Chapter 32

Chapter 32 of 50 chapters

In the express class…

Xi Yan came over to Fu Yuhuai’s desk to return the chemistry notes to him.

“Yanyan said that she doesn’t need these and she asked me to return them to you. I took them back to take a look at them yesterday, and they don’t seem to suit me very well either.”

In the past, he had often borrowed Fu Yuhuai’s notes to do last-minute revisions. However, they were only enough to deal with the exams, and they didn’t help him much in learning the content. After doing a slight comparison, Xi Yan felt that the documents Ye Qing gave him were better for him to build his foundations, and Yan Xi’s method was better for him to improve and consolidate his knowledge.

Lu Yiyao looked at Fu Yuhuai in surprise. Young Master Fu lent his chemistry notes to Yan Xi?

Yet she’s being so unappreciative and asked Xi Yan to return it to Young Master Fu?

This is so infuriating!

There was another chemistry lesson in the morning and the chemistry representative had distributed everyone’s papers but Yan Xi’s.

The other people in the class didn’t know why that had happened, but Lu Yiyao knew it very well.

Since she cheated on the test, Mr Jin definitely confiscated her paper. Seems like Mr Jin really is going to ignore this, just like what Zhang Kai said.

If I go to make a fuss out of this right now, I might even offend Mr Jin.

Lu Yiyao deliberately stood up and said loudly, “Congratulations, Young Master Fu! You scored full marks again!”

Lu Yang turned around and asked Fu Mengjia, “How many marks did you get? Did you get full marks too?”

“Ah, no,” Fu Mengjia said softly. “I only got 100. I didn’t know how to answer the additional question at the end of the paper.”

With that, she pursed her lips. “For him to be able to score full marks, Fu Yuhuai really is very impressive.”

She admired everyone who was better than her.

“Speaking of which, Mr Jin had also said that Yan Xi scored full marks too,” Lu Yiyao said with a smile as he stared at Yan Xi, who was walking into the classroom. “She scored full marks, just like Fu Mengjia. No wonder she didn’t want Young Master Fu’s chemistry notes yesterday.”

The other students who were also in the classroom weren’t fools either, and soon, some of them had strange expressions on their faces.

She cheated on a test as soon as she came to our class?!

The students of the express class were all proud people. Moreover, for many of them, their academic results were related to their pocket money and future.

If anyone cheated on a test or exam, the other students in the express class would see that person as a barrier to their money and future, thus the person would become everyone’s common enemy.

Fu Mengjia also noticed that the atmosphere was amiss, so she hurriedly clarified, “I didn’t get full marks. I only got 100 marks.”

Lu Yiyao didn’t think too much into it. “Isn’t the total score of the paper 100 marks?”

He felt that Fu Mengjia was just blurring the focus.

Fu Yuhuai stood up and walked to him. His fox eyes were emotionless. “Did Mr Jin personally tell you that Yan Xi scored full marks?”

“Yes, is there a problem with that?” An ominous feeling suddenly rose in Lu Yiyao’s heart, and he recalled Mr Jin’s words. “He said that both you and Fu Mengjia scored 100 marks, and Yan Xi scored full marks…”

“Then that would be right. Yan Xi scored 120 points,” Lu Yang said with a smile.

Fu Mengjia suddenly raised her head and looked at Yan Xi, who was still standing at the classroom door, with sparkling eyes. “I had no idea how to solve the last additional question with 20 points, and I still can’t figure it out until now.”

Yet Yan Xi has solved it. Fu Mengjia’s gaze on Yan Xi was so scorching that it was impossible to ignore.

“You idiot!” Fu Yuhuai said coldly as he threw the exam paper in his hand at Lu Yiyao’s face.

He was about to leave when he turned around and saw the young girl that was standing quietly not far away. Her eyes were calm, and her expression was indifferent.

“Yanyan…” Fu Yuhuai called out, his voice hoarse.

It has been four years. He thought that he had surpassed her by a large extent and so he didn’t have to look up to her all the time.

But he suddenly realized that he might be wrong.

His heart was pounding violently, and he almost couldn’t contain the excitement.

Fu Yuhuai’s jaw tightened as his gaze locked onto Yan Xi’s eyes.

Yan Xi didn’t look at Fu Yuhuai at all. Instead, she turned her face to look at Lu Yiyao. “I think you’re quite stupid. How did you get into the express class?”

With that, she walked past Fu Yuhuai and sat in her seat.

The moment she passed by him, Fu Yuhuai’s expression froze for a moment. His fingers which were hanging by his side suddenly tightened, and then he regained his nonchalant smile.

Lu Yiyao was so angry that he almost fainted.

He didn’t expect that he would be questioned and slapped in the face when he wanted to expose the fact that Yan Xi had cheated in public, and it took him a long time to understand the difference between 100 marks and full marks.

What Mr Jin meant by full marks is including the marks from the additional question?!

F*ck, who calculates it like this?! Is he crazy?!

What angered him the most was that Yan Xi said that he was stupid and even questioned how he had entered the express class.

What right does she have to question me? Just based on the full marks she scored from cheating on the test?

Even if she didn’t copy Fu Mengjia’s answers, she must have gotten the answer in advance.

I heard that the Yan family has plans to donate an archery center to the school recently. What can’t they do with their money?

The students in the express class were all in shock.

She actually scored 120 points! Is she that strong? Not to mention that Fu Yuhuai couldn’t do it, even Fu Mengjia couldn’t solve it as well!

Is our class finally going to have a god-level big boss that’ll be able to compete with Class One’s Xie Changze?

After all, even though the express class had the best resources in the entire cohort, they were never ranked first in the cohort. Therefore, they all felt very embarrassed whenever they walked out of their classroom.

If our new classmate is really so strong at her studies, we’ll be looking forward to her competition with Xie Changze a lot!

But what if Lu Yiyao was telling the truth? After all, completing a test paper in less than ten minutes and scoring full marks for it is unbelievable.

Forget it, let’s just wait and observe for a while.

Yan Xi also realized that after pushing Fu Yuhuai’s small gang away from herself, it seemed quite difficult for her to integrate into the express class.

Most of the people in the class were normally busy studying. They were also arrogant and cold, and they didn’t wish to interact with new students at all. So up until now, the only people she was able to talk to in class were Lu Yang and Fu Mengjia.

This afternoon, during the time slot allocated for club activities…

Xi Yan was once again called away by Ye Qing for a one-on-one consultation, which seemed like it would last for a long time.

On the other hand, Yan Xi went to the school’s chemistry laboratory. The principal had given her the key to the laboratory as well as the permission to enter it whenever she liked to.

When she finished her work and walked out of the laboratory, she passed by the Academic Affairs Building at its busiest time.

“Xiangxiang!” Someone patted her shoulder and reached out her hand with a smile. “Why are you still wearing a mask in school?”

The girl was fast, but Yan Xi was even faster as she immediately slapped the girl’s hand away.


The girl then screamed angrily, “What are you doing?!”

The short-haired girl looked at the back of her hand, which had turned red, and was so angry that she almost cried.

Doesn’t this sickly ghost have cancer? How is she still so agile?!

Moreover, she hit me so hard and now it hurts so much! I feel like my hand is about to break!