Chapter 31

Chapter 31 of 50 chapters

“Don’t worry anymore. Everything’s fine now.” Xi Jingxing came back to his senses and patted Chen Xiangxiang’s hand comfortingly seeing that she was in a daze.

Chen Xiangxiang kept thinking about this matter even when she lay in bed, and she felt a little uneasy. After falling asleep drowsily, she suddenly woke up.

“By the way, System, help me check Xi Jingxing’s current financial situation.”

She had taken it for granted that Xi Jingxing enjoyed and was in control of all the resources of the Xi family since he was the head of the family.

But now that Yan Xi is back, she’s still a variable in this situation. I can’t let my guard down.

The system’s cold mechanical voice sounded in her ear. “This is personal privacy. It will cost you 500 points to obtain it. Host, do you consent to this deduction?”

Again?! Chen Xiangxiang did not have many points left and seeing it pained her heart. “… Forget it. I don’t want to check it anymore.”

It’s not like I can’t find out about this myself. It’ll be better to save up my points and use them in more useful places.

Yan Xi knew Xi Jingxing’s financial situation way better than Chen Xiangxiang.

The next morning, a report regarding the assets that she, Xi Yan, and Xi Jingxing owned respectively was sent to her email.

She had to admit that her mother was indeed clairvoyant, as she had left a way out for both her and Xi Yan.

The small company Xi Jingxing managed had been incurring losses for years, and he was still relying on the profits of the few companies that were under Yan Xi’s name to supply funds for his own company. If they really separated their finances and assets, Xi Jingxing would most likely go bankrupt immediately.

As for his salary as the chairman, his actual salary was only one yuan as he was given the shares of the company back then.

Therefore, the money that Xi Jingxing had spent all these years was actually Yan Xi and Xi Yan’s money.

Yan Xi was quite surprised by the report.

What exactly has he been doing the past few years? He basically ruined a company that was totally fine. He should have just accepted my suggestion back then to hand the company over to a professional manager1 to manage the company. At the very least, the company would have been earning profits instead of incurring losses.

Yan Xi even felt that Xi Jingxing was letting down his one-yuan salary.

Since Xi Jingxing had agreed to pay Zhang An’s salary with his own money, her first priority was to stop providing him with financial assistance.

I can’t let him gain a good reputation and the benefits when I’m essentially still the one who’s paying for the things that he does. I’d be letting myself down too much.

I just hope that he’ll keep his word and not regret it.

“Xiangxiang!” The next morning, Zhan Xinrong waved at Chen Xiangxiang excitedly when she returned from the Academic Affairs Building.

“Do you know that you scored full marks for the math test yesterday? And you took less than 20 minutes to finish that paper! All the teachers in the math department are extremely stunned, and they said that they want to recommend you to represent our school to participate in the National Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Challenge! Say, were you hiding your true abilities in the past?”

Chen Xiangxiang was dumbfounded for a moment before a faint smile quickly appeared on her face.

“It was just a small test. It’s nothing.”

I guess this can be considered a pleasant surprise. At least I didn’t spend the points in vain yesterday.

“It’s nothing?! Oh my god, you’re such a humblebrag!” Zhan Xinrong was very excited because just like everyone else, she admired capable people. And since Chen Xiangxiang had silently revealed her capabilities time and time again, it proved that she was an immensely capable person.

“You can play Chinese chess and the violin, you do calligraphy, and you can even paint. Moreover, you’re even good at your studies. Is there anything you don’t know how to do? Oh yeah, you even know how to make Chinese medicine pills!”

Zhan Xinrong felt proud to have such a capable friend.

Chen Xiangxiang was very popular in the junior year cohort, so all the students whom she was on good terms with came to congratulate her.

If someone paid more attention to the people who congratulated her, they would discover that the majority of those people had good family backgrounds or had family members working in governmental agencies.

Even if they didn’t have strong family backgrounds, they would still be of certain use to Chen Xiangxiang, such as the class belle of Class One, Wang Zinan.

“By the way, what about that sickly eldest daughter of the Xi family? Does she not need to study?” a boy suddenly asked.

These people were basically all the people who participated in Chen Xiangxiang’s birthday banquet the other day. Being chased away that day made these young people with extraordinary backgrounds feel as though their self-esteem had suffered a setback.

They were originally still waiting for the Xi family to apologize for her rude behavior. But in the end, they had only waited in vain, because the Xi family didn’t say anything at all and that was not in line with Xi Jingxing’s usual character.

As the head of the family, he cares the most about his reputation. How could he allow his daughter to do such a rude thing?

“I heard that she didn’t even finish middle school. She isn’t arranged to go to the middle school section, is she?” Zhan Xinrong gloated. “That’ll be so funny. She’s even older than us, and she’s already eighteen, right? Yet she’s going back to middle school…”

Chen Xiangxiang’s fingers curled up slightly, but she didn’t say anything.

“She didn’t, okay? She went to the senior year’s express class.” Luo Wanrong rolled her eyes. Chen Xiangxiang even went to the senior year’s express class to look for Fu Yuhuai yesterday during lunch. There’s no way she wouldn’t know about this.

She knew about it, but she didn’t clarify. She’s such a pretentious bitch.

Chen Xiangxiang came back to her senses and pursed her lips slightly. “Sister Yanyan did go to the senior year’s express class. Big Brother got into that class too.”

“Your big brother?” Zhan Xinrong almost thought that she was talking about Chen Xun, but she quickly realized who Chen Xiangxiang was talking about. “Do you mean Xi Yan got into the express class?!”

“The Yan family must have done something.” The boy who spoke earlier couldn’t help mocking. “As usual, they’re still such bandits. I didn’t expect them to even snatch two spots in the express class. These capitalists are so disgusting!”

Shengyang High School was an aristocratic high school, to begin with, and there were simply too many rich children in the school, which then made it possible for someone to do things with the class allocation.

The class allocation of the express classes was the fairest within the entire school, and it was the thing that all the students in the school wanted to obtain regardless of anything else.

Yet the Yan family chose to disregard their ethics and put those two pieces of trash in there?!

Mu Yuyang was furious.

He had always been proud of his status as a top student in the junior year’s express class, so he naturally couldn’t tolerate others defiling the express class with their dirty money.

Chen Xiangxiang frowned slightly. “Yuyang, don’t say that. They’re my big brother and sister.”

Mu Yuyang felt that she was too kind. “What do you mean by your sister? The Xi family brought you over to their place and said that they wanted to adopt you, but there’s been no news about the adoption from them until now. Were they just toying with you? Or is the eldest daughter of the Xi family so jealous that she’s making up a fuss to object to it?”

Chen Xiangxiang was instantly speechless, and a conflicted expression flashed across her face.

When Mu Yuyang saw all of this, he became even angrier. “Hah, I just knew that sickly ghost came back to ruin things. It’s just as I expected.”

F*ck, she’s already about to die, yet she’s still being so bothersome. It’s no wonder she got cancer and won’t be alive for long.

He looked at Chen Xiangxiang’s downcast expression and felt a slight pain in his heart for Chen Xiangxiang.

Others might not be clear about this, but I know very well that Xiangxiang has always wanted to have a complete family. Xi Jingxing gave her fatherly love, so she sincerely treats him as her father.

Plus, Xiangxiang played a big role in helping Xi Jingxing gradually recover from his grief and pull himself back up together.

Yan Xi’s return shattered all the peace in an instant, and she’s going to drag the Xi family into the abyss again!

Well, I don’t mind bringing someone to give her a ‘warm welcome’. I’ll just treat it as giving her the last bit of care before she dies to make her remember to be a good person even after she dies so that she can have a longer life in her next life.