Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of 50 chapters

The teaching assistant, Little Xiao’s eyes widened in shock.

She’s way too headstrong. Are all the children nowadays like this? But the problem is that Liu Yusheng is amenable to coaxing and not coercion. Is this really a good idea?

“Very well!” Liu Yusheng gritted his teeth. I’ve been teaching for so many years, but I’ve never seen such an unruly student!

“You refused to admit your mistake and even talked back to a teacher. Is this how the Xi family and Yan family taught you? Our international class can’t afford to have a student like you…”

“Yes, you guys really can’t afford to have me, so I won’t be going to the international class. I’m going to the express class.” With that, Yan Xi hung up the phone.

The director looked at her, dumbfounded.

He was indeed quite shocked, mainly because Yan Xi looked very gentle and magnanimous, and all her actions showed her good upbringing.

Moreover, it was rumored that the eldest miss of the Xi family was the top socialite in Bei Qiao City. She was well-educated, polite, kind, and generous. She never made things difficult for others and didn’t look like she would quarrel with anyone.

Yan Xi smiled. “I’m sorry, Director.”

It had been many years since a fool had made her so angry. In the past, I was indifferent to such situations and I didn’t want to fuss over them. But from now on, I will fuss over every single inch of it.

The director touched his slightly bald head and looked a little dazed. “Ah, it’s alright…”

The girl in front of him looked calm. She’s clearly very obedient and sensible. So, was that all just an illusion?

“Mr Liu is a little extreme, but he isn’t a bad person at heart. I’ll explain it to him later…” the teaching assistant, Little Xiao, said softly.

Yan Xi thanked him, picked up her things, and prepared to leave. She wasn’t interested in giving Liu Yusheng an explanation. Anyways, she didn’t intend to go to the international class anymore.

After the call got hung up, Liu Yu Sheng’s face was covered in frost.

When Chen Xiangxiang saw him at the staircase, she hesitated for a moment before walking over. “Mr Liu, is something the matter?”

Liu Yusheng’s expression was extremely ugly.

Coupled with the hint from the system, she guessed that his anger was most likely related to Yan Xi.

When Liu Yusheng saw Chen Xiangxiang, his expression softened a little. However, he was still very angry, so he asked her, “Is Yan Xi really your sister? How can such a horrible person be worthy of being your sister?”

“What did she do?” Chen Xiangxiang was a little flustered.

“She cheated in the exam and refused to admit her mistake. And she even talked back to a teacher!” Liu Yusheng shook his head. “I’m sorry, Xiangxiang. You asked me to take care of her, but I can’t help you with this. She just said that she isn’t coming to the international class and that she’s going to the express class!”

She can’t even enter the international class, yet she still wants to enter the express class? That is simply ridiculous.

Chen Xiangxiang didn’t expect Yan Xi’s style to suddenly become so funny.

The Yan family is indeed rich, but no matter how rich they are, they won’t be able to forcefully put Yan Xi into the express class either. That’s the class with all the top students in the cohort, and the school protects them a lot. The competition there is fierce, fair, and just. No one in that class can get special privileges!

“It’s probably because she has been sick for too long, and she hasn’t interacted with outsiders for a long time, so her mentality is a little…” Chen Xiangxiang deliberated over her words. “Mr Liu, if she has offended you in any way, I’ll apologize to you on her behalf. I hope you can forgive her.”

“She’s herself, and you’re you.” Liu Yusheng wasn’t the kind of person who couldn’t distinguish right from wrong. “You don’t have to pay for her mistake. Alright, class is about to start. You should go back to class.”

Chen Xiangxiang hesitated. “But my sister really used to be quite smart. Are you really not going to accept her to be in your class?”

“Smart? Just based on her scoring first place in her elementary school examination?” Liu Yusheng laughed. Her elementary school results don’t mean a thing! Doesn’t she know how many elementary schools there are in Bei Qiao City?

Besides, the Xi and Yan families are so rich. Who knows how real her elementary school results are?

“Alright, you really should go to class now.” Liu Yusheng didn’t want to talk about this topic, but his actions had already shown his attitude.

There was no room for negotiation.

Chen Xiangxiang nodded worriedly. When she turned around, the worry on her face was still present, but the corners of her lips curled up imperceptibly.

Senior Year, Class One…

There were more than ten heads stacked on the left window.

A few minutes ago, Liu Yusheng had found a quiet corner to answer the call, and because he was too angry, he wasn’t able to control his volume. When Qiao Qian shouted, “Mr Liu is angry again!”, all the students in the originally quiet classroom ran over to watch the commotion.

“If I didn’t hear wrongly, Mr Liu lost to someone?”

“Who’s that on the other end of the phone just now? No matter what, I just want to say that she did a great job talking back to him!”

“If I didn’t hear wrongly, I think the person is the new transfer student. I think I heard just now that she scored full marks for a paper that she finished in ten minutes. She’s so impressive!”

“Really? There’s actually someone as terrifying as our class monitor?”

The person being discussed was standing by the window on the right side of the classroom and looking downstairs. His slender hand was resting on the windowsill, and the bone at his wrist was protruding out. His hand was as white as jade.

Qiao Qian walked over in confusion. “Class Monitor, what are you looking at?”

He usually doesn’t care about such things, especially when everyone is gloating over Liu Yusheng’s misery. He never got himself involved.

Qiao Qian looked at the young man standing by the window. There seemed to be a layer of soft light on his face, and he looked like he was having a photo shoot for a magazine. Qiao Qian couldn’t help sighing.

Not only is our class monitor outstanding, but he’s also extremely handsome.

The homeroom teacher of Class One had just followed the students to the left window to watch the commotion. When he heard this, he walked over and smiled. “Is Mr Liu dumb? He actually doesn’t want such a capable transfer student?! Oh my, I wonder who will benefit in the end!”

Xie Changze retracted his gaze and looked at his homeroom teacher with his dark eyes. “Then, why don’t we let our class benefit?”

The homeroom teacher was dumbfounded for a moment as he said, “Huh?” But soon after, he came back to his senses and slapped his thigh in excitement. “That’s right! Since Mr Liu doesn’t know what’s good for him, I can take the opportunity to snatch her over! Then our class will have two deities protecting us, and it won’t be a dream for everyone in our class to get into top colleges!”

Xie Changze took the lead and walked out of the classroom. “Since you’ve made the decision, let’s get it done as soon as possible.”

His homeroom teacher then hurriedly ran over. He felt that he was already running very quickly, but Xie Changze walked even faster with his long legs.

“Xie Zhangze, wait for me!” Class One’s homeroom teacher was plump, to begin with, so when he moved at such a pace, he couldn’t help sweating all over. However, the young man didn’t stop. “I’ll help you stop her first.”

His footsteps were hurried, and just like the wind, he soon disappeared.

His homeroom teacher scratched his half-bald head in confusion. Why do I feel as though Xie Changze seems very anxious?

I’m probably just having an illusion.

“Are you Yan Xi?” Before Yan Xi could look for her, the homeroom teacher of the express class, Ye Qing, had already rushed over to look for her.

“Are you interested in coming to my class?” she asked.

Little Xiao had just been thinking about how he should help Yan Xi redeem herself.

He didn’t think that Yan Xi was able to go to the express class, because there was not a single special privilege that was able to make one get into that class.

At this moment, he was still typing and sending long paragraphs to Liu Yusheng with his head lowered. His attitude was very humble, and he chose his words carefully, hoping to not anger Liu Yusheng when he stated the truth about the examination.

In the end, what he heard was that Ye Qing had taken the initiative to look for Yan Xi and invited her to the express class!