing a mask and was a little embarrassed. “I’ve been having an allergic reaction on my face recently… so I won’t drink the tea. It’ll be alright if I just stroll around by myself, right?”

Although she said that she was going to stroll around, she only just walked around for a little while. She was being restrained and polite, but she still felt very satisfied.

Having seen such beautiful flowers and scenery and such a good-looking person, she felt happy.

Yan Xi turned around and said goodbye. “Thank you for your cherry blossoms.”

Xie Changze stood up. “I’ll send you out.”

As soon as Yan Xi walked out of the Xie family’s mansion, she saw Butler He pacing back and forth outside. Seeing Yan Xi come out, Butler He was relieved and wiped the nonexistent sweat on his forehead.

On the way back, Butler He couldn’t help asking, “Did they… accept the tea pastries?”

Yan Xi was a little puzzled. “Yeah. Xie Changze accepted them. He is called Xie Changze, right? He even said that it’s delicious.”

Butler He was dumbfounded.

On the other side, after Yan Xi left…

Lu Qingming walked out of the house with a dumbfounded expression. “Grandpa Liang, did someone just come over? Wow, aren’t these tea pastries? They’re even osmanthus-flavored. I love these.”

As he spoke, he sat on the stone bench and reached for the plate of tea pastries

Slap! A pair of chopsticks hit his wrist accurately. Lu Qingming subconsciously retracted his hand and looked at his cousin in confusion.

He had just taken an afternoon nap and had yet to wake up fully. “What’s wrong, Cousin? You don’t eat tea pastries though? By the way, Grandpa Liang even chased Chen Xiangxiang away last time…”

“I like it now.” Xie Changze looked up slightly, his eyes cold. “Is that not allowed?”

Lu Qingming looked as if he had seen a ghost.

Then, he suddenly pointed at Xie Changze’s face and made a fuss. “Brother, why is your face covered in rashes? Oh my god, you’re allergic!”

The old butler was also dumbfounded. Taking a closer look, there were indeed many small rashes on Xie Changze’s face. The rashes looked especially terrifying because his skin was very fair.

“Young Master!” The old butler was about to make a call. “Are you feeling unwell? I’ll get the family doctor to come…”

“It’s alright.” On the other hand, Xie Changze didn’t think much of it. He got up and picked a few medicinal herbs from the medicinal garden in the corner of the courtyard. “I’ll be fine after I drink the water that this is cooked in. It’s not a big deal.”

The old butler was stunned. He then took the herbs and went to the kitchen to cook them.

Lu Qingming slowly relaxed, and his hand couldn’t help reaching for the tea pastries again.

“Brother, if you can’t eat it, then don’t eat it. You’re not the kind of person who likes snacks and pastries anyways. There’s no need for you to give anyone face.”

Lu Qingming thought that this box of tea pastries must have been brought over by Chen Xiangxiang. The other day, Grandpa Liang chased Chen Xiangxiang away without saying a word, and that was indeed a little rude. That’s why Cousin is so abnormal today to be willing to eat the tea pastries because he wants to comfort Chen Xiangxiang, right?

Slap! His hand was hit by the chopsticks again, and this time, he was hit much harder.

Lu Qingming looked at his hand. It’s all red, he thought to himself. He felt extremely wronged. “Cousin, what are you doing?! You can’t eat it either. So can’t I eat it?”

Cousin isn’t someone who’s greedy about food. Was there a need for him to do this for a box of tea pastries?!

The only response he received was the entire plate of tea pastries being taken away by a slender and fair hand. The owner of the hand was heartless and cold, and only left him with a good-looking back.

When Yan Xi walked into the hall, she found that the house was rather lively.

The staff members of fashion brands came in and out with clothes while Chen Xiangxiang was sitting on the sofa in the living room. When she saw Yan Xi enter, she stood up immediately.

“Sister Yanyan.”

Chen Xiangxiang seemed a little uncomfortable and explained softly, “… These are my birthday gifts from Uncle Xi, Brother Ziang, and Yuhuai.”

Yan Xi casually glanced at them. They were all branded clothes, bags, shoes, and some jewelry.

It was unknown if the person who sent these things had put in the effort to prepare them. But in any case, the things were all classic styles from various brands, and they were the kind that one would easily see someone else on the streets that are wearing the same thing as they are.

Yan Xi casually pointed at one of the white dresses. “Did Huo Ziang give this to you?”

“Yes… Is there a problem?” Chen Xiangxiang stared at Yan Xi’s outdated clothes. Her eyes flickered as she suddenly said, “Sister Yanyan, if you like it, I’ll give it to you.”

Yan Xi was dumbfounded for a long time before realizing what Chen Xiangxiang meant.

She couldn’t help laughing.

But Chen Xiangxiang didn’t notice anything and still suggested enthusiastically, “Actually, I can’t wear so many clothes. You’ve been hospitalized for such a long time, and you don’t have enough time to buy new clothes before going to school tomorrow. Why don’t you choose a few clothes that you like from here?”