Chapter 21

Chapter 21 of 50 chapters

Little Xiao thought he was hearing things.

Ye Qing looked at the girl in front of her, who was calm and magnanimous, yet also lively and talented. The more she looked at her, the more satisfied she was.

She had already read through all of Yan Xi’s information. She knew that if it wasn’t that she had cancer, Yan Xi would have long had a dazzling life and made everyone look up to her, and not be as silent as she was now. If so, she wouldn’t even have the opportunity to take Yan Xi under her wing.

“Are you worried about your brother? Actually, it’s not impossible for him to enter the express class.” Ye Qing pondered as her voice became gentler. “I’ll think of a way to help him improve his results.”

Yan Xi almost laughed out loud because she had a simple understanding of Ye Qing’s teaching style.

Even though she looks so gentle now, she can be considered a female devil in terms of teaching. When she deals with students with falling grades, she would give them her utmost attention. Big Brother is probably going to suffer quite a lot since he’s used to being undisciplined.

“Okay, I have already decided to go to the express class anyways,” Yan Xi said with a smile.

Ye Qing was speechless for a moment.

Soon after, she was overjoyed as she exclaimed, “Really? Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Yan Xi paused. “Miss Ye, I just finished my entrance examination papers apart from the Chinese and English compositions. Would you like to mark them and give me a score? By doing so, my admission to the express class will be more justified.”

Ye Qing marked the papers very quickly. “You didn’t write your Chinese and English compositions, so after deducting 95 points off the total score, your total score is 655 points! That’s full marks! You didn’t even make a single mistake!”

She looked at Yan Xi with a fanatical gaze.

“Yan Xi, how did you do it? Oh my god, I can’t even believe the answers written on these papers. They’re all as perfect as the standard answers!”

Little Xiao was also shocked. He had only marked the mathematics paper, so he wasn’t sure about the other subjects. I didn’t expect Yan Xi to get full marks for all the other subjects too!

He looked at Yan Xi in shock. “Didn’t you take a leave of absence for three years because of your illness and had never systematically studied in the high school curriculum?!”

Ye Qing narrowed her eyes. “So that’s why Mr Liu refused to let Yan Xi be in his class? Because she took three years off from school?”

Little Xiao didn’t dare to speak because he didn’t dare to say too much about Liu Yusheng’s matters.

Ye Qing smiled and patted Little Xiao’s shoulder. “Since she’s already a student of the express class, there’s no need to show these exam papers and information to Mr Liu, so I’ll be taking them.”

Little Xiao nodded despite being confused.

He looked up and saw a tall figure standing outside the window. He then opened the door in surprise. “Changze, what’s the matter?”

He didn’t even notice that he was being so humble that it didn’t seem like he was talking to an ordinary student but rather a teacher or an elder.

Yan Xi also subconsciously looked out of the window. She met a pair of dark and deep eyes when she looked out, and she subconsciously curved her eyebrows.

“Nothing,” Xie Changze replied calmly, his gaze unreadable.

Class One’s homeroom teacher, Wang Baoguo, had finally rushed over. When he saw Ye Qing, his face was instantly full of disappointment. “Oh, Miss Ye, you’re here.”

Since Ye Qing is here, it seems that I don’t have any hope for Yan Xi to be in my class.

However, he still didn’t give up and asked Little Xiao softly, “Is the transfer student planning to enter the express class?”

Little Xiao nodded. In any case, it’s impossible for her to get into the international class.

Wang Baoguo thought for a moment. As long as it doesn’t benefit Liu Yusheng, everything’s fine by me. Therefore, he quickly became happy again and smiled. “It’s good for her to enter the express class since it’s the top class in our school. Miss Ye, congrats on the addition of another great student in your class!”

His heart was still aching a little because he originally wanted to take advantage of the situation and get Yan Xi to join his class.

The school bell then started to ring. Wang Baoguo turned to Xie Changze with his injured heart as he said, “Let’s go back to class.”

On the way back, Wang Baoguo was complaining softly to Xie Changze. “Say, why do you think Ye Qing came to find the transfer student so quickly? She usually controls the express class very strictly, and she had never made an exception to accepting transfer students. That transfer student looks obedient and beautiful. I wonder if she’ll be used to it.”

Xie Changze’s long eyelashes lowered slightly, casting a fan-shaped shadow on his fair face.

He suddenly remembered the glimpse he took just now.

The young girl was dressed in a Chinese-styled, red floral dress that had designs of flower branches all over it, and she was also wearing an oversized green military jacket on the outside.

Her eyes were as exquisite as a painting, and her beauty was just like that on a fairy in a painting.

Wang Baoguo said, “Ah, my poor little heart. I still think that it’s such a pity…”

“It is indeed quite a pity.” It was rare for Xie Chang to agree to Wang Baoguo’s words, and a hint of disappointment flashed across Xe Changze’s eyes.

“Mr Wang just came running over to snatch Yan Xi over, didn’t he?” Ye Zhenzhen smiled at the moral education director. “Looks like Yan Xi’s very popular.”

Fortunately, she didn’t have any classes this morning and had been at the Academic Affairs Building the whole time, so she successfully got Yan Xi to be in her class.

Seeing what had happened, the director had nothing else to say. He called Liu Yusheng and said, “Mr Liu, here’s the situation…”

“Director Li, this matter is non-negotiable.” Liu Yusheng could even guess the purpose of the director’s call with just his toes.

He’s definitely calling me to persuade me after seeing that Yan Xi angered me.

Perhaps he’s even planning to use her status while he uses both soft and hard tactics on me to force me to let Yan Xi be in my class.

Wealth and power are just so unreasonable and domineering like such, and they don’t even take fairness and justice seriously at all. Liu Yusheng didn’t intend to yield this time. As a teacher of the people, I have to have strong morals!

“Yan Xi’s actions have already crossed the bottom line. I definitely won’t accept such a person!” Liu Yusheng said coldly. “If the school has any objections to this, then please fire me publicly!”

The director was a little speechless. “Don’t be agitated, Mr Liu. I just wanted to tell you that Yan Xi isn’t unwilling to go to the international class anymore, and she was just accepted into Miss Ye’s express class.”

He’s being so full of himself to be thinking that I’m calling him to plead mercy for Yan Xi.

Did he really think that Yan Xi had to be in his class?

There are so many other outstanding classes in the senior high cohort, and every one of them is better than the international class.

Liu Yusheng’s expression went blank for a few minutes.

“By the way,” Director Deyu said slowly, “In order to snatch Student Yan Xi, Miss Ye is being very sincere and she’s willing to personally take Xi Yan under her wing too. You won’t be unwilling to let him go, will you?”

Liu Yusheng took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. “Of course!”

In his eyes, Xi Yan was just a good-for-nothing, and he couldn’t wait for him to get out of the international class.

However, Liu Yusheng didn’t want that and instead he wanted Xi Yan to be the one to take the initiative to leave the international class.

The difference between those two situations is huge. Moreover, the class that Xi Yan’s going to is the express class.

After hanging up, Liu Yusheng turned around and entered the classroom.

During this lesson, he conducted a small class test for his students. Everyone was doing the questions nervously, while Xi Yan was biting the end of his pencil and looking worried. It was obvious that he was stumped.

Liu Yusheng suddenly felt relieved. Ye Qing actually rushed to ask for a piece of trash like him? Her obsequious attitude towards the rich is so ugly.

“Xi Yan, pack your things and leave the classroom now.” Liu Yusheng walked to the podium and met the surprised gazes of the students. He said lightly, “You don’t have to come to the international class anymore.”

What’s going on? Not only were the other students dumbfounded, but even Xi Yan himself was also dumbfounded as well.