Chapter 27

Chapter 27 of 50 chapters

Xi Yan only returned from Ye Qing’s office in the afternoon when class was about to start.

When he returned, he held a stack of documents in his hands. As soon as he entered the classroom, he went straight to Yan Xi’s seat happily and showed the documents to Yan Xi as if he was presenting a treasure. “Little Sis, these are all the knowledge and main points of each subject that Miss Ye sorted out for me. During lunch break just now, she explained a chapter to me, and the way she explained the content made it especially easy to understand! Since even I feel enlightened, you’ll definitely be fine!”

Yan Xi took the stack of information and looked at it. Ye Qing is indeed an outstanding teacher. The content in the documents she prepared is all very systematic and comprehensive.

“In that case, you have to study hard. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me about it,” Yan Xi said as she took out a stack of documents. “You can use these documents along with the ones that Miss Ye prepared for you.”

Xi Yan was dumbfounded. “Don’t you need them?”

He originally wanted to share the documents with Yan Xi. However, he didn’t expect that not only did Yan Xi not need it, but she even gave him an extra stack of documents.

He scratched his head. Alright, the documents that my little sister prepared are definitely treasures. I have to study hard!

Xi Yan carried the documents back to his seat and started to study eagerly.

Seeing all of this, Lu Yiyao couldn’t help sneering.

Isn’t this eldest daughter of the Xi family a little too pretentious? No matter what, Xi Yan is still someone who has actually attended school physically. As someone who hasn’t even finished middle school, who is she to boss him around like this?

Moreover, Ye Qing was really so biased.

I wonder how many benefits she received from the Yan family for her to be spending so much effort to take care of them.

Too bad for them, there’s going to be a Chemistry test later. Once that happens, these two will be immediately beaten back to their original state.

Zhang Kai also saw this scene, but he didn’t express his opinion. When he turned his head, he happened to see Fu Yuhuai staring at the stack of documents in Xi Yan’s hand. There was not a single smile in his eyes.

“Young Master Fu, what’s the matter?” Zhang Kai asked casually.

“Nothing.” Fu Yuhuai looked away and smiled casually. “The Chemistry test is going to start soon. I heard it’s quite difficult. You should be mentally prepared.”

Zhang Kai grabbed his hair. He was most afraid of Chemistry, so he hurriedly picked up his book to take a few more glances at it.

Fu Mengjia also reminded Yan Xi in a low voice, “The last class in the afternoon is Chemistry, and we’re having a test during that lesson.”

Yan Xi nodded as if she didn’t take it to heart. She was still staring at her phone intently.

Fu Mengjia casually glanced at it. It seemed to be a large document, and she only saw the words ‘The Ecology of the Lianxin Herb’ on it.

When the chemistry teacher walked in and looked at the two new transfer students in the classroom, a glint flashed across his gold-rimmed glasses as he instructed the Chemistry class representatives to distribute the test papers.

Yan Xi finally put away her phone and started answering the questions. This kind of test was extremely easy for her, so it only took her a few minutes to finish it.

After finishing the test, she propped her chin up and looked at Fu Mengjia in boredom.

The part of Fu Mengjia’s face that was facing her looked perfectly intact, but the other part of her face was almost fully occupied by the birthmark.

Yan Xi didn’t know much about dermatology and she only thought of doing some dermatology research recently because of the rash she had due to her allergic reaction to her medicine. I don’t think it’ll be a big deal to help her with her birthmark while I’m at it…

Fu Mengjia frowned and felt a little conflicted.

Yan Xi’s gaze on her was way too scorching and it was difficult to ignore, but she really didn’t like helping others cheat…

She hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she still moved her test paper in Yan Xi’s direction. She felt a little guilty because it was the first time she was helping someone cheat. I won’t get found out, will I?

Lu Yiyao had been paying close attention to whatever was happening on Yan Xi’s side, thus he saw what Fu Mengjia was doing.

He stared intently at Yan Xi, waiting to catch Yan Xi red-handed when she was about to cheat.

“You just transferred here today?” The Chemistry teacher silently walked to Yan Xi’s seat.

Yan Xi looked up and blinked. “Ah, yes.”

The Chemistry teacher then immediately took Yan Xi’s exam paper away. “If that’s the case, you don’t have to take today’s test. I’ll take the test paper.”

“But I’m already done…” Yan Xi gestured. My test paper is clean and tidy, but it’s fully answered, okay?

The Chemistry teacher pushed his gold-rimmed glasses up his nose bridge and continued, “It’s fine. Yours and Xi Yan’s scores won’t be counted for this test.”

He took Yan Xi’s paper but he didn’t take Xi Yan’s away. Instead, he walked around the classroom and instructed Lu Yang and the Chemistry representative to pay attention to the order in the classroom before turning around and leaving.

Yan Xi was speechless.

After school, Xi Yan came to look for Yan Xi dejectedly. He was completely stumped by the Chemistry test.

Because of what the Chemistry teacher said, Lu Yang was considerate and he didn’t take Xi Yan’s exam papers. Thus, after class, Xi Yan ran to Yan Xi and asked her to help him mark his test paper.

Yan Xi then took out a red pen and marked his paper. After she was done, she wrote his score down on the paper. “You got 63 marks. It’s a passing score.”

Xi Yan heaved a sigh of relief. This was the best result he had ever gotten. He had just gone through the content once in Ye Qing’s office, and it proved to be quite effective.

“You’re believing the score that she’s giving you?” Lu Yiyao just wanted to laugh out loud.

One was caught cheating during the test and was directly disqualified from the test, and the other is stupid enough to believe that he passed the paper.

The Chemistry test today was so difficult that even I’m not very confident in getting more than 80 marks. As one of the lowest-ranking students in the international class, how can he be able to pass that paper?

“If he shouldn’t believe in me, you don’t think he should be believing you, do you?” Yan Xi handed the paper to Xi Yan. “Ignore that idiot. I’ll tutor you when we get home tonight.”

Hearing her reply, Lu Yiyao looked in Fu Yuhuai’s direction and held back his vulgarities.

When they went to the Academic Affairs Building after school, he couldn’t help complaining to Zhang Kai.

“I finally know why Yan Xi chose to be deskmates with that ugly freak Fu Mengjia,” Lu Yiyao said to Zhang Kai. “She knew that there would be a test today, so she wanted to copy Fu Mengjia’s paper so that she could show off her results everywhere. She’s so vain.”

When the two of them passed by the Chemistry teacher’s office on the way out, they saw that the lights were still on and thought that he was probably rushing to mark the test papers.

Lu Yiyao’s eyes darted around as he pulled Zhang Kai. “Let’s go and ask Mr Jin about the results of the Chemistry test we took today.”

After all, they were both top students of the express class and they often went to the Academic Affairs Building. Their various subject teachers were all very happy to communicate with them about their studies, and it wasn’t a big deal for them to ask about their test scores. Mr Jin was basically done marking the test papers, so he answered all their questions. “Zhang Kai, you scored only 81 marks, so you’ll have to work harder. Lu Yiyao, you scored 87 marks. It’s not bad.”

Lu Yiyao was overjoyed. After the test ended, everyone was checking their answers with Fu Yuhuai. Since the questions in the test were either questions from the past-year college entrance examinations or sample examination questions for the college entrance examination, the difficulty of the paper was extraordinary, and many people did badly on the test.

He didn’t expect to be able to score 87 marks.

Mr Jin said, “This time, both Fu Yuhuai and Fu Mengjia scored 100 marks. They did very well for this test.”

“Young Master Fu’s scores are quite stable,” Lu Yiyao said with a smile. Then, as if casually, he asked, “By the way, I heard that Yan Xi’s family and Young Master Fu’s family have a good relationship with each other. How many marks did she get?”