Chapter 38

Chapter 38 of 50 chapters

“Old Liu, you’re going a bit overboard.” Wang Baoguo covered the teacup and couldn’t stand listening to his words anymore. “Yan Xi is a very capable student and the principal acknowledges her ability.”

“Whether I can gain anything will be my business. You don’t have to worry about it, Mr Liu.” Yan Xi smiled. “Mr Liu, if you have any objections to my participation in the competition, you might as well tell that to the principal.”

Having said so much, Liu Yusheng essentially didn’t believe that Yan Xi was able to complete a full-mark paper in ten minutes and he still suspected that she had cheated on the test that day.

The prejudice in people’s hearts was just like a huge mountain. Some people might have been able to calm down and look at the problem, but Liu Yusheng obviously wouldn’t.

So Yan Xi didn’t intend to waste her breath on him. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll get going first. Goodbye.”

She bade goodbye with a neither servile nor overbearing attitude before she turned to leave. Her back was slender, cold, and aloof.

Wang Baoguo thought about this situation and couldn’t help asking, “Mr Liu, don’t tell me you’re still thinking that Yan Xi cheated in her Chemistry test the other day?”

“Why not?” Liu Yusheng pulled a long face.

The additional question was extremely difficult, and very few people could solve it, which was why Yan Xi’s answer didn’t seem real.

Instead, it seemed as if she had gotten the answer in advance, and therefore her answer was of such perfection.

Anyways, the Yan family is so rich. There’s nothing they can’t do with money.

Wang Baoguo looked at Liu Yusheng with sympathy. “You didn’t finish reading Yan Xi’s personal information, did you?”

“Mr Wang, I have my own judgment on this matter. You don’t have to convince me.” Liu Yusheng had always been at odds with Wang Baoguo, so he didn’t believe that Wang Baoguo had any good intentions when he asked that question.

Wang Baoguo nodded his head. Then, he nodded again. His eyes narrowed into slits as he held his cup and returned to his office calmly.

When Xie Changze and Qiao Qian came over, he really couldn’t help laughing out loud. “Having been smart for his whole life, Old Liu is so foolish on this matter to take a ‘pearl’ for a ‘fish eye’. He actually still thinks that Yan Xi has been cheating on the tests until now.”

Xie Changze’s dark eyes were fixed on Wang Baoguo’s laptop screen, which had Yan Xi’s personal information on it.

When she was in elementary school, she participated in many competitions and won countless gold medals. It was just that after she stepped into middle school, the number of competitions she took part in drastically decreased and she seemed to be like any other student later on.

But only Xie Changze knew that at that time, she had already entered the Young Genius Class which the government had especially set up, and was already done learning the entire middle school and high school curriculum in an extremely short period of time.

When she was thirteen years old, Yan Xi took the college entrance examination and she became the top scorer in the Science stream, scoring more than ten points than the person who was ranked second.

After that, she was directly enrolled at Peking University as a student.

But at the time, Old Madam Yan just happened to pass away, so she wasn’t able to report to Peking University. Later on, she had to take a leave of absence to take care of her mother who was seriously ill, and she went all about seeking a cure for her mother’s illness.

After Yan Qingcheng passed away, she had fallen sick herself, and thus she was completely unable to report to Beijing University. By then, she had already taken too many leaves of absence and thus her enrollment at Peking University was automatically canceled. This was the only reason why Shengyang High School was able to have her as their student.

Qiao Qian lowered his head as he read through all of Yan Xi’s personal information.

He didn’t know if he should be shocked by her overly beautiful looks or her overly perfect life.

He slapped his thigh. “I knew that both she and Class Monitor used to be in the Young Genius Class! All the students in that class are monsters! Their abilities are completely beyond the scope of human abilities!”

After being slapped on the head by Wang Baoguo, he finally reacted and hurriedly explained, “Um, Class Monitor, I didn’t mean to say that you’re a monster. I was just saying that as the ordinary person I am. Geniuses like you and Yan Xi are all god-like existences!”

They’re such scary beings.

Since she was already a top scorer in the Science stream at the age of thirteen, there’s not much difference between her playing around and her taking the college entrance examination again now. She’s literally a max-level big boss who’s here to slaughter the novice players.

Xie Changze’s gaze was calm, and his beautiful lips were cold as he stared at Yan Xi’s ID photo. It was a photo of her from a few years back. The young lady in the photo had bright eyes and white teeth. Her eyebrows were exquisite, and she was very beautiful.

He suddenly said, “No, I wasn’t in the same class as her.”

His feather-like eyelashes were lowered, and his voice was a little low as he said with a faint smile, “I was in the grade after hers.”

Although they were of the same age and he was even a month older than her, he did still have to call her ‘Senior’.

On the other side…

Ye Qing had indeed asked Yan Xi to come to her office because of the National Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Challenge.

Since Liu Yusheng had already said it like that, Yan Xi had to participate in the competition.

“Okay, I’ll prepare well for it. Don’t worry, Miss Ye,” she agreed with a smile.

If I don’t remember wrongly, in the novel, Chen Xiangxiang used this show to become famous and become a national idol, accumulating fans and popularity throughout the country which allowed her to enter the entertainment industry.

What I can’t figure out is that even without me, Xie Changze would have definitely participated in such a competition.

Then how did Chen Xiangxiang win first place in the end?

And Xie Changze didn’t even get second or third place. It seems like he was eliminated in the first round of the finals.

This is impossible.

The novel unfolded from Chen Xiangxiang’s perspective, thus Xie Changze barely appeared in it, as if his existence had been deliberately ignored.

But be it his appearance or his intelligence, he was so outstanding that it was breathtaking. It was absolutely impossible for him to be that ordinary that for him to be a background character.

Yan Xi didn’t believe that this was a coincidence.

“Young Master Fu!” Zhang Kai rushed back from outside. The moment he entered the classroom, he ran to Fu Yuhuai’s side and sat down.

“The name list for the participants of the National Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Challenge is out. This time, our school recommended six people to take part in it, two people from each grade.” Zhang Kai held a can of beverage and took a sip to calm himself down. “Guess who’s participating?”

“Xiangxiang is definitely in there .” Lu Yixue knew how to answer this question because Chen Xiangxiang had already revealed it to them during lunch. “And that dude from Class One.”

His tone was a little sour.

In the past, the senior year students couldn’t have participated in such competitions. After all, the college entrance examination was coming up, so the college entrance examination had to be their priority. But Xie Changze was just so strong that no one was worried about his college entrance examination.

Since such competitions bring honor to the school, it was a given that they would send someone who would definitely do great in the competition.

Fu Yuhuai thought so too.

A casual smile hung on his lips. “Xiangxiang does have the ability to participate.”

“The main point is that there are two senior year participants,” Zhang Kai emphasized, and his gaze subconsciously swept to the side.

The direction he looked at was where Fu Mengjia’s seat was.

“That ugly freak’s participating?” Lu Yiyao frowned subconsciously. “Isn’t she usually just focused on her studies and never took interest in competitions like this one?”

Fu Mengjia was always ranked second in the cohort, and of course, she had put in a lot of effort to achieve that.

She didn’t socialize nor did she have any leisure time, and she was so focused on her studies that it would make one’s hair stand on its ends.

“Isn’t she afraid of her results plummeting and doing badly on her college entrance examination if she takes one wrong step?” Lu Yiyao laughed twice, and his face was full of mockery.

He looked down a lot on Fu Mengjia. Not only is she ugly, but her good grades are also only results of her studying hard, and not her talent or intelligence. How can she compare to Young Master Fu?