Chapter 37

Chapter 37 of 50 chapters

He’s not studying hard and he’s causing trouble in school every day. He even thinks that he’s being such a loyal friend. He watched way too many gangster movies, didn’t he?

“Young Master Fu is not only the school hunk, but he’s also the school bully.” Fu Mengjia pursed her lips. “If Young Master Fu helps you out, they won’t dare to lay their hands on you.”

Because of the birthmark on her face and because she liked to be alone, Fu Mengjia had once been bullied for a while.

Even until now, she was still one of the loners in class.

So when she saw red ink on hers and Yan Xi’s desk in the morning, her first thought was that it was targeted at her.

It was as if she didn’t deserve to live in this world because the birthmark on her face made her look ugly.

Being teenagers, the young boys and girls acted recklessly however they liked and they didn’t know how to respect others at all.

Yan Xi is the eldest daughter of the Xi family and she’s also friends with Fu Yuhuai. If she’s willing to ask him, he’ll definitely take her under his protection, right?

“This morning, Zhang Kai specially asked me about that prank. Young Master Fu should already know about it too.”

Yan Xi’s eyes were calm. “Who said I’m going to ask Fu Yuhuai for help? He’s him, and I’m me.”

“Huh?” Fu Mengjia was a little dumbfounded. “Then who are you going to ask for help from?”

Yan Xi smiled. “It’s alright. I’ll settle it. Help me keep this a secret, thank you.”

Her smile was calm and composed as if nothing could stump her. Fu Mengjia nodded and didn’t say anything else.

In the afternoon, Yan Xi went to the Academic Affairs Building and bumped into Liu Yusheng in the corridor.

Yan Xi nodded slightly to greet him and walked past him straight away.

“Stop right there!” Liu Yusheng suddenly said. He looked at Yan Xi and sneered. “Is this your attitude as a student? You didn’t even greet the teacher when you saw them. Do you still have any manners?”

Wang Baoguo could see the two of them from his office clearly. He’s finding fault with her for no reason again?! He hurriedly ran out with a teacup and smiled. “Mr Liu, why are you so angry? I saw her nodding at you.”

He knew that Liu Yusheng was just using this as a pretext.

Xi Yan went to Ye Qing’s office every day for his one-on-one consultation. Since he was young and arrogant, he always ignored Liu Yusheng when he saw him, and thus Liu Yusheng had long been infuriated.

Right now, he was just picking on the weaker person.

Liu Yusheng flew into a rage out of humiliation. This is just the appetizer! There’s still the main course to be served!

“I just can’t stand people who trample on the rules,” Liu Yusheng said. “It’s already unfair to many students that Ye Qing insisted on accepting her and her brother into the senior year’s express class. Putting that aside, Ye Qing even gives Xi Yan one-on-one consultations every day. Whatever, I won’t say anything about that either. What I want to say is, why do you even want to snatch the spot for the National Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Challenge? You’re already in your senior year and you’re about to take the college entrance examination. Can’t you just leave the opportunity to your juniors?”

With that, he glanced at Wang Baoguo.

Wang Baoguo took a sip of tea and smacked his lips. Seems like his anger is directed at me too.

Yan Xi roughly understood what he meant. “So, do you mean that the senior students aren’t worthy of participating in the National Mathematical and Chemistry Challenge? Then, Mr Liu, I would like to ask you a question. Does the school have a clear rule stating that students in the senior year aren’t allowed to participate in these competitions? Does the organization of the National Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Challenge forbid students in their senior year of high school from participating?”

Liu Yusheng didn’t expect her to dare to retort him with a question.

Wang Baoguo hurriedly added with a smile, “Of course not. Otherwise, the school wouldn’t have let my class’ Xie Changze participate.”

Xie Changze is related to this matter too?

Yan Xi smiled and continued, “Mr Liu, since you like to emphasize fairness and rules so much, you should encourage all the senior students to participate. Instead of being self-righteous here, you should go back and improve your students’ grades. When they reach Xie Zhangze’s level, you can do anything about the candidate selection. At the very least, you won’t have to be generous at the expense of others.”

If you don’t have the ability, stop babbling away over here.

Liu Yusheng was fuming with rage.

Yes, I dragged the entire senior year cohort down because I don’t want Xie Changze to participate and I don’t want Class One to be in the limelight!

What right does an ordinary class have to trample on my International Class?

But even though he had high hopes for Chen Xiangxiang, he didn’t have the confidence to say that Chen Xiangxiang could win against Xie Changze.

Xie Changze was just like a human-shaped exam-taking machine. As long as he participated in a competition or examination, he would always leave everyone else in the dust. No one else had anything to do with the first-place ranking.

The cohort had been suppressed for a long time, so they were already full of anger. The college entrance examination was about to start, yet Class One was still in the limelight, thus Liu Yusheng was very indignant about it.

“The senior year students should be prioritizing their college entrance examinations…” In the end, Liu Yusheng could only squeeze out these words through gritted teeth.

“Oh, then you don’t have to worry about that. Xie Changze is definitely going to get into Peking University.” Wang Baoguo smiled.

He wouldn’t have dared to guarantee anything else, but he was absolutely sure of this.

After all, my class’s Xie Changze is just that capable and able to make me proud.

Liu Yusheng cursed inwardly. It was useless even if he cursed Xie Changze to fail the college entrance examination because he was forever in the first place.

His gaze turned to Yan Xi and he suddenly had another topic. “What about her? Why can she participate?”

He was so angry that he almost forgot that his original target was Yan Xi.

Yan Xi was slightly surprised. I’m involved in this too?

Miss Ye called me over to tell me this?

Wang Baoguo was stunned for a moment, not understanding why he was saying that. “Why can’t she? She’s good at Maths, Physics, and Chemistry too. You saw the paper Mr Jin sent in the group chat two days ago, right?”

Just the other day, Jin Rong took Yan Xi’s chemistry test paper and showed it off to the various group chats he was in, under the pretense of sharing it, while he secretly felt smug about it.

Everyone had to admit that the answer to the additional question at the end of the paper was perfect.

Whenever Liu Yusheng heard about this, he would get so furious that his internal organs were burning.

“Hah, imitating others and fabricating their experiences. Do you really think others are fools?”

That morning, Chen Xiangxiang also completed her Maths test in less than twenty minutes, and she scored full marks for that paper too. Because of that, she was put in the limelight and the education chief confirmed her participation in the National Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Challenge straight away.

In the afternoon, Yan Xi also did her Chemistry test in ten minutes and scored full marks for it. Jin Rong even went to the chief to recommend her as a participant in the same competition!

This is exactly the same as what happened to Chen Xiangxiang!

No wonder Chen Xiangxiang said that she probably has some psychological problems after being sick for such a long time.

There is indeed a problem with her mind. She’s vain and she likes to be in the limelight, and she even likes to snatch the glory that belongs to her younger sister!

Liu Yusheng sneered. “Professors from Peking University and Beijing Normal University are invited to oversee the competition since it’s a national competition. It’s a serious and factual intellectual competition programme. It is not a show and foul play won’t be tolerated. I don’t believe the Yan family can interfere with that programme. Do you think you’ll gain anything by going for it?”