Chapter 33

Chapter 33 of 50 chapters

Yan Xi stared at the girl for a moment. Her memory was very good, so she instantly matched the short-haired girl’s face with one of the girls who had attended Chen Xiangxiang’s birthday banquet the other day.

Her cherry lips moved slightly, and she apologized very perfunctorily. “Ah, sorry. I’m not used to people getting close to me. I got scared when you suddenly rushed over.”

The onlookers who were waiting for a huge drama to unfold were speechless.

You’re such a fearless person, how could you be afraid of that? Who are you kidding?!

Yan Xi said, “By the way, your eyesight doesn’t seem to be good. I’m at least ten centimeters taller than Chen Xiangxiang. How did you mistake me for her from the back?” Her gaze landed on the top of the short-haired girl’s head, and her beautiful eyes were smiling. “Oh, maybe it’s because you’re too short, so you don’t have a concept about the difference in height of people that are taller than you.”

“Y-you… Why are you attacking me like that?!” The short-haired girl’s face flushed red in exasperation. “It was just that you look too much like Xiangxiang, so I mistook you for her!”

“Then why don’t you mistake someone else as your mother?” Yan Xi suggested calmly. “If you have nothing to do, drink more milk and eat more walnuts so that you won’t make such a low-level mistake again.”

With that, Yan Xi left unhurriedly. The way she spoke was really good. Her tone was gentle, and her voice was clear and pleasant. The short-haired girl only understood what Yan Xi meant a long time after Yan Xi had left.

Was she saying that I’m short and brainless? I’m so angry!

Luo Wanrong witnessed the entire incident and muttered, “Why do I seem to like this eldest daughter of the Xi family?”

Zhan Xinrong and the others had set this up because Chen Xun had revealed to them that Yan Xi was having an allergic reaction to the medicine she was taking and that her face was covered in red rashes.

So now, there were rumors everywhere in school that Yan Xi looked like Chen Xiangxiang. Aren’t they just trying to forcefully say that the two of them look similar, although that’s far from the truth?

Moreover, some people thought that Yan Xi was a great beauty that was not inferior to Chen Xiangxiang because her eyes were extremely beautiful. Moreover, her temperament and speech were even better than Chen Xiangxiang’s.

Thus, Zhan Xinrong wanted everyone to see what the ‘great beauty’ actually looked like, thinking that it would definitely be a big surprise.

“Is there something wrong with you?” Zhan Xinrong was furious. “Whose side are you on?”

Luo Wanrong rolled her eyes and left. How should I put this? I feel like Zhan Xinrong and the other people in that group are a little abnormal.

It just seems as though liking Chen Xiangxiang and standing on her side has become the politically correct answer.

I don’t want to argue with these lunatics at all.

Yan Xi had also heard a lot of rumors recently. Some said that she looked like Chen Xiangxiang, while others said that she was an ugly freak.

It wasn’t surprising that Chen Xiangxiang’s fans were making moves on her.

But according to how the plot developed in the novel, she had entered the school as a freshman before rumors were spread throughout the school that Chen Xiangxiang looked like her, which then placed her in a relatively high position.

Then one day, her mask was taken off in front of the entire school, and everyone’s jaws dropped when they saw that her face was covered in rashes.

The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

Their first impression of her was too impactful, and thus she was labeled as an ugly woman for a long time after that. She was also listed on the ‘Top Ten Ugly Women in Shengyang High’ list along with Fu Mengjia.

Even when her rashes were gone after that, people would only say that she looked like Chen Xiangxiang.

It seemed that during the later part of the story, her getting jealous of Chen Xiangxiang and her framing Chen Xiangxiang were all foreshadowed through the thoughts and feelings that she had before that, as she turned evil step by step and was pulled down from her pedestal.

However, Yan Xi didn’t agree with the viewpoint in the novel. I’m not the kind of person who would be jealous of others because of their looks, because I’m very confident in my looks.

But I will have to find a time to resolve these rumors as soon as possible. I don’t want this to happen again.

Yan Xi went straight to the Academic Affairs Building.

Xi Yan wasn’t at Ye Qing’s office. She frowned and turned around to go downstairs, where she saw Xi Yan who was in the small garden in front of the Arts Building.

The big boy lowered his head and looked like an abandoned large dog as he reached out to touch the girl’s arm. “Don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

Opposite him stood a girl with an arrogant expression on her face.

“What’s there to be angry about?” Wang Zinan’s face was expressionless. “We have nothing to do with each other in the first place.”

Xi Yan was stunned for a moment. “How do we have nothing to do with each other? Didn’t you agree to let me woo you?”

“So do you think we have anything to do with each other because of that?” Wang Zinan’s eyes were full of frustration. “Can you not be so full of yourself? If it wasn’t for Xiangxiang, do you think I would have been willing to be bothered with you?”

Yan Xi couldn’t help frowning slightly. This girl’s tone makes me so uncomfortable.

She looked at them from above, and she was slightly despising her brother.

On the fake mountain beside her, two people were watching the drama with relish.

“Is Xi Yan stupid? This girl obviously treats him like an ATM. She could only accept his gifts openly after agreeing for him to woo her. Don’t you see the clothes and necklace she’s wearing? They were all gifted to her by Xi Yan?”

“Actually, I think Xi Yan is quite handsome. His family is rich, he has a good personality, and his personality is like a loyal dog. If it were me, I would have agreed to his courtship.”

Hearing this, Yan Xi looked toward the person who said the last sentence in a speechless manner. He was a… handsome young man with golden hair.

However, what those two people said was quite informative.

Yan Xi remembered that this girl had also attended Chen Xiangxiang’s birthday banquet the other day. She was wearing a chic dress —which would have cost at least tens of thousands of yuan— from the brand, ‘A’.

Xi Yan bought that dress for this woman too?

On the other side, Xi Yan scratched his head, feeling a little helpless. “I’m not being full of myself… How about this? If you like Mo Ran’s clothes, I can buy them for you.”

Only then did Wang Zinan’s expression improve slightly. However, she still frowned. “Don’t just give me money and gifts any way you want to solve things. It makes me seem like a materialistic person. If you do that, how are the others going to think of me?”

Xi Yan was dumbfounded. ” So, do you want Mo Ran’s clothes or not?”

Wang Zinan gritted her teeth. “No!”

She was about to cry from anger because of Xi Yan. How could he talk like that? The color of her face alternated between green and white as she stood there, and she then turned around to leave as she still felt angry.

Xi Yan finally reacted and pulled her back. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I like you, so I want to give you things to make you happy. I didn’t want to make things difficult for you. Don’t be angry anymore, okay? It’s my fault for doing that.”

Wang Zinan pursed her lips, and her expression softened a little. She knew that she couldn’t force him too much, but she still felt very uncomfortable.

“I know you went to the express class for me.” Wang Zinan frowned. “But don’t you think this is too unfair? The school implemented the system of separating students by their grades to give all the students a fair chance to compete. Couldn’t you just stay in the International Class? Why did you have to ruin this fairness?”

Xi Yan didn’t understand. “But Miss Ye agreed to it, and the school had no objections either. I couldn’t possibly turn down such a good opportunity when it was placed in front of me, right? Haven’t you always thought that my results are too poor to be worthy of you? Isn’t it good that I’m motivated to improve myself now?”

Wang Zinan felt that he wasn’t understanding her words. “It’s all because the Yan family donated an archery center to the school so Miss Ye agreed to it and the school had no objections to it!”