Chapter 25

Chapter 25 of 50 chapters

When he said this, the whole classroom fell silent for a moment.

“They really look so alike. Not only do their eyes look similar, but even their foreheads and eyebrows also look alike.” Lu Yiyao looked at them seriously and smiled. “Yan Xi, why don’t you take off your mask and let everyone see if you really look like Xiangxiang?”

“Yeah, just let all of us take a look.” A few people cheered.

On one hand, they were curious about how she looked, and on the other hand, they were also quite unhappy with Yan Xi.

This was because they felt that she was being pretentious by rejecting Fu Yuhuai’s lunch invitation even though he had already taken the initiative to do that, and thus they felt that Yan Xi was unappreciative.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Chen Xiangxiang hurriedly said. “There’s no need to see how she looks. We do look very similar.”

“Since you’ve said that the two of you look alike, all the more we have to take a look and compare to confirm how similar the two of you look,” Lu Yiyao said with a smile. “Give me some face, transfer student.”

The atmosphere seemed very harmonious, and even Zhang Kai had a relaxed smile on his face.

On the other hand, Fu Yuhuai’s fox eyes were curved into the shape of crescent moons. He kept smiling casually, but his eyes were unreadable.

Yan Xi’s expression was calm. “You have none of that with me. Screw off.”

Lu Yiyao’s expression immediately changed. “I’d forget it if you’re unwilling to, but why did you ask me to screw off? It’s not good for girls to be so hot-tempered.”

“Her temper is already good enough,” Lu Yang couldn’t help saying. “Miss Ye has already said that Yan Xi is having an allergic reaction to the medicine she’s taking and that we shouldn’t joke about it.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t make myself clear just now.” Chen Xiangxiang hurriedly apologized. “Sister Yanyan is sick, so I hope for all of you to not joke about this matter. I’m begging you guys!”

Her expression was sincere, and when she spoke, she subconsciously bit her lips with her white teeth, looking exceptionally delicate and pitiful.

The few boys all gave Chen Xiangxiang face and immediately shut their mouths. Even Lu Yiyao hurriedly said, “It’s not your fault, Xiangxiang.”

“Then let’s hurry up and go have lunch.” Chen Xiangxiang smiled and went forward to hold Yan Xi’s arm. However, her eyes were on Fu Yuhuai and her expression was intimate. “Yuhuai, should we adjust our order? It can’t be all our favorite dishes. We should also order a few of Sister Yanyan’s favorite dishes.”

The atmosphere became lively again and Fu Yuhuai smiled as he said, “Of course, I’ve already arranged everything. The dishes are already being cooked.”

The group of people got ready to go eat their lunch.

Chen Xiangxiang stopped in her tracks as she felt the arm she was holding pull away, and she was a little surprised. “Sister Yanyan, what’s the matter?”

Yan Xi said, “Who said that I’m going to eat with you guys? I have already rejected Yuhuai just now.”

I really don’t understand why these people can’t understand human language and why they like to talk to themselves so much.

Fu Yuhuai’s beautiful eyes were no longer smiling.

Chen Xiangxiang looked worried and seemed to be sincerely thinking for Yan Xi. “But if you go to the cafeteria to eat, it won’t be convenient for you with so many people around, right?”

Zhang Kai glanced at Fu Yuhuai, and his heart tightened. He hurriedly said, “Yeah, that’s right. We’re all friends. Let’s go for lunch together. We’ll be in a private room over there and the dishes are already ready. The food is just waiting for us to go over to eat.”

Yan Xi couldn’t be bothered to talk any further with these people. She knew very well what Chen Xiangxiang was up to. She’s just showing off her good social relations and acting like she’s the leader of this clique.

At the same time, she wants to make me take off my mask naturally and expose the rash on my face to everyone to embarrass me.

“It’s even more inconvenient for me to follow all of you.” Yan Xi didn’t intend to be polite. These people had just forced me to take off my mask. They didn’t look like they had any manners and knew their limits at all.

She grabbed Fu Mengjia and walked out of the classroom first. “Lu Yang, let’s go.”

Seeing the three of them leave just like that, someone felt unhappy and deliberately said loudly, “Fu Mengjia, you have a skin disease, so you have to be careful not to infect Yan Xi with it!”

“Then, what about Lu Yang’s disease of being poor? Is it contagious too?” Lu Yiyao chimed in. After that, he turned to Lu Yang and said, “I was just joking. You won’t mind, right?”

After saying that, he even narcissistically smiled at Yan Xi with a smile that he thought looked handsome.

He was certain that Lu Yang and Fu Mengjia wouldn’t dare to fall out with him.

Yan Xi stared at him for a moment. “Don’t tell me your greasiness is infectious too? Then, Fu Yuhuai, you have to be careful. You’re only eighteen years old.”

“Wait, whose side are you on?” Lu Yiyao immediately couldn’t continue pretending anymore, and his tone was a little angry. “Don’t be shameless. If it wasn’t for the fact that you look like Xiangxiang, do you think we would have taken another look at you?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was slapped hard by Zhang Kai who was beside him. “What nonsense are you spouting?!”

“Isn’t that so? We only approached her because her eyes looked a little like Xiangxiang’s. What is she so proud of? Who knows if she’s as ugly as Fu Mengjia…”

Zhang Kai was speechless. This person is completely hopeless.

Fu Yuhuai got up, lifted his long leg, and kicked Lu Yiyao’s stomach hard with a bone-chilling gaze. “Get lost!”

The kick was extremely hard, and it caused Lu Yiyao to fall to the ground. His face was pale from the pain, and he was dumbfounded.

I don’t get why Young Master Fu is so protective of that woman!

Isn’t Chen Xiangxiang the person that he likes?

However, since he could guess that Fu Yuhuai was in a bad mood, he silently got up as he held his stomach and shrank to the side without saying anything.

Yan Xi didn’t intend to let the matter rest just like that.

She looked up and looked at every single one of them with a cold gaze.

When they looked at her, their eyes either avoided hers or seemed indifferent. They obviously agreed with what Lu Yiyao said.

“There is indeed no need to look at me.” Yan Xi’s gaze was calm, and her expression was indifferent. “After all, birds of a feather flock together, and I never befriend unmannered and ill-bred people.”

Fu Yuhuai’s expression changed drastically. He looked up and stared fixedly at Yan Xi.

But Yan Xi didn’t look at him at all. She turned around and left. This time, she really couldn’t be bothered to stay. She was still in a hurry to get lunch.

After Yan Xi left, the atmosphere in the classroom was a little solemn. No one dared to speak, and everyone was a little dumbfounded.

After all, they were the top students in the express class. Their studies were heavy and intense, and they spent most of their time studying. Their lives were actually very plain and they only joined the clique so that they could eat, chat, and relax with Fu Yuhuai.

They had only become active and had the pleasure of acting wantonly whilst showing off their youth after Chen Xiangxiang had joined their clique.

Most of the time, Fu Yuhuai just watched them at the side and he rarely participated in the things they did. He would only occasionally speak up to protect Chen Xiangxiang.

For most of them, this was the first time they saw him be so angry.

“Yuhuai, don’t be angry. Lu Yiyao didn’t do it on purpose. He knows his mistake.” At this moment, only Chen Xiangxiang dared to speak.

The reason why Chen Xiangxiang dared to speak was that there was no notification from the system saying that Fu Yuhuai’s favorability score had changed. To her, this meant that she would always be the most special one in Fu Yuhuai’s heart.

Lu Yiyao hurriedly apologized as he endured the pain in his abdomen. “I’m sorry, Young Master Fu.”

Chen Xiangxiang went forward, wanting to hold Fu Yuhuai’s arm. She smiled and said, “Alright, it’s getting late. Let’s hurry and go eat.”