Chapter 34

Chapter 34 of 50 chapters

“What does this have to do with my uncle and grandfather? I entered the Express Class because the school wanted to recruit my sister!” Xi Yan’s eyes widened.

He didn’t think that he had done anything wrong. It is hard to enter the express class, but Yanyan had fought for this opportunity for me. I couldn’t have foolishly turned down this opportunity, could I?

Wang Zinan was speechless.

“Do you think your sister is that sought-after? It’s all because her surname is Yan!” Wang Zinan was so agitated that her face was red. “It’s fine if she went into the express class through the back door herself, but she even brought you along! What does she take a sacred place like the Express Class for?!

“Also, I was only willing to be friends with you because I always thought that you had good morals. But I didn’t expect you to enjoy such preferential treatment with a clear conscience!”

After knowing about this matter, she was so angry that she couldn’t eat.

Wang Zinan’s family was very poor. She was only able to enter Shengyang High School because of her hard work and good academic results.

Although the Yan family was sponsoring her, she was still prideful in her bones and felt that this was the capital expressing their goodwill to her.

Thus, she had always had a sense of superiority in front of Xi Yan. I’m independent and I have good results, so I’ll definitely be able to get into a first-rate university and become an elite in society in the future. But what does Xi Yan have? Other than the money that his family has, he has nothing.

However, if Xi Yan was motivated to improve himself and entered the Express Class that she never entered even if she risked her life, she felt that her pride had been offended.

Xi Yan was at a loss and felt a little wronged. “You asked me to study hard, and I also want to work hard for our future. Why shouldn’t I have gone to the Express Class?”

“Do you think your academic results are worthy of going to the Express Class? Don’t you feel sorry towards the other students in the senior year cohort for snatching their resources?!” As Wang Zinan spoke, tears trickled down her face. “We have been studying hard for more than ten years, yet all our hard work is nothing compared to a casual sentence from a rich family’s child like your sister. Do you think this is fair?”

“F*ck, she’s gaslighting him, isn’t she?!” The handsome man with blonde hair rolled his eyes and was speechless. “This little white lotus is quite skillful. Xi Yan is completely doomed.”

On the other hand, when Xi Yan saw Wang Zinan’s tears, his heart ached terribly and he had already started to apologize humbly.

Yan Xi thought for a moment before saying, “He won’t be doomed.”

Her sudden voice startled the two peepers. The handsome man with blonde hair clutched his chest as he looked at the girl in front of him.

She’s so tall! She’s at least 1.7 meters tall, isn’t she? Oh my god, how are those straight and slender long legs real?!

His gaze paused again when they landed on Yan Xi’s eyes and mask.

Even though she was wearing a mask, the mask did not make her any less beautiful.

Her skin was very fair, her forehead was round, and the shape of her eyes was extremely beautiful. When her eyes moved, it made people very curious about what kind of stunning face she had under the mask.

“She’s so beautiful.” Jin Zhao covered his face which looked full of admiration.

“Don’t you like men?” Ying Shiyu was speechless, but she also felt that Yan Xi was a great beauty.

Her eyes are so beautiful, her aura is excellent, and she has such a beautiful face.

I’m already so excited just by thinking about how she looks!

On the other side, Yan Xi had already walked over. “I think it’s quite unfair too. It’s only right if Xi Yan takes the initiative to give up his spot in the Express Class to you, right?”

Wang Zinan’s expression changed slightly. She didn’t expect to bump into Yan Xi.

She was only able to enter Shengyang High School because of the Yan family’s money.

In her eyes, Yan Xi was even worse than Xi Yan, so she couldn’t help looking a little disdainful.

However, she still raised her chin and greeted her. “Hello.”

After a pause, her gaze was aloof and arrogant as she said, “… I didn’t say that he should give it up to me. I’m not in the same grade as him anyway. I just think that everyone should have been able to compete fairly.”

When Xi Yan saw his sister, his lips moved, but he didn’t say anything.

For some reason, he felt a little guilty.

Yan Xi smiled. “Since you like being fair and just so much, you should know that your neighbor, that young lady surnamed Gu, also wants to be sponsored by the Yan family to go to Shengyang High School. I remember your grades weren’t as good as hers in elementary school. In that case, you should have given up your sponsorship out of fairness!”

Back then, when Yan Qingcheng brought Yan Xi around to do charity, she had seen the information of a lot of the students they sponsored.

She had a good memory and still remembered all of the information about those sponsored students.

Wang Zinan’s grades in elementary school were only above average and they weren’t top-notch. However, since Wang Zinan was good-looking and knew how to cry very well, she was still chosen as a sponsored student.

With the support of the Yan family, she had received good education throughout the years and that was also why she could attend Shengyang High School.

Does she really think she’s superior because of that?

Wang Zinan’s expression changed drastically. She didn’t expect Yan Xi to even know this.

But so what? I’m the one who fought for the right to be sponsored! Why should I give it up to someone else?!

“How could you put them together and say that they’re the same kind of situation?!”

“Why can’t I?” Yan Xi blinked in confusion. “Also, in places as far as Africa and as near as the Great Liang Mountain nearby, there are many children who don’t even have enough to eat. Since you’re such a fair person, how could you bear to eat two bowls of rice every meal? Aren’t you being too unfair? Do you know how many people’s hopes you’ve stripped away from them?”

Wang Zinan’s face flushed red. “This is moral kidnapping!”

Yan Xi’s expression was calm. “Yeah, but weren’t you doing the same just now?”

Wang Zinan was so angry that her hands were trembling. She took a deep breath. She couldn’t be bothered to argue with Yan Xi here. I’m not as shameless as she is.

She glanced at Xi Yan, who stood at the side without saying a word, and hatred rose in her heart. “Xi Yan, I was wrong about you! You are indeed just like what they said! You’re just a useless rich young master who only knows how to use their family’s money to play with people’s hearts!”

Yan Xi looked up. “Wait, did I let you go? Since you look down on Xi Yan and don’t like his money, return everything he gave you. By the way, you should start by taking off the clothes, jewelry, and shoes that you’re wearing right now.”

Wang Zinan’s eyes widened in disbelief, and he was about to faint from anger. “Y-you’re so unmannered!”

Didn’t people all say that the eldest daughter of the Xi family is extremely gentle and gracious? How could she say such ungraceful words?!

Yan Xi said, “Yeah. I have no manners and you have no morals. We’re not much different from each other.” After a pause, Yan Xi smiled again. “But I do think that you’re better. After all, I can’t be so shameless and turn my back on others like you.”

The Yan family did charity because they wanted to give back to society and do their part in being socially responsible.

We do not expect the students we sponsored to repay us for sponsoring them, but at the very least, they shouldn’t be turning their backs on us, is it not?

The most basic moral that one should have is to not turn their back on their benefactors and repay good with evil.

Wang Zinan’s expression was extremely ugly. Eventually, she looked at Xi Yan with red eyes. “Are you just going to stand here without saying anything?”

Xi Yan had been wooing her for the past year and a half. He gave her everything she wanted, and he couldn’t even bear to see her shed a single tear.

Thus, she felt that Xi Yan would definitely seek justice for her.