Chapter 29

Chapter 29 of 50 chapters

Zhang An’s stand was so obvious that Yan Xi would have been a fool if she wasn’t to be able to tell it.

She was not interested in continuing to argue with Zhang An. According to what was written in the novel, a situation like this was definitely not a one-off situation.

Everyone in the Xi family, including the servants, liked Chen Xiangxiang and voluntarily protected her.

In the novel, Yan Xi ended up taking her life because of the desperate situation she was forced into by this baffling form of betrayal.

What if Chen Xiangxiang isn’t reading the messages or answering the calls on purpose? According to his logic, we’ll have to go to the school to find her by then.

Yan Xi asked Xi Yan calmly, “Are you planning to leave with me now or wait for Chen Xiangxiang?”

Zhang An stood at the side with his phone as a hint of disdain flashed across his eyes.

What’s the point of her making a fuss out of this? Eldest Young Master is no less protective of Miss Xiangxiang than the other people. In the past, he has often waited for Miss Xiangxiang for long periods. He’ll definitely persuade her to wait.

Xi Yan scratched his head, feeling a little baffled. “I’ll be leaving with you now, of course.”

Why should I wait for Chen Xiangxiang? She’s not my biological sister.

The smug smile on Zhang An’s face stiffened, and he felt as if someone had given him a hard slap across his face.

Yan Xi smiled and nodded. “Big Brother, come with me then.”

“Wait, Eldest Miss, it’s my duty to send you and Eldest Young Master to and from school. If you do this, how am I supposed to explain this to Sir?” Zhang An was finally panicking.

However, Yan Xi didn’t even look at him and pulled Xi Yan away.

Zhang Fu pretended to chase after her. “Eldest Miss, don’t be angry. It won’t be easy for you to take a taxi now either!”

It was still the after-work rush hour and the entrance of the school was also extremely congested, thus there were basically no taxi drivers that were willing to get near the school grounds.

Although she’s making up a fuss right now, I am still eventually her best and only choice. Otherwise, who knows how long it’ll take for her to flag a taxi by herself.

Xi Yan was also worried about this. Even if someone has to take a taxi, Yanyan shouldn’t be the one to do that! She’s still a sick patient!

At this moment, the door of a Rolls-Royce Phantom which was by the roadside suddenly opened. The chauffeur, who was wearing a suit, got out of the car and bowed to Yan Xi with a friendly smile. “Eldest Miss, I’ll send you home.”

Yan Xi nodded. “Sorry to trouble you, Uncle Gu.” After saying that, she got into the car with a calm expression.

When Xi Yan saw the polite driver, he also called out to him softly. “Uncle Gu.” After that, he quickly walked forward and got into the car.

Gu Nianfeng closed the car door with a smile and stood still for a moment. All of a sudden, he turned to look at Zhang An. On his slightly wrinkled face, were eyes that were as sharp and cold as an unsheathed sword, scaring Zhang An so much that he took a few steps back.

He was the driver and bodyguard the Yan family had specially hired for Yan Xi, and he had only been required to serve Yan Xi for the past ten-odd years.

Ever since Yan Xi was hospitalized, he had always been on standby as he waited for her orders.

Since Yan Xi was now finally discharged from the hospital, he was finally able to start working again. But considering Xi Jingxing’s feelings and pride, he still prioritized following the Xi family’s arrangements. Thus, he only followed Yan Xi silently and was ready to serve her at any time of the day.

He originally thought that he wouldn’t be of much use to Yan Xi for the moment, but he didn’t expect the driver of the Xi family to dare to make things difficult for her.

Does he really think that everyone from the Yan family is dead?

“From now on, I’ll be chauffeuring Eldest Miss. It has nothing to do with you anymore.” Gu Nianfeng’s voice was cold. “Since you’re so incompetent that you can’t even chauffer Eldest Miss to and from school, I’ll suggest you resign from this job. Of course, I’ll also suggest to the Xi family to fire you straight away.”

Even if the Yan family kept quiet about certain things, it did not mean that they were incapable of doing them.

If someone infuriated the Yan family, none of the aristocratic families in Bei Qiao City would be able to withstand their anger.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom soon drove away.

Zhang An stood rooted to the ground, and his expression was extremely ugly.

This is such a small matter, yet the Yan family is actually getting themselves involved in this?! That sickly ghost is indeed a jinx. She just brings others bad luck!

There’s no way I can be fired by the Xi family! The salary they give is very high, and the job is so easy. Only a fool will be willing to lose this job!

Recalling what Yan Xi had said, he thought to himself, Xi Jingxing is already planning to adopt Miss Xiangxiang anyways, and this matter is imperative. As a cancer patient, she’ll be dying sooner or later. What was there for me to be afraid of?

Right now, it’s only right for me to curry favor with Miss Xiangxiang.

After she finished performing her new composition, Chen Xiangxiang once again received everyone’s amazed looks and endless praises.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly as she kept her violin with a smile. When she saw the phone in the violin case, she exclaimed, “It’s already so late! Big Brother has already called me a few times! Oh no, I have to go back quickly!”

She was very flustered, and she had used so much force when she closed the violin case that she almost slammed the case on her fingers.

Her hands were ones of an artist, and they were hands that could perform exquisite music. So when everyone saw this, their hearts tightened, and they were greatly shocked.

Fu Yuhuai pulled Chen Xiangxiang up and his fox eyes narrowed as he comforted her gently. “It’s alright. There’s no hurry. I’ll accompany you to explain to them.”

Only then did Chen Xiangxiang feel relieved.

When the two of them walked to the school gate, they saw that the Xi family’s car was parked at the entrance, but there was no sign of anyone else.

Chen Xiangxiang’s heart sank, and she instantly had a bad feeling.

She had deliberately pretended not to see the messages Xi Yan had sent, and she took her own sweet time before only arriving at the school gates now to take Yan Xi down a notch.

In her mind, she thought that Yan Xi would only have two ways to deal with the situation; either Yan Xi would tolerate it and wait for her obediently, or she would directly order the driver to drive away and leave her alone in the school.

According to Yan Xi’s domineering attitude, after she returned from the hospital, she felt that the latter was most likely to occur.

This way, she could naturally act pitiful while proving to others that Yan Xi was targeting her, as well as proving the fact that Yan Xi was arrogant and domineering.

But now that the car is waiting here…

Chen Xiangxiang couldn’t help praying in her heart that Yan Xi’s brain had gone haywire today, thus she tolerated it and was still waiting for them in the car.

But when Zhang An got out of the car, her fantasy was immediately extinguished. “Eldest Miss and Eldest Young Master have already gone home first.”

“They’re already gone?” Fu Yuhuai frowned.

Zhang An didn’t notice that something was wrong with Fu Yuhuai’s mood because he was anxious to please Chen Xiangxiang. He opened the door with an especially solicitous smile. “I will only be responsible for chauffeuring Miss Xiangxiang from now on.”

His tone was enthusiastic as he expressed his loyalty. “I guarantee that I won’t be late to drive you to and from school, Miss Xiangxiang.”

He was deliberately trying to please her, but Chen Xiangxiang’s expression didn’t look good. Her fingers slowly dug into her flesh as she swiftly glanced at Fu Yuhuai.

“How did Yanyan and Xi Yan go home?” Fu Yuhuai suddenly asked. Although his fox eyes were smiling, his gaze was slightly cold.

Chen Xiangxiang’s heart tightened. The only way they can get home is by taking a taxi, because there are only two chauffeurs working for the Xi family, and the other one is following Xi Jingxing!

She really didn’t expect Yan Xi to leave just like that.

The eldest daughter of the Xi family gives in to the adopted daughter to such an extent while she takes a taxi home… If outsiders find out about this, my reputation will be ruined!

Is this driver an idiot?! Does he not even understand this logic?!