Chapter 26

Chapter 26 of 50 chapters

Fu Yuhuai subconsciously avoided her hand, and a look of embarrassment flashed across Chen Xiangxiang’s face.

Fu Yuhuai finally came back to his senses as he curved his fox eyes and started to smile again. “Xiangxiang, you must be hungry. Zhang Kai, hurry and bring Xiangxiang to get lunch.”

“Okay,” Zhang Kai answered. Right after saying that, he felt that something was amiss and looked up at Fu Yuhuai. “Young Master Fu, are you not going with us?”

“I just recalled that I still have to look for Miss Ye about something,” Fu Yuhuai said. He turned around and smiled at Chen Xiangxiang as he said in an affectionate tone, “Remember to eat your lunch well and not be picky about your food. I’ll make Zhang Kai supervise you.”

With that, he strode away without any hesitation.

Chen Xiangxiang was drowning in his gentle and affectionate gaze, and she didn’t expect him to leave just like that. By the time she came back to her senses, he had already disappeared from her sight.

“Yuhuai, do you want me to bring some food back for you?” But of course, these words dissipated into the air and Fu Yuhuai didn’t hear them.

Chen Xiangxiang couldn’t help frowning, and a hint of unwillingness flashed across her face.

It was Yan Xi’s first time eating in the school cafeteria, and she found it very novel.

Lu Yang was considerate of the two girls’ situations and especially found a table in the corner of the cafeteria, which was mostly blocked by green plants.

When Yan Xi took off her mask and he saw the red rash on her face, Lu Yang was a little surprised. “These rashes should be able to subside, right?”

Otherwise, it’ll be such a pity. After all, her eyes are extremely beautiful, and since they are so mesmerizing, her face definitely can’t be just ordinary.

“It’s nothing. It’s just an allergic reaction.” Yan Xi wasn’t bothered by it and ate her food calmly.

Fu Mengjia held her chopsticks and looked at Yan Xi seriously for a moment before she suddenly said, “Actually, Chen Xiangxiang doesn’t look like you. The shape of your face is much better-looking than hers.”

“Thank you.” Yan Xi was a little surprised by her words, but she did agree with what Fu Mengjia said and thanked her with a smile.

Actually, Chen Xiangxiang didn’t look like Yan Xi at all when she was young.

But somehow, she looked like a completely different person after she had grown up, and she looked very much like Yan Xi when she was 15.

On the other hand, Yan Xi’s looks didn’t change much as she grew up, and she looked extremely like her mother, Yan Qingcheng.

Fu Mengjia blushed a little and lowered her head to eat silently.

On the other side…

Lu Qingming had followed Xie Changze to the cafeteria to have lunch, and as soon as he sat down, he saw a girl who was sitting in the corner and looked very good-looking from the back. He couldn’t help taking a few more glances at her. “The design of that dress is so familiar. I think it’s a top-notch custom-made dress from Mo Ran. But for her to be able to wear this dress so well, she must be very impressive too.”

He was purely curious about her looks and he craned his neck to see the girl’s face, but his vision was suddenly blocked.

“Cousin?” Lu Qingming was a little confused.

Xie Changze curled his long fingers and tapped the table lightly. “You’re not done eating yet.”

Lu Qingming looked down at his plate. “But I’m already full.”

He was already getting sick of the food in the cafeteria, so he was picky with his food as he ate his lunch, finishing all the meat and leaving behind the vegetables that came with the meat. Lu Qingming didn’t think there was anything wrong with the food that was left on his plate.

Xie Changze raised his chin slightly and gestured. “Look over there.”

Lu Qingming looked up at the pillar beside him which had a poster hung on it. The poster was about showing sympathy to the farmers, and on the poster wrote the words, ‘it is shameful to waste food’.

“Since you can’t finish them, why did you get so much food?” Xie Changze looked over with his dark eyes.

Lu Qingming couldn’t say anything back to Xie Changze.

Why do I suddenly feel a little ashamed?

He hurriedly picked up his chopsticks and ate a few more mouthfuls of the food on his plate, trying his best to finish everything. He ate until his stomach felt like it was about to burst, before promising Xie Changze, “Cousin, I won’t waste any more food from now onwards.”

Xie Changze nodded and got up.

Lu Qingming hurriedly got up as well. He was so reckless when getting up that he almost bumped into someone. He hurriedly apologized and let out a short exclamation.

The person Lu Qingming knocked into was Fu Mengjia, and she subconsciously looked up when he knocked into her. When she heard him let out a short exclamation, she then realized her face was exposed, thus she hurriedly lowered her head and pulled her hair to cover the birthmark on her face.

Yan Xi was also a little surprised to see Xie Changze. She smiled and said, “What a coincidence.”

Xie Changze nodded. His dark eyes swept past her mask and he suddenly said, “I have some Chinese medicine pills that can help with allergic reactions, and they’re very effective. Do you want to try them?”

Only then did Yan Xi remember that he seemed to be wearing a mask this morning and said that he was having an allergic reaction. But looking at him now, she realized that his skin was smooth, fair, and flawless.

“Sure, thank you.” For some reason, she didn’t want to reject his good intentions.

Lu Yang watched the interaction between the two from the side, and when Xie Changze left, he couldn’t help asking, “How do you know Xie Changze?”

Yan Xi looked at the medicine bottle which still had the warmth of the young man’s body and looked up in confusion. “Why? Is there a problem with that?”

“He’s very strong in his academics,” Fu Mengjia suddenly said, her eyes full of defeat. “So strong that I won’t win against him no matter what.”

Lu Yang smiled and explained, “Fu Mengjia is ranked second in our grade, and the person who is ranked first is Xie Changze. Moreover, the difference between his total score and Mengjia’s is more than 10 marks. He can be said to be an unshakable legend in our cohort.”

He looked at the young man’s handsome figure with amazement in his eyes.

Fu Mengjia felt unresigned about losing out to Xie Changze, and he also felt the same way. Unfortunately, Xie Changze is still the strongest person in the cohort in terms of academics, and the scores that he has scored might have just been the least of his abilities. How can we be compared to him?

Sometimes, I’m even glad that there’s a full-score limit on our exams so that we won’t be losing out to him too terribly.

“In our school, he has long been named as a ‘God’. Although he’s low-key and cold, he’s very popular among the school population, and his popularity is even higher than Fu Yuhuai’s.”

In terms of popularity, Fu Yuhuai, the so-called school hunk, was probably a little incomparable to Xie Changze.

Yan Xi thought of Xie Changze’s stunning face and suddenly understood everything.

Since even Huo Zi’ang could become a top celebrity, if Xie Changze went into the entertainment industry, he would have long become a top celebrity and the pinnacle of the industry.

On the other side…

Lu Qingming was also talking about Yan Xi.

“Wow, that’s Yan Xi? Oh my god, her aura is amazing,” Lu Qingming exclaimed. “No wonder it’s said that she looks a lot like Chen Xiangxiang.”

“No,” Xie Changze corrected him. “Chen Xiangxiang doesn’t look like Yan Xi.”

“Huh? Don’t they look alike?” Lu Qingming was a little disappointed. In his heart, Chen Xiangxiang was the school belle, so she was definitely the most beautiful one among the girls. If the two of them look alike, doesn’t that prove that Yan Xi is also very beautiful?

“But why is she hanging out with Lu Yang and that girl?” Lu Qingming was puzzled. “Doesn’t she know that Young Master Fu has a conflict with Lu Yang? Moreover, Lu Yang is a sponsored student.”

Xie Changze stopped in his tracks.

Lu Qingming was puzzled. “What’s wrong, Cousin?”

“Is there a problem with hanging out with sponsored students?” Xie Changze’s expression was indifferent. “If I remember correctly, Fu Yuhuai was also once sponsored by the Yan family.”

“Huh?!” Lu Qingming’s pupils trembled in shock.

Fu Yuhuai was once a sponsored student?! He’s joking, isn’t he?!

“No, but, isn’t the Fu family quite rich?”

As the young master of the Fu family —an aristocratic family in Bei Qiao City— he can’t possibly have been a sponsored student, right?