Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of 50 chapters

Actually, Yan Xi did hear their discussions and soon knew where the person they were discussing was.

She was standing on the balcony of the lounge area on the second floor. Her smile was sweet and innocent, as if she was acting cute to someone.

Her eyes vaguely resembled Yan Xi’s.

Yan Xi’s gaze landed on the girl’s neck for two seconds. Without any pause in her movement, she walked straight to her room, opened the door, and entered.

Huo Ziang suddenly straightened his body, parted the velvet curtains, and looked in the direction of the corridor. “Did someone come here just now?”

Chen Xiangxiang turned around in confusion but she didn’t see anyone. “No one did.”

Fu Yuhuai smiled. “It’s probably a servant. Ziang, you’re so distracted. Xiangxiang is talking to you, yet you’re still thinking about other things.”

Chen Xiangxiang’s cheeks were slightly red due to the alcohol.

She smiled and said, “It’s alright. I’m already very happy that you guys could help me celebrate my birthday. Having you two on my 17th birthday is really precious enough.”

Fu Yuhuai looked at her charming face, and his gaze flickered slightly. “Really? It’s my honor.”

He was born with a pair of fox eyes and was usually always smiling, so he looked much more amicable than Huo Ziang.

At this moment, when he looked over with a smile, it was as if she was the only one for him, making her feel uncontrollably captivated by his gaze.

Chen Xiangxiang’s face turned even redder. She said softly, “Don’t laugh at me. I really think so.”

Not long after, she saw a servant carrying some snacks over. She smiled and said, “It’s not good to drink on an empty stomach. I got someone to bring some snacks over. Come and have a try…”

She walked over and wanted to take the tray from the servant.

The servant was in a difficult position. Butler He, who followed behind the servant, said in a low voice, “Hurry up and bring it to Eldest Miss’s room.”

With that, he ignored Chen Xiangxiang and walked straight to the room. When he reached the door, his body suddenly stiffened, and he cursed inwardly.

When he pushed the door open, he indeed saw Yan Xi standing in front of the dressing table. She casually opened the drawer and took a look. Her gaze was calm, so he couldn’t tell if she was happy or angry.

At the same time, Chen Xiangxiang had already followed Butler He in. “Butler He, there’s no need to bring them to my room. I meant for them to be brought to the balcony on the second floor. Forget it, give them to me…”

When she suddenly saw Yan Xi, she subconsciously frowned. “Who are you? Why did you barge into someone else’s room? You…”

Gradually, she stopped talking.

Yan Xi looked at her in surprise. In the novel, Chen Xiangxiang had the innocence and confusion of a young girl whenever appeared, and she often did things like falling into a man’s arms. This was also one of the most charming auras. Yan Xi thought that she had bad eyesight, but now it seemed that she clearly wasn’t stupid.

She smiled calmly. “Yeah, why barge into someone else’s room? And who are you?”

Butler He’s expression was full of awkwardness. What is Sir doing?!

“This is… Miss Chen Xiangxiang, a guest Sir invited home,” Butler He could only answer according to the facts.

“I know.” Yan Xi sat down on the chaise lounge1 beside her and picked up a cushion to hug. She supported her head with one hand and looked at Chen Xiangxiang with a faint smile.

“She’s the young lady from the Chen family back then, right? I didn’t expect her to have grown so big after 13 years.”

She clearly didn’t mention anything else, but Chen Xiangxiang felt inexplicably embarrassed.

This is different from what I imagined.

Hasn’t Yan Xi been sick for a few years? Most people who are sick and have been hospitalized for a long time have perverted and twisted mindsets. Shouldn’t she have made a huge scene when she returns home and suddenly sees that someone has taken over her place?

Chen Xiangxiang looked at the pair of seemingly insouciant almond-shaped eyes that had a faint smile in them. She suddenly felt as if something had pierced her heart.

“Change the layout of this room to what it was before,” Yan Xi suddenly instructed. “Change the bedsheets and blankets too.”

A strange glint flashed across Chen Xiangxiang’s eyes. She knew that Yan Xi was finally revealing her true colors.

“I’m sorry. Is this your room?” Chen Xiangxiang was flustered, and her eyes were full of self-reproach. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were coming back. It was raining heavily last night, so the window in my room wasn’t closed. Uncle insisted that I stay here. I’ll get someone to bring my things back…”

She looked extremely guilty, and her eyes were watery. She hurriedly hugged the pillow and prepared to leave.

“Xiangxiang, what are you doing?” Fu Yuhuai’s surprised voice sounded outside the door. “Wait, you’re moving back to the room you were in before? It’s already drenched in water and it can’t accommodate anyone! Who asked you to move out?”

Along with the last sentence was a hint of anger.

Huo Ziang also looked at the servant at the door unhappily. He strode over with his long legs and said in a slightly oppressive voice, “Who’s inside?”

As he spoke, he walked in. Then, the young man’s tall figure instantly froze.

Yan Xi was sitting on the chaise lounge, wearing an out-of-fashion dress. She was extremely thin, and she was on the phone with someone.

“It’s alright, Teacher. You have to have confidence in our medicine… Yes, I’ll record the data from using the medicine… You’re flattering me. What do you mean by benefiting humanity? I’m also doing this for myself.”

At the end of her sentence, she smiled and her eyes shone with confidence and composure.

When she turned around and saw Huo Ziang, she put away her phone and greeted him with a smile. “Long time no see, Ziang.”

She looked as beautiful as a painting.

Huo Ziang felt as if he was in a dream.

“Yanyan?” Fu Yuhuai pulled Chen Xiangxiang over, wanting to settle the score with the person who chased her out. But when he saw Yan Xi, his fox eyes flashed. Soon, he smiled and went forward. He spread his arms out intimately. “Welcome home!”

Yan Xi avoided his hug. She had never liked this bad habit of Fu Yuhuai since she was young, but he had grown up overseas and was used to the etiquette and enthusiasm of Westerners. Moreover, he had lost his father at the time, and Yan Xi had been instructed to take care of this younger brother, so she could only reluctantly accept his bad habit.

But now, the two of them have already grown up.

The smile on Fu Yuhuai’s face froze for a moment before he smiled again. He shrugged his shoulders, as if he felt a little helpless.

Huo Ziang also came back to his senses and looked at Fu Yuhuai with a hint of warning in his eyes. He looked at Yan Xi with a deep and dark gaze. “When did you come back? Why didn’t you get someone to pick you up?”

Yan Xi smiled and didn’t answer his question. Instead, she looked at Chen Xiangxiang, who had been pulled over by Fu Yuhuai and was standing quietly at the side.

“Which of these things are yours? Uncle He, get a few servants to help her move them.”

Chen Xiangxiang seemed to react slowly. “I’m sorry. I’ll move them right away!”

She was so flustered that she stumbled and almost tripped while taking the things. Huo Ziang, who was closest to her, couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled her to prevent her head from hitting the closet.

Chen Xiangxiang rubbed her head, her gaze containing a slight self-reproach. “Thank you, Brother Ziang.”

Her expression was innocent and natural. When she smiled, she looked as bright as a spring flower, and her natural delicate state made one feel protective of her.

Huo Ziang’s cold face seemed to relax a little, and he pursed his lips slightly. “Where are you moving to? Your previous room can’t accommodate anyone anymore.”