Chapter 36

Chapter 36 of 50 chapters

Fu Mengjia hesitated for a moment before opening her desk drawer to show Yan Xi. “See? They were coming for me.”

In her desk drawer was a sheet of paper that had pictures of eighteen levels of hell and evil spirits printed on it, along with some words. There was also another piece of paper that had the words ‘get out of the Express Class’ written on it with blood.

Fu Mengjia’s eyes widened.

She was considered one of the bolder girls, but when she looked at the photo, she did still feel physically uncomfortable.

“Last care before death… What does that mean?” She couldn’t help frowning as she felt a chill in her heart.

Yan Xi smiled. “The person probably thinks that I’ll be dying soon. So the words today are ‘a bloody hell’? Hmm, okay. ‘Not filial to parents and likes to do crooked things’?”

Yan Xi supported her chin with one hand and couldn’t help laughing.

If I were really unfilial to my parents, Xi Jingxing would have long gone onto the streets.

This person has been tirelessly explaining the eighteen levels of hell to me over the past few days. They really put a lot of effort into it. Their actions are quite cute, but I don’t think the person is cute anymore.

“Just sit down. Class is about to start.” Yan Xi picked up the pieces of paper and threw them into the trash bin.

Fu Mengjia’s gaze was conflicted. “Aren’t you going to feedback this to the class monitor?”

Yan Xi’s gaze was calm as she looked at Xi Yan, who was lying on his desk and doing questions. “There’s no need for that.”

“Young Master Fu,” Zhang Kai hesitated again and again before he couldn’t help saying. “Yan Xi seems to be encountering some trouble recently.”

He briefly explained whatever he knew about the situation.

“Someone splashed red ink on Yan Xi’s desk and even printed pictures of the eighteen levels of hell, saying that it’s something like a ‘last care before death’.”

Initially, he didn’t want to care about this matter. But since Fu Yuhuai’s family had a good relationship with the Xi family and Fu Yuhuai’s attitude toward Yan Xi was a little ambiguous, he still decided to say something.

Fu Yuhuai, who was originally leaning against his desk lazily, lifted his eyelids when he heard this. His fox eyes were cold. “Did someone from our class do it?”

“No.” Zhang Kai shook his head and frowned. “I don’t think Yan Xi plans to tell Lu Yang either.”

This was beyond his understanding. Yan Xi is the eldest daughter of the Xi family, so she should have been very pampered when she was growing up. I always thought that she would be a delicate little girl who has a weak mentality. So when she encounters such a thing, I thought that she’d either be furious or extremely afraid and would seek help from others because she can’t solve things independently.

After all, not every girl can be as tough and determined as Xiangxiang.

Fu Yuhuai didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked in Yan Xi’s direction. She was talking to Lu Yang with a light and relaxed smile on her face, and her gaze was just as usual.

He narrowed his eyes and looked away coldly after a moment. “Don’t bother about it.”

Zhang Kai was a little surprised, but he still nodded.

At noon, Yan Xi went to the cafeteria at a later time, mainly because she didn’t want to squeeze into the crowd with other people, and Fu Mengjia went along with her.

When the two of them finished eating and were about to leave, a boy holding a full bowl of soup suddenly swayed his body, and the bowl tilted toward Yan Xi.

Fu Mengjia’s scream got stuck in her throat.

Yan Xi immediately pulled her aside to dodge, but although they dodged away in time, the soup splashed on the ground and a few drops had also landed on her shoes.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry.” The boy apologized, but his eyes showed that he was gloating.

With that, he wanted to leave just like that.

Yan Xi suddenly reached out her hand and grabbed the back of his collar.

“Hold on, are you wanting to leave before we even make things clear?”

The boy struggled to break free from her grasp but he couldn’t break free, so he felt a little embarrassed. He turned around and said impatiently, “Then what else do you want? I have already apologized.”

As he spoke, he tidied his clothes. How much strength can a sickly ghost have? It was just that I didn’t perform well just now. If this happens again, I’ll just walk away and drag Yan Xi with me.

Yan Xi stared into his eyes and said firmly, “You did it on purpose.

“Tell me, who asked you to come here? And why are you targeting me?”

Seeing this, the boy couldn’t be bothered to pretend anymore and put on a fierce expression. “You ugly freak, sickly ghost! I’m just despising you for getting into the express class through the back door. Now know where your place is and get out of the express class quickly!”

As he spoke, he clenched his fists tightly.

As a delicate young lady, she has definitely never seen such a scene before. By now, she’s probably already so afraid that she wants to cry.

Yan Xi suddenly said, “Were you behind the red ink and the pictures of the eighteen levels of hell on my desk too?”

“So what if I am?” Zhang Fan raised his chin without any fear.

She doesn’t even dare to make a move. Seems like she’s afraid and doesn’t dare to make a big deal out of it. Besides, we were already very gentle with her. At the very least, we didn’t teach her a lesson by hitting her.

We didn’t do that mainly because of that blood cancer she has. Apparently, she’ll easily bleed non-stop even if we lay just a finger on her. That’ll bring us too much bad luck if she dies.

Yan Xi said calmly, “I suggest you guys stop now. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Zhang Fan was stunned for a moment and wanted to laugh out loud.

She’s both a girl and a patient. How rude can she get? Reporting us the teacher? Hah, does she think we’ll be scared by that?

“Then how are you planning to do that?” Zhang Fan faked a smile, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help curling up. He was certain that Yan Xi couldn’t do anything to them.

The only thing a delicate young lady like her knows how to do is to tattle on us to the teachers and our parents, which just so happens to be the thing that we don’t care about the most.

Anyways, our families have donated a lot of money to the school. The school won’t expel us for a prank like this.

If Yan Xi really does that, we’ll just look down on her even more and take revenge on her even more.

“Then let’s arrange a time.” Yan Xi could tell that this person was very arrogant. He’s probably one of the troublemakers in school.

It’s clearly useless to look for a teacher for this matter. Even if Ye Qing wants to help me, all she can do is just give them a verbal warning, and these people clearly don’t know how to take things lying down.

Zhang Fan was dumbfounded for a moment.

On the other hand, Fu Mengjia was a little anxious and tugged at Yan Xi’s clothes.

Yan Xi’s gaze was calm. “How about this afternoon after school ends? In the alley at the north gate of the school.”

Thanks to Fu Mengjia’s introduction, she found out that there was an alley at the north gate of the school where the students especially went to resolve conflicts.

Only then did Zhang Fan realize what was going on. He looked at Yan Xi in amusement. Her wrists are so slender, and she’s so thin that she’d fall down when the wind blows. Yet she actually dared to throw down the gauntlet to us?

Perhaps she’s planning to find help. But it doesn’t matter to me. Does she think that she’s the only person who knows how to find help?

“Sure, then I’ll see you at the north got this afternoon. Whoever doesn’t show up will be a f*cking wimp and a short-lived ghost!” His words were deliberately directed at Yan Xi.

Yan Xi’s beautiful almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly. “Don’t worry. I won’t die even if you do.”

“Yan Xi…” Fu Mengjia hesitated for a moment. “Are you planning to ask Young Master Fu for help? That guy is called Zhang Fan, and he’s from the junior year cohort’s Class 29. Those people… aren’t to be trifled with.”

Yan Xi said, “Essentially, they just need to be taught a lesson.”