Chapter 24

Chapter 24 of 50 chapters

Only Fu Yuhuai’s gaze landed on both Yan Xi and Xi Yan, and his eyes flickered.

Yan Xi smiled and said, “My name is Yan Xi. I hope I can get along well with everyone here in the coming days and work hard for the college entrance examination together.”

Xi Yan then said, “My name is Xi Yan. Please look out for me!”

The two of them were very tall and looked extremely pleasing to the eye when they stood together. Xi Yan was handsome and bright, so everyone smiled and applauded him after hearing his words. After that, they then looked toward Yan Xi.

Everyone was extremely curious about how she looked under her mask since her eyes were extremely beautiful.

“Yan Xi, can you take off your mask for a while?” A bold boy teased with a smile.

“No.” Yan Xi smiled and refused.

Ye Qing coughed lightly. “Yan Xi is having an allergic reaction to the medicine she takes, so she needs to wear a mask. Please don’t joke around about this matter.”

Since she had already said so, no one said anything else.

Ye Qing looked around before she said, “Xi Yan, you can just sit at the seat next to Class Monitor Lu Yang. Yan Xi, you can just sit…”

“Miss Ye, let Yan Xi be my deskmate!” Fu Yuhuai suddenly raised his hand and stood up with a smile in his fox eyes. “I know her personally, so I’ll also be able to bring her around to familiarize her with our class’ environment and pace of learning.”

Fu Yuhuai’s deskmate had even already taken the initiative to pack his books and was prepared to give up his seat.

Ye Qing had no objections. “Okay, then let’s just arrange it like so…”

“It’s alright.” Yan Xi’s clear but firm voice sounded. Her gaze swept across the last few rows in the classroom, and she then walked over with her bag.

“I’ll just sit here. Is that alright?”

The girl, who had been studying seriously with her head lowered, was shocked. She looked up at Yan Xi, revealing the large purplish-red birthmark on her face.

She looked at Yan Xi’s beautiful eyes, and her expression was a little reserved and flustered. She agreed softly before lowering her head.

Yan Xi put her things down and sat down straight away.

After all the lessons in the morning had ended, Yan Xi already had a rough idea of how the express class was.

The progress and intensity of the express class is quite alright, but I think a certain someone is probably already feeling lost amongst all this.

She turned to look at Xi Yan, who was sitting diagonally in front of her, and as she expected, the young man was crestfallen as he hung his head low. The joy and excitement of changing classes had long disappeared, and he was still in a daze.

Yan Xi tapped her notebook with the tip of her pen before she put down the pen and walked over to him. “What’s wrong? Are you wanting to give up because you feel that this is too hard?”

“No.” Xi Yan shook his head. I’ve only been through a morning of lessons. I’m not willing to give up just like this.

“The pace and intensity of the international class is incomparable to that of the express class. At this stage, the teachers will only help everyone sort out the content systematically and they won’t explain them in detail.” Yan Xi looked up at Xi Yan. “Big Brother, you’re going to have to work really hard.”

Xi Yan was silent for a moment before nodding his head vigorously.

Actually, although the teachers taught really quickly and skipped a lot of content, they explained everything with simple terms and in a way that one would be able to draw inferences from other questions from it.

Xi Yan didn’t have a strong foundation for the knowledge that he had learned, thus he was dumbfounded throughout the lessons and was not able to keep up with the teachers’ rhythms at all.

But he had seriously written down all the key points of the lessons and planned to break every word down when he got back home to understand them. He believed that he would be able to understand them eventually.

If I still can’t understand these concepts by then, Yanyan will help me, right? He thought to himself as he looked toward Yan Xi.

“Xi Yan, Miss Ye wants you to go to her office,” Lu Yang walked over and said.

Xi Yan came back to his senses and replied, “Okay, I’ll go there right away.”

Lu Yang smiled and turned his head. “Yan Xi, Fu Mengjia, let’s go to the cafeteria to eat together.”

His looks were more like that of a well-behaved big boy. They weren’t too outstanding, but he was still very good-looking. And perhaps because he was the class monitor, he was very considerate and he always took care of others quietly.

Fu Mengjia was Yan Xi’s deskmate and she was a very quiet girl. When Lu Yang said her name, she was stunned for a moment and seemed a little surprised. But soon after that, she nodded her head slightly.

I can tell that Miss Ye has probably instructed Lu Yang to take care of the new classmates, and he specially called me along since it’ll be awkward with just the two of them getting lunch together.

Yan Xi smiled. “Sure.”

While the three of them were talking, a group of people suddenly walked toward them.

Fu Yuhuai walked over with his long legs while he was surrounded by people. He said naturally and kindly, “Yanyan, let’s go. I’ll take you out of school for lunch.”

Fu Yuhuai was very tall, and he wasn’t wearing his school uniform properly. His tie was loosened, and he looked evil and arrogant. As he had deep facial features and his fox eyes were smiling as if they were full of admiration, he was exuding strong hormones and was attracting the attention of all the girls in class.

Fu Mengjia sneaked a look at Fu Yuhuai, and her head was hung so low that it was almost at her chest.

“Yeah, let’s go eat together.” The vice class monitor, Zhang Kai, also walked over. He was handsome and bright, and he had a fair bit of say amongst the group of boys, which was led by Fu Yuhuai.

Yan Xi had already roughly understood the situation of the express class halfway through the morning lessons.

To be honest, most of the students in the express class were bookworms who were solely focused on studying.

Amongst all of the bookworms in the express class, Fu Yuhuai —the school hunk— looked exceptionally different. He had a good family background and was also very popular in school. Most importantly, no matter how hard he played, his results were always exceptional.

With him as the leader, a clique with most of the top students in the express class was formed. There were both males and females in the clique, and it was considered the largest clique in the express class.

If one wanted to integrate into the express class very quickly, the best way seemed to first be a part of this clique.

Lu Yang subconsciously took a small step back because he knew that when faced with this clique, he would not be the one that would be chosen.

Yan Xi came back to her senses and said indifferently, “It’s alright. I’ve already agreed to go to the cafeteria with Lu Yang and Fu Mengjia.”

Do they think that I can’t tell that they’re ostracizing Lu Yang?

Fu Yuhuai’s pupils constricted slightly. His fox eyes were still smiling, and his smile seemed to deepen.

“Then they can come with us too,” he said casually. “The more the merrier.”

Zhang Kai reacted quickly and smiled at Lu Yang. “… Yeah, let’s go together.”

“It’s alright.” Yan Xi glanced at Fu Yuhuai, not understanding why he was still smiling. Isn’t he clearly angry and unhappy about this? But whatever, this has nothing to do with me.

“Sister Yanyan!” Chen Xiangxiang walked over with a smile and said, “Let’s go eat together. I know a private restaurant outside the school that’s especially delicious, right, Yuhuai?”

Yan Xi noticed that the moment Chen Xiangxiang appeared, Zhang Kai instantly relaxed and the smile on his face became much more sincere.

“Xiangxiang, you’re here.”

“Xiangxiang is so beautiful today. She’s like a little fairy.”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Xiangxiang is beautiful every single day, okay?”

“I’m just saying that Xiangxiang looks exceptionally beautiful and ethereal today.”

The people around them also greeted Chen Xiangxiang with smiles on their faces. They were very intimate with her, and they were obviously very familiar with her.

All of a sudden, someone noticed something and exclaimed, “F*ck, why do I feel like the transfer student’s eyes look a little like Xiangxiang’s?”