Chapter 18

Chapter 18 of 50 chapters

Why didn’t I know that Yan Xi has a habit of bragging?

A hint of mockery flashed across Chen Xiangxiang’s eyes.

Fu Yuhuai suddenly raised his head and stared at Yan Xi. His fox eyes no longer had a smile in them and Xi Yan was the only one who was still foolishly happy. “Yanyan, are you planning to be in the same class as me?”

Xi Yan was currently studying in the international class in the school’s senior year. The students in the international class were basically either rich or noble, and the college entrance examination was not their only goal. If they failed the college entrance examination, they would still be able to go to a prestigious school overseas to study. Therefore, some people in that class had become very undisciplined.

Yan Xi looked at the silly Xi Yan and nodded. “Yeah.”

Fu Yuhuai calmed himself down.

He smiled. “That’s great then. We’re in the same grade, so we’ll be able to take care of each other.”

Fu Yuhuai was not only the school hunk but also a student of the express class in the school’s senior year, as well as one of the top three students in the cohort. When he said the words, ‘take care of each other’, he was just being polite.

Yan Xi didn’t take his words to heart. Instead, she lowered her head and replied to a message.

Senior Brother: [Are you sure you don’t want to go to the express class? I think even the teaching progress of the express class is barely suitable for you.]

Yan Xi: [Yes. I have to go to the international class to watch over my brother.]

The person on the other end was full of regret. He sighed and used all kinds of emojis to express how much he felt that it was a shame for Yan Xi.

At the same time, in the principal’s office of Shengyang High School…

Hearing the principal sigh, Chen Feng, the principal’s secretary, couldn’t help asking, “Did something happen? Oh right, I heard that the eldest daughter of the Xi family is coming to our school to study. The Yan family specially informed us that she’s not in good health. Should we inform the teachers and give her special treatment since she’s sick?”

When Chen Feng heard that the young lady had been hospitalized for three years as she fought against cancer, he couldn’t help feeling a little sympathetic towards her.

No matter what, any young lady that’s fighting against cancer is pitiful, so I should take care of her as much as I can.

The principal shook his head. “There’s no need for that.”

Pitiful? She’s clearly a big boss.

“Yan Xi’s situation is a little special, and it’s all written here. Mr Liu, we’ll have to trouble you to take her under your wing first. Let’s communicate again if anything happens.”

Liu Yusheng had been called to the principal’s office as soon as he got to work today. After that reminder, he came out of the principal’s office with Yan Xi’s information in his hand.

Shengyang High School was a private aristocratic high school with extremely high school fees. For someone to transfer to this school at this time, it was obvious that they had an impressive family background.

Sure enough, as soon as he opened the documents, he saw Yan Xi’s family background.

Her surname is Yan, and she’s the eldest miss of the Xi family in Bei Qiao City, as well as the eldest miss of the Yan family.

She sure has an impressive background holding the inheritance rights of the two major families and being very much doted on. No wonder the principal talked to me personally.

Liu Yusheng knew what he had to do. I’m not expecting her results to be good anyways. As long as she doesn’t drag my class down, everything will be fine.

He spun the pen casually and continued reading the information. When he saw it, he couldn’t help slamming the pen down on the table and rubbing his temples to soothe his headache.

This is way too ridiculous! She started taking a leave of absence from school in her third year of junior high, and yet now she’s here to study in the senior year of high school. Is she crazy or what?!

There’s no way I can accept this student!

When the time comes and she does something wrong, I can neither hit nor scold her. If I keep her in my class, she’s definitely going to become a disaster!

“Yan Xi, this is your homeroom teacher, Mr Liu Yusheng.” The school’s director of moral education brought Yan Xi into the staff room with a warm smile.

“Mr Liu, I’ll leave Yan Xi to you then. You have to take good care of her!”

Liu Yusheng looked up and sized up the student in front of him. She sure is an aristocratic young lady, dressing as if she’s going to be on a runway show in school. She’s ostentatious and willful.

Moreover, Yan Xi’s height made him feel extremely uncomfortable. Is she wearing high heels?

Just one look and I can already tell that she’s not focused on her studies.

Liu Yusheng’s gaze landed on Yan Xi’s face and he frowned unhappily. “Why are you wearing a mask? Hurry up and take it off.”

Yan Xi rejected gently. “Sorry, I’m having an allergic reaction to my medicine, so I can’t take off my mask.”

Well, she’s also not an obedient child.

Liu Yusheng turned around and asked the dean, who had yet to leave, “Where’s her entrance examination report card?”

The director was stunned and a little dumbfounded. He subconsciously explained, “Yan Xi was accepted by the school as an exception. Her academic results are very outstanding, so she doesn’t need to take the entrance examination at all…”

“Then I’m sorry, but without the admission exam results, I can’t accept this student.” Liu Yusheng’s expression was slightly cold. “This doesn’t conform to the school’s rules.”

No matter how wealthy a child’s family was, they would still have to take the entrance examination to enter Shengyang High School. If their results were too poor, the school wouldn’t accept them regardless of their family’s wealth.

Liu Yusheng didn’t expect the school to be so generous to Yan Xi.

The director was a little embarrassed. Liu Yusheng had good intentions, so he couldn’t say that he was wrong to be serious. But Yan Xi was really treated specially under special circumstances. He wanted to explain, “Um, Mr Liu, have you finished reading her information? She…”

“Rules are rules. If rules can be broken at will, how fair are we to the thousands of students in school?” Liu Yusheng refused to give in.

Yan Xi suddenly said, “Then, can I take the make-up exam right now?”

Liu Yusheng’s scrutinizing gaze swept past Yan Xi a few times. Honestly speaking, this girl is quite bold. Does she think that I won’t fuss about the entrance examination after hearing that? Well then, I’m afraid she has miscalculated.

“Then you can take the make-up exam in this office.” Liu Yusheng made a call and very soon, a teaching assistant came over with a stack of exam papers. Liu Yusheng motioned as he said, “Finish these exam papers. After that, we’ll evaluate if you can enter our school based on your results.”

The director looked at the numerous exam papers and felt a little dizzy. Is he really going to treat this as an official entrance examination?

“Wait, can’t she just choose one exam paper to do? It’ll take her a long time to get all of these papers done. That’s too time-consuming.”

Yan Xi took a look at the exam papers and felt that they were nothing. “I can do them all. Let’s start right now.”

She wanted to end the battle quickly to avoid wasting too much time here.

Since Yan Xi had already said that it was fine, the dean couldn’t say anything else and could only sit at the side and assist with the invigilation.

Liu Yusheng looked at the time and suddenly picked up his class materials. “Class is starting soon, so I have to go to class. I’ll leave this to you, Director. Little Xiao, help with the invigilation too.”

With that, he left the office.

The director was speechless.

I originally just wanted Yan Xi to casually do an exam paper for him to take a look at so that he can suggest that she skip the remaining papers, yet he has already run away?!

“Mr Liu.” Chen Xiangxiang was standing at the entrance of the Academic Affairs Building. When she saw Liu Yusheng coming out, she turned around to greet him.

“You’re here to look for me?” With just one look, Liu Yusheng knew that she had something to look for him about.

Speaking of which, he was only teaching students from the senior year cohort, while Chen Xiangxiang was in the junior year cohort, so the two of them shouldn’t have had any interactions at all.