Chapter 22

Chapter 22 of 50 chapters

I’ve been waiting for my sister for the entire lesson, and I still haven’t seen her come to class. But putting that aside, why does it look like I’m getting chased out of the international class?

I didn’t do anything!

Liu Yusheng’s face was cold. “Hurry up!”

Xi Yan stood up with a bang and clenched his fists tightly. “Mr Liu, can you give me a reason?”

The classmate beside him hurriedly advised him, “Xi Yan, calm down. Don’t argue with Mr Liu.”

Liu Yusheng looked at him coldly, as if he was looking at a piece of trash.

After all, Xi Yan was the eldest young master of the Xi family, so he did have a slight temper. The act of chasing him out of the classroom without giving him an explanation had really hurt Xi Yan’s self-esteem. So he kept his books, took his bag, and walked out of the classroom.

The other students present couldn’t help sighing, and at the same time, they had also become more afraid of Liu Yusheng.

Mr Liu is usually aloof, but he has always been more patient with the young ladies and masters from wealthy families. I’ve never expected such a day to come.

This is so shocking!

I just wonder what Xi Yan should do now. If no class is willing to accept him, he’ll probably only be able to go to Class 29, the worst class in the cohort. If that does happen, he’ll really become a big joke!

Xi Yan stormed out of the classroom and went downstairs, as he found himself feeling lost again.

He was already in his senior year of high school, and the college entrance examination was in less than four months.

Falling out with his homeroom teacher at this time, if there was no other class that would be willing to accept him, his college entrance examination would definitely be done for.

However, his mother, Yan Qingcheng, was the most gifted and talented woman in Bei Qiao City. And his great grandfather, Yan Ziming, was an academic expert. Thus, since he was a descendant of the Yan family, he should not have been so mediocre.

Yet in reality, he was very mediocre. Even if he studied very hard, he could only barely keep up with the pace of the international class.

Even so, Liu Yusheng still found him to be an eyesore and had always looked at Xi Yan as though he was a piece of trash

Perhaps I really am a piece of trash.

He sat in the small garden where the plum blossoms bloomed and covered his face with a book, not thinking about anything else.

At the same time…

The junior year cohort’s Class One was having a test. During the test, Chen Xiangxiang was feeling great and confident, and she was answering the questions increasingly smoothly.

Just as she finished filling in the blanks, she heard a mechanical voice from the system. “Target Number 2, Xi Yan, has left the classroom. He is in the Plum Garden. He was just chased out of the international class and is feeling very lost now.”

Chen Xiangxiang looked at the system interface, which other people weren’t able to see, and roughly understood the aim of the mission.

The mission was to comfort and motivate Xi Yan when he was feeling lost, thereby helping him to regain his confidence and chase his dreams bravely.

Xi Yan’s favorability score right now is only 20%. After completing this mission, it’ll likely rise to more than 60%. I definitely can’t miss such a good opportunity!

Chen Xiangxiang glanced at the exam papers. “Help me finish the rest of the exam paper.”

I don’t have time to waste. I have to get this mission done quickly while no one’s around.

The system’s mechanical voice said, “The difficulty level of this paper is normal. 1,000 points will need to be deducted for an exam cheat card. Do you consent to this deduction?”

“Yes,” Chen Xiangxiang said. It’s kind of a waste of my points, but I can’t care less at this critical moment.

The moment Chen Xiangxiang consented to the deduction, a beam of light that no one else could see flashed past.

Immediately afterwards, the pen in Chen Xiangxiang’s hand seemed to have consciousness on its own, and words were quickly written on the exam paper.

It only took six minutes to finish all the questions, and the handwriting was no different from Chen Xiangxiang’s. It was neat and clean.

Chen Xiangxiang got up and handed the exam paper to her math teacher. She then smiled and left the classroom as her math teacher looked at her with surprise.

A few minutes later, after the math teacher finished checking the exam paper Chen Xiangxiang handed in, he couldn’t help slapping his thigh. “This Chen Xiangxiang!”

The math teacher’s exclamation caused many students to look over in confusion, and he then hurriedly said, “It’s nothing. Focus on answering the questions.”

After that, he got up and paced around. In the end, he couldn’t help but pick up Chen Xiangxiang’s exam paper and instruct the class monitor to maintain order in the class before he left in a hurry.

The math teacher then rushed to the Academic Affairs Building and pushed open the education chief’s office door. “Chief, Chen Xiangxiang really is a student with great potential. I strongly recommend her to represent our school in the ‘100-School Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Challenge’!

“Just now, she took less than twenty minutes to finish a mock math exam paper right under my nose, and she scored full marks for it!”

“Really?! Let me take a look!” The chief immediately took his words seriously.

Chen Xiangxiang is indeed a student with great potential. When she first came to our school, everyone was worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the others since she came from a village, yet she has excelled in multiple things ever since then!

The more Jiang Chenggong spoke, the more excited he became. Not only was he excited, but he was also a little unhappy.

“The difficulty of this paper is extraordinary. For her to be able to complete the full marks paper in such a short time, it’s obvious that she usually hides her actual ability! This child is so foolish!”

Although he sounded like he was complaining, his eyes were full of smiles. It was clear that he admired Chen Xiangxiang a lot.

Chen Xiangxiang was still unaware of this and was only focused on her target, Xi Yan.

As expected, when she arrived at the Plum Garden, she saw Xi Yan sitting on a chair under a tree. His book was covering his face, and he seemed to be asleep.

Only Chen Xiangxiang knew that he wasn’t asleep and that he just wanted to escape from reality.

“Big Brother, why are you here?” Chen Xiangxiang walked over and sat down beside Xi Yan.

She had just exchanged some points in the system’s store for the one-time use ‘Beauty’s Fragrance’, which was able to make her target feel like they could depend on her and have the desire to tell her about their troubles once she got close to them.

Xi Yan originally didn’t want to talk to anyone.

I’m already so embarrassed. Why should I still talk to other people?

All of a sudden, he smelt a fragrant scent, which was cold and indistinct. He then took the book off his face and glanced at Chen Xiangxiang.

The way she smiled was very similar to his sister in the past; gentle and quiet, yet also strong and dependable.

Xi Yan suddenly had a strong desire to confide in her.

“Xiangxiang, do you know? I’ve been feeling very lost since I was young. Why did my mother give birth to a son like me who didn’t inherit her intelligence and superior looks?” Xi Yan looked up and smiled bitterly. “I have never been smart since I was young, and my looks are also very mediocre.

Ever since he was young, he could often feel the disappointment in the eyes of other people.

He always wondered how he, the son of such a stunning woman, could be so mediocre.

On the other hand, his younger twin sister, Yan Xi, was of the other extreme. She was smart, beautiful, sensible, and so outstanding that she attracted everyone’s attention.

His father, Xi Jingxing, had high hopes for him, especially after Yan Xi was discovered to have cancer. He had once wanted Xi Yan to be the heir of the Xi family and had even taken the initiative to bring him to take part in the company’s affairs.

But Xi Yan just wasn’t confident, and he felt that he definitely wouldn’t do well.

Xi Yan’s words were disorganized and messy, thus Chen Xiangxiang listened to him very seriously. And because she was listening very seriously, she felt a little annoyed when she realized that she couldn’t grasp the main point.

He is indeed a good-for-nothing. Even after talking for so long, all the things he said were just nonsense.