Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of 50 chapters

Lu Yiyao was overjoyed. After the test ended, everyone was checking their answers with Fu Yuhuai. Since the questions in the test were either questions from the past-year college entrance examinations or sample examination questions for the college entrance examination, the difficulty of the paper was extraordinary, and many people did badly on the test.

He didn’t expect to be able to score 87 marks.

Mr Jin said, “This time, both Fu Yuhuai and Fu Mengjia scored 100 marks. They did very well for this test.”

“Young Master Fu’s scores are quite stable,” Lu Yiyao said with a smile. Then, as if casually, he asked, “By the way, I heard that Yan Xi’s family and Young Master Fu’s family have a good relationship with each other. How many marks did she get?”

He asked this on purpose.

Although Mr Jin did say that Yan Xi and Xi Yan’s scores won’t be counted, he did take Yan Xi’s paper, so she should have done at least a few questions.

He just wanted to know if Yan Xi had gotten a single-digit score or even a zero for her paper.

No, no, no. Forget about the zero. When the time comes, Yan Xi will definitely forcefully redeem her dignity by saying that she didn’t have time to do the questions. It’ll be best if she scores a single digit. I didn’t mind helping her publicize it in class.

There was mockery in Lu Yiyao’s eyes as he waited for a satisfactory answer.

Teacher Jin looked at the two of them in surprise. To be honest, he didn’t want to say it, but since Zhang Kai was the vice class monitor…

“Yan Xi scored full marks.” In the end, Mr Jin still gave him an answer.

Lu Yiyao’s expression froze, and he looked at Mr Jin in disbelief. What?!

“Alright, alright. School’s already over so hurry up and go home. Also, you guys should learn from Yan Xi if you’re free.” Mr Jin put away the papers and prepared to get off work.

However, after the two students walked out, he couldn’t help but take out the paper at the bottom of the stack and look at it. He couldn’t bear to put it down because he admired it so much.

He took out his phone and pondered before walking to the window to observe the view outside it for a moment. He then quickly walked back to his desk and took a photo of the exam paper.

After that, he decisively sent the picture to a group chat.

Shengyang – Jinrong: [Did you guys have to make a bet on that? You guys make it seem like no student can answer the question. It just so happens that a new transfer student in our class managed to answer the question. Seems like it’s not that difficult after all~]

Not long after he sent this message, the group chat was in an uproar.

[What the f*ck! Are you telling the truth? I’m so shocked I’m about to split into half!]

[This answer is so interesting. Why didn’t I think of this?!]

[Stop flaunting under the pretense of being humble. Who is this student? What’s her name? Is she interested in coming to Beijing University?]

Lu Yiqi was dragged out of the Academic Affairs Building by Zhang Kai, and he stood at the edge of the field, dumbfounded.

But what followed after was a wave of monstrous anger.

I didn’t think that she would actually copy Fu Mengjia’s answers!

Not only did she cheat on the test, but she even copied the entire paper and got full marks for it! She’s way too arrogant!

Is she afraid that others won’t be able to tell that she cheated on the test? How brainless.

Even when I secretly copied Young Master Fu’s exam papers occasionally, I knew that I had to deliberately answer a few questions wrongly to make my paper look real.

“Yan Xi cheated on that test!” He turned around angrily and wanted to go look for Mr Jin. “We can’t let this go, we have to report this to Mr Jin! We can’t let this go!”

Zhang Kai stopped him from doing so. “Mr Jin already said that Yan Xi’s exam results won’t be counted. Let’s just forget about this matter, okay?”

“Are you saying that Mr Jin is trying to cover for her mistake? To save her some face?” Lu Yiyao clenched his fists. Is it because of the Yan family’s wealth again?

“What happened?” Chen Xiangxiang saw the two of them pulling each other and walked over.

Along with her came Fu Yuhuai.

“Nothing,” Zhang Kai hurriedly said. “It’s just a small misunderstanding.”

Lu Yiyao wasn’t stupid. After being pinched by Zhang Kai, he decisively chose to shut up.

Fu Yuhuai hooked his bag over his shoulder and had a lazy expression on his face. “Xiangxiang, let’s go. I’ll send you home.”

The phone in her pocket vibrated, but Chen Xiangxiang’s expression remained unchanged. She smiled and pointed at the document in her hand. “This is a new song that the music club asked me to compose. I just changed a small section of it, so I have to go back and reassemble it. Yuhuai, do you want to go with me and listen to it?”

“It’s a new piece?” Fu Yuhuai smiled. “Then, I must listen to it.”

“I want to go too!” Upon hearing that Chen Xiangxiang had composed a new song, Lu Yiyao couldn’t be bothered to be angry anymore.

Ever since Chen Xiangxiang’s composition made a stunning appearance at the New Year’s Eve banquet, he could no longer forget her music.

Even though he didn’t know much about music, he could still feel the deep and touching feelings in her music.

Zhang Kai also followed them with a smile. I definitely have to support Xiangxiang too.

Who wouldn’t like a beautiful, understanding, and talented young lady? After all, people are all creatures that admire the capable ones.

When they arrived at the music club’s room, Chen Xiangxiang went backstage to get her violin, and she took a glance at her phone. There were a few messages and a missed call. She ignored them and threw her phone into the case before closing it.

At the school gate…

It had been more than ten minutes since Yan Xi and Xi Yan got into the car.

Xi Yan looked at his phone and scratched his head. “Xiangxiang didn’t answer the phone. She’s probably busy with something.”

Yan Xi said, “Let’s go home.”

However, their chauffeur, Zhang An, didn’t move the car at all. “Miss Xiangxiang isn’t here yet, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave now.”

Although he was the chauffeur of the Xi family, he had long been conquered by Chen Xiangxiang’s cheerful, gentle, and kind personality.

Miss Xiangxiang is such a good person. She’s considerate and she can fill the family with joy. She’s also polite to servants like us and she even allowed me to drive this car to take on private jobs a few times.

As for Yan Xi, he instinctively didn’t like her. As someone who has been sick for so long, her mind is probably already twisted. I’m not interested in currying favor with a person like her. Otherwise, it’ll just be a thankless task.

So when he said those words, he didn’t feel burdened at all.

“What’s so bad about that? I asked Big Brother to inform her that we’ll leave on time at half-past six.” Yan Xi looked at the time. “It’s already six forty.”

Zhang An smiled flawlessly. “Perhaps Miss Xiangxiang is busy with her club activities and didn’t see the notifications? Let’s wait a little longer. Or should I try to call Miss Xiangxiang again?”

He felt that Yan Xi was quite pretentious. Who is she to want others to cooperate with her the moment she arrives?

Xi Yan frowned. Worried that Yan Xi would feel unwell, he then said, “There’s no need to contact her. Let’s just go. Yuhuai will send Xiangxiang home. It’ll be fine.”

“I’m sorry. Sir instructed me to take good care of Miss Xiangxiang.” Zhang An opened the door with his phone and got out of the car. He was smiling, but his eyes were flashing with calculations. “Um, I’ll just call Miss Xiangxiang and ask…”

“What if Chen Xiangxiang still doesn’t answer her phone?” Yan Xi suddenly asked.

Zhang An still said, “No matter what, I have to make sure that Miss Xiangxiang gets to use the car.” After a pause, he emphasized again, “This is what Sir instructed.”

Yan Xi looked at Zhang An quietly for a moment before suddenly opening the door and getting out of the car. “Big Brother, let’s go.”

Xi Yan was dumbfounded. “Huh? How?”

“We’ll leave first, of course. Since Chen Xiangxiang is the only person he serves, he’ll be her exclusive driver in the future. By the way, this car is under Dad’s name, right? Then I’ll get Dad to be responsible for his salary too.”