Chapter 39

Chapter 39 of 50 chapters

“No.” Zhang Kai was dumbfounded for a moment. “The other person is Yan Xi.”

The casual smile on Fu Yuhuai’s face suddenly disappeared. He suddenly turned to look at Zhang Kai, and his fox eyes were cold.

After a long time, he pressed the tip of his tongue against his teeth and slowly smiled.

“Yan Xi? She’s participating in what?” Lu Yiyao felt that it was too ridiculous. He even subconsciously laughed mockingly and shook his head repeatedly, not wanting to say anything more.

“Young Master Fu should be going instead of her. After all, Young Master Fu is ranked third in the cohort,” the people beside them muttered softly, feeling that it was ridiculous as well.

The transfer student does have very beautiful eyes and she is probably a great beauty since it’s rumored that she looks a lot like Chen Xiangxiang. But so what?

The National Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Challenge was a rigorous intellectual competition variety show. It received the attention of the scientific community and various major universities. The winner of the competition would even have the opportunity to receive guaranteed university admission and additional points for their college entrance examination.

Everyone would want to participate in the competition, but they wanted to keep their pride too. They knew what they were capable of doing and they also believed in the school’s arrangements.

Fu Yuhuai suddenly stood up and walked out of the classroom.

It was unknown how the news was spread, but many people were discussing this in the corridors.

“I don’t understand what the school is doing. Why do they allow people to get in through the back door for competitions like this?”

“I’m so angry! She’s just going to embarrass our school! Great, now our school is going to be famous and we’ll be embarrassed in front of the entire country!”

“I don’t understand why they did this, but I’m very shocked.”

“The way the school is sucking up to the capital is so ugly. They’re just trying to build her a superficial reputation, aren’t they? This is so disgusting! Where does she get the face to do that?”

“You’re revealing the truth. I heard that she does indeed not have face. Do you know why she wears a mask every day? Because she’s disfigured and so she’s an ugly monster!”

Fu Yuhuai listened to these discussions and slanders indifferently. In the end, he didn’t say anything and turned around to go to the Academic Affairs Building.

“You’re saying you want to participate in the National Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Challenge?” Ye Qing couldn’t help frowning. “Didn’t you say you aren’t interested in such competitions?”

Fu Yuhuai’s fox eyes were full of smiles. “I just suddenly became interested.”

Ye Qing couldn’t ignore his request. “Let me think about it.”

“After all, compared to Yan Xi, I should be the more suitable candidate.” Fu Yuhuai didn’t move at all. His attitude seemed respectful, but his tone was indisputable. “And it’s easier to convince the other students in school if I participate instead of her, right?”

Ye Qing stared at Fu Yuhuai for a moment and said helplessly, “Okay, I’ll report it to the school.”

After Fu Yuhuai went out, she thought about it and couldn’t help making a call.

The school has just confirmed the list of participants, and the announcement hasn’t even been made yet. How could the news have spread like wildfire? Before he came to me, a few other people have already come to give me their feedback on this, and basically, all of them said that they were dissatisfied with my decision to suggest Yan Xi’s name to be a participant.

No matter how much the others said, she would have been able to ignore them. But if Fu Yuhuai wanted to participate in the competition, she really couldn’t ignore him.

In the Express Class, Fu Mengjia’s results were the best, but her mindset wasn’t good. She had to use all her strength to maintain her results, so she didn’t have the energy to participate in any competitions.

On the other hand, Fu Yuhuai was different from her. He had always been laid-back, but his results had always been very stable, and it didn’t seem like he had used much strength to be ranked third in the cohort.

It is possible for him to participate in the competition, plus he is also able to compete for awards.

In the corridor, when everyone was discussing the competition…

Wang Zinan stood at the corner and pursed her lips, her gaze a little stubborn.

Her good friend, Zhu Yuan, who was beside her looked indignant. “What right does she have to snatch someone else’s spot so unscrupulously just because she got in through the back door?”

She turned around and said to Wang Zinan, “Zinan, I think this spot should have been yours! The junior year students should have been the key participants in competitions like this in the first place. Moreover, your academic results are excellent, and you’ve won countless awards. If you participate in a competition like this, you’ll definitely be able to win an award for the school!”

Her other good friends beside her also agreed with what Zhu Yuan said.

Wang Zinan’s results had always been very good. She was beautiful and smart, and she had a good temperament as well, so she had always been popular.

Moreover, she had many suitors, which included Xi Yan, the eldest young master of the Xi family.

“Yeah. Competitions like this are mainly for the freshman and junior year students to work hard in anyways. Why are the senior year students getting involved in this too?!”

“It would have been fine if only people like Xie Changze or Fu Yuhuai were participating. But as a new transfer student, she most probably hasn’t even figured out all the knowledge in the books. How does she have the cheek to participate in the competition?”

“Why didn’t Xi Yan say anything? Isn’t she his sister? Is he not even going to care that his sister snatched Zinan’s spot in the competition? Zinan, are you going to tell him off?”

Wang Zinan felt very uncomfortable, but she said stubbornly, “Why should I tell him off? I’m not related to him in any way.”

Although she said this, Wang Zinan had been feeling very annoyed.

She had blocked Xi Yan’s WeChat in a fit of anger yesterday, but she regretted it today and had unblocked him. It had been almost two hours since she unblocked his WeChat, but Xi Yan hadn’t sent her a single WeChat message.

In the past, Xi Yan acted just like an obedient pug toward her.

This was the first time he was so cold to her, and this made her extremely unhappy.

Zhu Yuan and the others looked at each other and acutely sensed something. “Zinan, what happened? Did you quarrel with Xi Yan? Are you dumb? Why did you quarrel with Xi Yan at a time like this?”

They had all seen how much Xi Yan treasured Wang Zinan, and they also felt that Wang Zinan was indeed being too arrogant.

It was fine for her to leave a wealthy young master like Xi Yan hanging, but it wasn’t wise to throw a tantrum every few days.

But even so, Zhu Yuan was still on Wang Zinan’s side. She was still waiting for Wang Zinan to marry into a wealthy family so that she could have a relationship with one.

Zhu Yuan advised Wang Zinan seriously, “Zinan, don’t be angry with Xi Yan anymore, and talk with him properly. You’re the person he likes, so he’ll definitely seek justice for you.”

“Yeah. In my hometown, all the women would have to give in to their brother’s wife. Xi Yan should teach her a lesson since she stole your spot in the competition!”

Wang Zinan remained silent the whole time, and her fingers clenched into fists.

She had a competitive personality and she cared a lot about her pride. Thus, she naturally wouldn’t tell her friends that she had already confronted Yan Xi and that Xi Yan was on his sister’s side.

“Forget it. I’ll just give this spot to her. I don’t care about it.” Wang Zinan’s tone was a little sour. “After all, she won’t be alive for long!”

Zhu Yuan was speechless. “There are many people in the world who won’t have long lives. Are you going to give in to every single one of them? Isn’t this moral kidnapping? This can’t be done, I have to help you talk to Xi Yan about this.”

Zhu Yuan felt unjust for Wang Zinan and took out her phone, preparing to contact Xi Yan.

When Wang Zinan heard this, she pursed her lips and her eyes flickered slightly, but she didn’t stop Zhu Yuan.