Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of 50 chapters

Xi Yan opened his mouth and thought for a moment before saying softly, “Um, Yanyan is very well-mannered. She has always been so.”

Yan Xi grew up in the Yan family and her grandparents had personally taught her, thus she had the temperament of a descendant of a scholarly family. There was no way she would be ill-mannered.

Even when she was criticizing someone, she still smiled slightly when she spoke. The pace of her words was unhurried, and she was extremely poised and polite.

This wasn’t the answer Wang Zinan wanted, and she felt that she had suffered double the humiliation.

She blinked her eyes, and tears rolled down her face. Her chest was moving violently, and she was obviously furious.

“Xi Yan, you’re humiliating me too?”

When Xi Yan saw Wang Zinan’s tears, he instantly panicked. He was a little conflicted and helpless, but he also felt that what his sister said did make sense.

Moreover, Yan Xi had said those words to protect him. He wasn’t that stupid to be unable to tell right from wrong.

“Um, I… I have nothing to say,” Xi Yan said softly while scratching his head.

Wang Zinan couldn’t take it anymore and ran away crying. Just looking at her from behind, she seemed extremely aggrieved. However, her footsteps were hesitant. She was obviously waiting for Xi Yan to stop her from leaving.

Xi Yan didn’t move at all, and he didn’t know what to say.

Clap! Clap! Clap! There was a burst of applause from the side, and Jin Zhao gave Yan Xi a thumbs up. “You’re so cool! And awesome!”

“Seeing how she’s dawdling, does she want to take off her clothes?” Ying Shiyu suddenly said loudly. “Wow, that would be so interesting! I’ve never seen such a scene before! I’ve got to record this on my phone!”

A hint of hatred flashed across Wang Zinan’s eyes. This time, she was really angry to the point of crying. She didn’t hesitate in her footsteps and only wanted to leave this place where she had been utterly embarrassed.

Xi Yan stood rooted to the ground with his head lowered, looking a little depressed. With her being so angry, how should I coax her?

Yan Xi called out to him, “Let’s go home.”

Xi Yan squatted on the spot and hugged his head in pain for a moment.

When he realized that Yan Xi had really left, he hurriedly jumped up and followed her in panic. “Little Sis, wait for me!”

Jin Zhao and Ying Shiyu also carried their bags and walked to the school gate when they saw Yan Xi walk past them.

The moment she passed by them, she even nodded slightly at them.

Xi Yan just happened to catch up to Yan Xi as he followed behind her. He was extremely dejected, but Yan Xi didn’t comfort him.

Jin Zhao turned around and said to Ying Shiyu, “I’m never wrong about people, and I think her personality is that of a power top! She’s so cool and valiant! I like her so much! If she was a man, I would probably have already fallen in love with her!”

Ying Shiyu was expressionless. “Didn’t you say that our class monitor is your Number One?”

Jin Zhao sighed. “Our class monitor is also a power top, and he’ll always be my Number One. It’s just that he’s too cold and heartless. I bet no little vixen will be able to seduce him. He’s destined to be worshiped on his throne and become everyone’s dream lover.”

Yan Xi stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at Jin Zhao.

Power top? Dream lover? What is he saying? Those words are so dirty!

Seeing Yan Xi stop in her tracks, Xi Yan thought of something and suddenly rushed forward to cover his sister’s ears.

“Let’s hurry up and go home. We shouldn’t make Uncle Gu wait for too long.” Right now, the only thing he wanted to do was to bring Yan Xi away from this place.

Oh my god! The people in Class One are all so weird!

At the same time, he recalled that those two from Class One witnessed everything that had happened just now. I’m doomed. There won’t be rumors everywhere tomorrow, will there?

After Yan Xi and Xi Yan got into the car, Xi Yan coughed lightly. “Um, Little Sis, remember to stay away from the people in Class One in the future. Their class… is full of weirdos.”

Yan Xi didn’t understand where he was coming from.

But, Xie Changze is Class One’s class monitor. How can such an elegant and otherworldly person be a weirdo?

But on account of her brother’s nervous expression, she still nodded her head. “Got it.”

Xi Yan heaved a sigh of relief and started to tell Yan Xi about some of the situations at Shengyang High School. At night, when he was about to sleep, he realized that he had infuriated his goddess!

He was conflicted for a long time before he went onto WeChat, wanting to write her a long apology essay. But no matter how he racked his brains, he still didn’t think he had done anything wrong. Thus, he could only send a dry and short message saying, “I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. Please don’t be angry.”

After sending that message, he saw a bright red exclamation mark on his phone screen.

Wang Zinan had blocked him on WeChat1.

Xi Yan was speechless.

Forget it. I should just go ask Chen Xiangxiang to help me apologize to her a few days later when her anger subsides a little and when she’ll be able to calm down and communicate properly.

At night before Yan Xi went to bed, she picked up the porcelain bottle that Xie Changze had given her the other day and looked at it.

The porcelain bottle was very exquisite and also slightly cold to the touch. On the bottom of the bottle was the word, ‘Li (Pear)’, which was carved on it in an ancient Chinese font.

Yan Xi casually picked up the composition test report on the table. After pondering for a while, she took a photo of the porcelain bottle and sent it to a WeChat group chat.

“Have you guys seen this kind of Chinese medicine pill that helps with allergies?”

The moment she sent the message into the group chat, the group chat immediately became lively.

“F*ck, this isn’t just for allergies, right? I think this also slightly made for maintenance therapy after the prognosis of blood cancer.”

“Chinese medicine pill? That’s quite similar to the medicines that the Xihe Research Institute makes, but this porcelain bottle doesn’t look like theirs. The medicines created by the Xihe Research Institute all have a special anti-counterfeit mark on their bottles.”

“By the way, Boss, have you gotten the anti-cancer injection from the F Research Institute? Do you have the composition test report for it? Is there anything worth for us to reference for the direction that our research is going?”

Yan Xi casually poured a pill into her mouth. To be honest, she was very afraid of bitter tastes. She had been very pampered since she was young, and she always had to be coaxed by her grandparents to take her medicine when she was sick.

However, this pill was not bitter at all. On the contrary, it was even slightly sweet.

Yan Xi casually replied, “No. I’ll continue to think of a way. But don’t hold too much hope for it. We should still focus on our research. I think there’s no problem with the direction that our research is going. I hope we’ll have a different train of thought after Teacher takes over.

“If there’s really no breakthrough we can do, then we should think about how we can get rid of the aftereffects, such as the redness on the skin, of our medicine first.”

Her request was a little unexpected. “This depends on the body of the person taking the medicine, doesn’t it? I’m afraid it’ll be a little difficult.”

Yan Xi was a little stuck. How should I put this? They probably still don’t know that I’m the test subject.

Forget it. I can’t blame anyone for my body condition.

The next morning…

When Yan Xi walked into the classroom, she saw Fu Mengjia running away hurriedly with a wet rag in her hand.

She didn’t bother about it and returned to her seat when she realized that Fu Mengjia had wiped her desk.

After a while, Fu Mengjia walked back with her head lowered, and her expression was a little reserved.

“Y-Yan Xi, I’m sorry! I might have implicated you.” Fu Mengjia was so guilty that she was about to cry. “When I came over this morning, I found that both our desks had been splashed with red ink.”

Yan Xi was a little surprised. “No, you don’t have to apologize. Even if someone is to apologize for that, I’m afraid that person should be me.”