Chapter 19

Chapter 19 of 50 chapters

However, Liu Yusheng had especially admired Chen Xiangxiang ever since she had performed brilliantly during the exchange with Beijing First High School previously. She had ruthlessly dealt the students of that school a mighty blow to their arrogance as she protected the reputation of Shengyang High School.

Whenever he had nothing to do, he was always happy to help Chen Xiangxiang and bring her to the various academic exchanges.

Chen Xiangxiang was not his student and neither was he her teacher, but their relationship was just like that of a teacher and student.

Chen Xiangxiang hesitated for a moment before saying softly, “Mr Liu, I heard that Yan Xi is transferring to the international class you’re teaching. She’s my big sister, and she’s not in good health, so I want to ask you to help take care of her.”

When she spoke, her tone was neither hurried nor laid-back, and her words brought along her gentle and calm temperament with them.

“Big Sister? When did you have a big sister?” Liu Yusheng frowned. He recalled the way Yan Xi’s eyes looked and suddenly looked up at Chen Xiangxiang.

Because of his preconceived notions about Yan Xi, he couldn’t be bothered to look at her face at all. After that, when he saw that Yan Xi was wearing a mask, he was even more unbothered to pay attention to her appearance.

Now that I think about it, Yan Xi’s eyes do indeed look a lot like Chen Xiangxiang’s…

Liu Yusheng stopped in his tracks. “Then, you’re from the Xi family…”

He had never known much about Chen Xiangxiang’s family situation. In his impression, when Chen Xiangxiang first came to Shengyang High School, there were rumors that she was a village girl who came from the mountains.

But now, it seemed that even if Chen Xiangxiang wasn’t an aristocratic young lady, she was definitely not an ordinary village girl.

Although she has been in Shengyang High School for more than a year, she has never mentioned any of this before. She’s extremely low-key, and she doesn’t have the arrogant and domineering aura of a scion of a wealthy family at all. Instead, she’s humble, gentle, innocent, and bright. She’s a young lady with an exemplary upbringing.

“Since you’ve already asked me, I’ll definitely take good care of her as long as she can enter the international class.” Liu Yusheng finally agreed to her request.

He admired Chen Xiangxiang and thus, he naturally didn’t want to let her down.

If Yan XI can’t get into our school with her abilities, I can’t be blamed for doing things by the book either.

Chen Xiangxiang heaved a sigh of relief and bade farewell to Liu Yusheng with a smile. When she turned around, she saw Xi Yan standing not far away.

“Big Brother.” Chen Xiangxiang greeted him with a smile.

Xi Yan scratched his head. “Thank you, Xiangxiang.”

Yan Xi said that she was going to report to the teacher alone, but he was still worried so he wanted to come over to take a look. Who would have known that I would see Chen Xiangxiang looking for Liu Yusheng and ask him to take care of Yanyan in private?

He was naturally very grateful for her good intentions.

When Liu Yusheng saw Xi Yan, he felt a little annoyed. “What are you doing here? Have you finished your homework? Why are you still wandering around?”

Xi Yan shrank his head back. “I just wanted to ask…”

“Alright, alright. Hurry up and get back to class!” Liu Yusheng’s gaze was cold. When Chen Xiangxiang came to ask him to take care of Yan Xi, thought that she was doing it out of goodwill. But when Xi Yan came to ask him to take care of Yan Xi, he saw it as Xi Yan abusing his family’s power to bully him.

As the eldest young master of the Xi family, he was arrogant and domineering in school. No matter where he went, he was always the center of attention, and even the director of moral education was slightly biased toward him.

At the thought that the eldest miss of the Xi family, whom he thought to be almost illiterate, was in his office, he became even more annoyed.

Liu Yusheng then went to class with his head held high and his back straight as he taught his classes for the day exceptionally seriously.

On the other hand, the director had called him twice halfway through his lesson, but Liu Yusheng didn’t answer. It’s so obvious what the director is thinking.

She can’t continue doing the papers anymore and so she wants to plead for mercy with me, right? Then why did she have to boast about herself and end up slapping herself in the face?

It was only after his lesson had ended that Liu Yusheng took the time to call the director back. “I’m sorry, Director. I was in a lesson just now, and my phone was on silent mode.”

The director then said, “Oh, it’s alright. I just called to tell you that Yan Xi has already finished all the exam papers. Do you want to come and take a look?”

“Finished all the exam papers?” Liu Yusheng was dumbfounded.

“Yes, everything. Oh wait, she finished everything but the English and Chinese compositions. I didn’t let her continue writing.” There was a hint of hidden pride in the director’s voice. “It’s surprising, right? Yan Xi is really capable. Just look at her. These papers are so difficult, yet she only took less than 20 minutes to finish each paper…”

“Okay, I got it,” Liu Yusheng calmly interrupted the director. “Please hold on for a moment.”

He hung up the phone and called the teaching assistant. “Little Xiao, what exactly is going on? Have you been invigilating the exam throughout? Have you finished marking the math paper?”

“I watched the entire process. She indeed took 10 minutes to finish one exam paper, and she answered every question. I don’t know about the other paper, but I have already marked the math paper. She got full marks for it.” Little Xiao’s voice was a little dazed and doubtful of life.

Liu Yusheng hung up the phone calmly.

After a while, he called the director.

“So? Are you coming over right now?” The director asked this question mainly because he was afraid that the young lady would get anxious waiting.

Liu Yusheng’s voice was cold. “I’m sorry, Director, but I have a lesson after this so I’m afraid I can’t go back to the office.”

The director couldn’t help frowning. “Can’t you just come back to take a look? We’re all waiting for you.”

“In that case, I would like to ask you a question, Director. If a student openly cheats in the entrance examination, what does the school plan to do with that student?” Liu Yusheng took a deep breath and said bluntly.

My lesson only lasted for forty-five minutes, yet Yan Xi has actually finished all four of the English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science papers!

On average, she only took ten minutes to finish one paper, and she even scored full marks for the Mathematics paper!

This speed and accuracy is something that no one in the country can achieve. Does she take everyone for fools?

A fire was burning Liu Yusheng’s heart. “I’m sorry but I am not able to accept such a student with problematic character! If she only has poor academic results, she can still be saved. But she flouts the rules and does such immoral acts with her family’s power! This kind of person is utterly rotten and beyond redemption! I won’t allow such a student to enter my class and affect my other fifty students! I’m a teacher, and I have to be responsible for my students!”

“Mr Liu, don’t be agitated. Are you misunderstanding something…” The director was so anxious that he was about to go bald.

Yan Xi stood quietly at the side and listened to the angry reprimands coming from the phone.

She glanced at the director, who was attempting to explain, and reached out her hand to take his phone. “Director, I’ll talk to Mr Liu.”

Liu Yusheng naturally heard Yan Xi’s voice through the phone, and he sneered in his heart. Regardless of whether she quibbles or cries and pleads to me, she can forget about entering this school!

I am definitely not going to be swayed and allow her to be a bad influence on the students in this school!

Yan Xi’s calm and steady voice sounded through the phone. “Mr Liu, I would like to ask why you’re so sure that I cheated in the exam?”

Liu Yusheng didn’t expect her to fight him head-on. “Very well. Now tell me, how is it possible for you to finish each paper in ten minutes and get full marks for them? Even I can’t do it!…”

“Yes, you can’t do it, and it can only prove that you’re indeed not very good. And so?” Yan Xi asked.