Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of 50 chapters

It was no wonder that he didn’t take Yan Xi’s words seriously. This was clearly the Xi family’s mansion. Does this woman really think she can enter a wealthy family’s home, wearing a luxurious dress that has been out of fashion for years?

Does she not know that the young ladies of wealthy families only wear the new products of the current fashion season? Not to mention wearing something that has been out of fashion for three years, even if they wore these clothes a year after the season, they would already be mocked by others!

Who knows where she even got this dress from. Just one look at it, and it just exudes a petty and poor aura.

The man with the slick back pompadour quickly changed the topic. “Are you here to find Xi Yan? Why don’t you be with me instead? I’ll buy you new clothes!”

He was smiling, and his tone was full of conceit as he teased her. At the same time, he wrapped his other hand around Yan Xi’s waist.

Tsk tsk, this woman’s waist is so thin. It must be very good to touch when I play with her…

Yan Xi had not expected this person to be so rude and lay his hands on her straight away.

She quickly dodged to the side, and her expression turned cold. “Get lost!”

The man with the slick back pompadour didn’t manage to grab onto Yan Xi, and he almost fell down the stairs. His expression changed instantly. “Don’t be f*cking shameless!”

Suddenly, he shouted loudly, “Hurry up and come catch a thief! There’s a woman here who sneaked in and stole my things!”

“What did she steal from you? Your heart? Don’t f*cking slander her when you can’t get a girl!” a few guys near the door who had witnessed the entire process teased.

Slickback couldn’t maintain his composure and insisted, “She did steal something from me. Just as she walked past me, I realized that the bracelet I’m going to give Xiangxiang is gone.”

Yan Xi ignored him and walked straight into the hall.

The servant chased in as they heard someone shout ‘catch a thief’.

There were more than twenty people in the hall. All of them were dressed in nice clothes and were drinking alcohol as their gazes gathered on Yan Xi, who had just walked in.

“Who is this?” someone muttered softly. Barging in like this, she’s way too bold.

Yan Xi’s gaze swept through the crowd and confirmed that these people were all unfamiliar faces.

Without saying anything else, she turned around and walked upstairs.

The servant, Ah Xiu, who had followed her in, was furious. She angrily stepped forward and grabbed Yan Xi’s bag. “You really don’t know when to stop. How dare you barge into someone else’s house…”

The others broke into discussions.

“Whose female companion is she? Hurry up and chase her away! Don’t you know what kind of place this is?!”

“I think she came in on her own. Could she be Young Master Huo’s crazy fan? Oh my god, these crazy fans are so disgusting!”

“Hey, what’s going on? Why haven’t they chased her out yet? Don’t they know to call more people over?!”

Ah Xiu’s face instantly turned green. She does look quite nimble, but I didn’t expect her to be able to dodge away and actually run up the stairs to the second floor.

The other servants also went forward and surrounded Yan Xi. “What’s wrong with you? If you don’t leave, don’t blame us for not being polite!”

Someone was impatient, so she said, “Why are you talking nonsense with her? Just throw her out!”

The people downstairs were all waiting to see Yan Xi make a fool of herself.

She actually dared to barge into the Xi family’s banquet without permission? Right now, it doesn’t matter if this woman is here to get a rich boyfriend or to see her idol. She’s destined to be unlucky today.

Yan Xi grabbed the handrail of the stairs. After all, she had been sick for a long time, so her body was still too weak. With so many people surrounding her, she really couldn’t rely on brute force to escape.

Her cold gaze swept across the people downstairs.

Someone teased the man with the slick back pompadour, “Chen Xun, didn’t you say that she stole your things? You should get the Xi family to hand her over to you to deal with later.”

Chen Xun stared at Yan Xi’s face and also thought that it was a good idea. Anyway, it would just be a matter of talking to Chen Xiangxiang. I’m her cousin. These people won’t dare to ruin my fun.

His tone was a little evil. “Sure, I’ll have to search real properly later to find where she hid my bracelet.”

As if they heard something funny, a few boys laughed along.

“Is it very funny?” Yan Xi suddenly asked. Her voice was clear and ethereal, faint yet carrying an inexplicable pressure. “Then you can get out and laugh all you want.”

Everyone was silent for a moment before their anger started to arise. After all, they were still teenagers. How dare a thief like her be so unreasonable? Who gave her the guts to be like this?

Some of them rubbed their hands together, preparing to teach Yan Xi a lesson.

Just at this moment…

“Eldest Miss!” Suddenly, a surprised voice sounded in the air.

Yan Xi looked up and saw the old butler standing at the top of the stairs. He was still holding a tray in his hands, and his turbid eyes were instantly full of tears.

The old butler quickly came down the stairs and walked towards Yan Xi, still unable to calm down his excitement. “Eldest Miss, y-you’re finally home!”

Yan Xi’s gaze softened slightly. “Long time no see, Uncle He.”

“Deal with these four people for me.” Her fair hand pointed towards Chen Xun and the three boys who had just laughed.

After a pause, she continued saying, “I’m a little tired, so I’ll go up and rest first.”

The smell of red wine and various perfumes in the living room made her very uncomfortable. Besides, she didn’t sleep much last night, so she was very sleepy.

Butler He smiled and nodded. Eldest Miss is back! I have to inform Sir and Young Master quickly!

“Butler He, who’s this?” Chen Xun was confused, but it didn’t stop him from expressing his dissatisfaction. “She stole my bracelet! That is my gift for Xiangxiang!”

Besides, what did she mean by dealing with us? Does she think that we’re nobodies?

“Get lost!” Butler He suddenly exploded.

Chen Xun was shocked. A servant actually dared to speak to me like this? “Have you gone senile? She stole the bracelet I gave Xiangxiang!”

The reason he mentioned Chen Xiangxiang was to warn Butler He to not be unable to differentiate the severity of the matter.

The most favored person in the Xi family now was Chen Xiangxiang. Everyone in the family doted on her. If Chen Xiangxiang’s things were stolen, there would definitely be a huge uproar.

To dare to let her go just like that, is he not afraid that he won’t be able to explain it to Uncle Xi and Xi Yan later?

“Steal? As if she would do that!” Unexpectedly, Butler He didn’t buy his threat at all. He put his hands on his hips and glared at Chen Xun, full of energy. “Who gave you the guts to slander the eldest miss of the Xi family for stealing your bracelet?! Where are the servants? Hurry up and throw him out!”

E-Eldest Miss? The Xi family’s eldest miss?! The three boys who laughed along were dumbfounded.

Chen Xun’s expression changed. “That sickly woman? Isn’t she about to die?”

She’s already about to die, yet she’s still so arrogant. Doesn’t she know that everything in this family will be left for my Xiangxiang in the future?

“You’re the one that’s about to die! Throw him out this instant!” Butler He was extremely angry, so angry that his liver hurt.

The servant, Ah Xiu, was very frightened. Seeing Chen Xun being so stubborn, she suddenly felt that she could redeem herself again. Thus, she quickly called the other servants to chase Chen Xun and the other three boys out.

Everyone was shocked.

“Wait, when did the Xi family have an eldest miss? Isn’t Xiangxiang the adopted daughter of the Xi family?”

“I don’t know. By the way, where’s Xiangxiang?”

If Chen Xiangxiang knows that her cousin had been chased out by a servant just like that, she definitely won’t let the matter rest!